U.S.S. Artemis NCC 11712

Artemis, commanded by Commander Jobal Inansk (a softly spoken but perceptive Rigelian male) has been assigned by Starfleet Intelligence to the region around the former Tabula Rasa system to investigate the loss of contact with Phantom class U.S.S. Nightshade. The Nightshade was on assignment to examine the interspatial rift region that had been sealed, for any signs of ‘leakage’ from the subspace prison or any tampering from this side.

After the rift had been sealed, there were still subspace anomalies and communication difficulties around the rift. The region was considered out-of-bounds by the three major nations involved in the crisis, although all three nations were aware that each sent science ships to study the rift. At this stage, the Nightshade was considered to be ‘overdue’. The Artemis was sent for its supreme sensor abilities and stealth qualities to avoid letting on to the two other nations that one of Starfleet’s ‘spy ships’ was potentially lost.

Author notes:

This is the first move in the long arc to return the Taubat and Metar to our universe. The other Phantom and Trista class assets, along with T’lani and Oberth class assets are hunting the escaped Taubat. No one expected them to return to the rift and certainly no one expected what they are about to do next. The Artemis (complete with her non-human crew) are the first players to find that the Nightshade was destroyed by high-energy weapons unlike the Romulans or Klingons but very alike the Metar.

This story will come to fruition in Return of the Ancients.

Images by my good friend Andrew Brown. Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

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