USS Argyll Master Situation display.Constellation class USS Argyll, NCC 6231, was launched on stardate 9466.5 (2292) from Clyde Fleet Yards.

Her current commanding officer is the Andorian Captain Salin Th’lenin. Th’lenin has a reputation as a confident commanding officer who will fight for his crew and never gives in. Coming from a background on destroyers and strike cruisers, his more proactive approach suited the hostile region of the Beta Quadrant to which he was sent.

Th’lenin was knowledgeable on the WYN, Hydrans and Lyrans. On more than one occasion, the Argyll was placed into harm’s way to learn a little bit more about these distant races. “Observation without participation” was Th’lenin’s motto.

The Argyll is now returning from spending an extended nine year mission deep in the Beta Quadrant, having mapped 34 new star systems and made First Contact with nine new races.

The Executive Officer, the third for the Argyll during this mission, is Commander Al’Dexis C’Tevin from Monchezke. Al’Dexis acquired the position after Lieutenant Commander Walter Weiss was seriously injured and had to be evacuated to medical ship USS L’gerin. Despite the controversial start to his career, Al’Dexis has quickly acclimatised to the crew. Previous assignments for the Executive Officer include the Hornet, the Constellation and the Tarkin.

The Operations Officer on the Argyll is Lieutenant Commander R’aowl, from Cait. R’aowl forged his career in security, seeing action in the Interstellar Concordium invasion, where he led a security operations team in the defence of the F’renz colony.

He served two tours on destroyers H’vizta and Venomous along the Lyran border. R’aowl is quick to point out the differences between Caitians and Lyrans and considers the suggested reconciliation between the two species as ‘misguided’. The chemistry between R’aowl and Captain Th’lenin has been strained at times with one or two conversations behind the ready room doors. The rumour mill suggests that the Operations Officer was a little too outspoken on the Lyrans.

R’aowl is looking for a transfer upon arrival back at Starbase 15, citing a change of mission profile and pace as his reason for wanting to move ship.

The Chief Medical officer is Aajinn, from Delta IV. Aajinn is a seasoned medical officer who wanted to experience new and exciting medical situations following a short time as a doctor on Delta. After a conversion course at Starfleet medical School, Aajin was assigned to the Oberth class USS P’dera before reassignment to the Argyll.

Aajinn is a restless soul, always looking to find the new and exotic experience to enrich his life. The mission has been the longest single assignment of Aajinn’s life, but equally measured up to the requirement of the new. This positive side to the mission has tragically been matched by some of the losses that have occurred on Aajinn’s watch with the Executive Officer nearly dying on his biobed and still being seriously injured enough to warrant a hospital ship to evacuate the stricken officer to a specialist facility.

Doctor Aajinn is looking to return home to Delta IV following the completion of this mission. Although he will dearly miss the family that his crew have become, Aajinn feels the draw of his homeworld that many Deltans have. The Doctor knows he has missed out on the chance to start a family up until now and by returning home he will be sacrificing the new experiences of the frontier for family life.

The Chief Engineering Officer is Commander Tallin Seronis from Trillius Prime. Commander Seronis has just received his commander rank bars and confirmation of his next assignment aboard the Excelsior class USS Discovery. Seronis is a studious officer and regularly reads about the latest innovations from Starfleet Corp of Engineering.

Seronis graduated in the class of 2291 and was assigned to the Ptolomy class USS Ibn Daud (NCC-3806), to take an extensive engineering unit to the new colony of Traken B. The L class moon was to have a terraforming unit from Weyland Yutani constructed whilst the crew of the Ibn Daud were to construct the colony hub, engineering, science and medical facilities.

With the success of Traken B, Lieutenant Seronis was reassigned to the Constitution class America. Seronis was a systems engineer and the environmental and plasma conduit system specialist. Later in the mission Seronis shadowed the Chief Engineer as part of his training for promotion. In the final weeks of the mission, Seronis assumed the role of Acting-Chief Engineer to cover for the Chief who had been recalled home following a family tragedy.

With this experience under his belt, Lieutenant Commander Seronis took a reassignment to the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, working on the Constellation class upgrade programme. With Starfleet wanting to fully expand the operating envelope of the Constellation class to its maximum extent, the ASDB was ensuring all of the systems were ready for prolonged usage away from regular Starfleet maintenance facilities.

It was appropriate after this assignment that Lt Commander Seronis was made Chief Engineer of the Argyll for its deep space mission. Seronis knows the systems inside and out and has made sure he has only the best people working in his department. The end of this mission is like the breaking up of a family and Tallin will miss his crewmates.

Highlights of the mission have included facing down a Romulan cruiser, aiding a Klingon scout that had been half-buried in a rockslide.

New details on the Lyran Star Empire and Lyran Democratic Republic were passed on to the USS Fearless for her flag-showing mission into Lyran space. A visit to some Lyran border worlds led to some dialogue as well as a minor incident between the crew and some of the colonists.

  • Crew: 535 [Maximum: 600]
  • Officers: 45
  • N.C.O.'s: 490
  • Cruising Warp: 6.
  • Maximum warp: 8.
  • Height: 86m.
  • Width: 175m.
  • Length: 310m.
  • Phasers: 12 Turrets.
  • Torpedo Launchers: 3 [2 Foward, 1 Aft].
  • Torpedo Compliment: 100.
  • Warp Engines: MARA
  • Impulse Engines: Standard
  • Computer System: DCLD - Duotronic Computer Library Database [Author's Note: Later upgraded to LCARS]
  • Expected Duration: 100 Years
  • Time Between Resupply: 3 Years
  • Time Between Refits: 5 Years
  • Shuttlecraft: 5 [Various types]
  • Starship primary mission: Planetary and Deep-Space Exploration.
  • Designation: Heavy Cruiser

    Primary Hull
    This consists of 15 decks that can be summarised thus:

  • 1 Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
  • 2 Senior Officers Quarters, Junior Officers Quarters
  • 3 Executive Mess, Junior Officers Quarters, Crew Quarters
  • 4 Crew Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Main Computer
  • 5 Transporter room, Dorsal Phaser Batteries, Aft Crew Lounge, Impulse Reaction System, Torpedo Bay, Main Deflector
  • 6 Cargo, Laboratories
  • 7 Main Engineering, Engineering Computer, Shuttle Control
  • 8 Arboretum
  • 9 Sickbay, Cargo
  • 10 Shuttlebay, Shuttle Storage, Cargo
  • 11 Environmental Systems
  • 12 Ventral Phaser Batteries
  • 13 Turbolift Storage
  • 14 Antimatter Storage, Antimatter Generator
  • 15 Sensor Pallets
    Main Bridge of the U.S.S. Halifax
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