NCC-1813 U.S.S. Agincourt.

Built as Tikopai class vessel, original name was to be Hor, but also renamed before her launch. Ordered as MK-IXB authorised Stardate 5930. Commissioned 2284 and commenced five year scientific missions, but in the case of NCC-1813 this was reduced to one in her initial configuration. The vessel was rebuilt in 2290 as part of the batch of Tikopai class upgraded to Levant class specifications to replace Enterprise class variants lost since the refit programme of 2273.

Like other uprated members of the Tikopai class, Agincourt was a welcome addition to the successful Levant class. Like the Constitution class, the later Enterprise class refit variant had also suffered significant losses since the refit and construction programme started in 2273. In the mid-2280s with the Hood and Enterprise destroyed, the Constellation class starting production and the Excelsior delayed by the Transwarp project, Starfleet needed a tried-and-tested design that could bridge the starship gap.


  • 2284 2289
  • 2290 Rebuilt to Levant class specifications to replace lost Enterprise class.
  • 2291 2296
  • 2297 2302
  • 2303 2308
  • 2309 Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP).
  • 2310

    Andy notes:

    In SotSF the Tikopai begin construction in 2273 and begin entering service in 2275. With The Enterprises begin conversion in 2266 and V'Ger happens in 2267. Therefore in the canon timeline the Tikopai begin construction in 2278 and begin entering service in 2280.

    So, we push the Oberon to its SotSF registry of 1880. We say the Tikopai-class hulls 1804 and 1813 are renamed to their SFA names before launching. Then we say that the loss of several ships through the mid-2280s causes these ships (and others) to be up-rated to Enterprise II/Levant-subclass specs by 2288.

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