9-Forward (or Forward Crew Lounge) is located on Deck 9 (Room 09 001) at the foremost end of the primary hull. This is the social heart of the Albion and is where most of the crew are to be found at some point or other during their off-hours. When sitting in the bar the atmosphere is a strange mixture of the old and the new. When viewing the lounge from one angle one is captivated by the historical feel, and yet from another one is struck by the modernity of the location. The lounge contains Dom Jot tables, as well as Pool tables from Earth and other bar games from all of the corners of the Federation (Even darts!). The bar staff are from different parts of the Federation and are a reminder that this isn't a bar that is confined to reaching into the past. The Forward Lounge is styled in an eclectic mix of past and present styles, the warmth of the old oak furniture, mixed with the modern entertainment and unparallelled view forward of the ship, symbolising progress ever forward. The bar serves a rich mix of whatever delicacies can be stocked up with in the vicinity. Indeed, 9-Forward prides itself on allowing it's 'customers' to have the finest choice in Federation delicacies no matter where they are.

The Forward Crew Lounge has a regular night (Friday) where there is a live band providing music for the entertainment of the crew. The choice of music is varied and exotic in order that all of the crew feel at home in the ship's environment. Friday night tends to be the night when the crew relaxes more and makes more effort to go to the bar to socialise, as opposed to disappearing off to the gym or rec deck as can happen. This 'tradition' seems to have been inherited from the Earth roots of the pub (or Public House). Friday nights can be summed up by drinking, talking, socialising and even some singing! Fate or destiny, all visitors to the Albion will inevitably end up here.