• 2209 - Joseph Francis 'Big Joe' Hawkins born. Joseph Hawkins later joined the Federation Starfleet Marine Corps, like his father and grandfather. He enlisted and served in the cold war decades of the 2250s and 60s. Joseph constantly pushed himelf to improve and further his career; this was an approach admired by many, but privately could be resented in his family life. He would attain a commission and retire as a Colonel in the FSMC.

  • 2230 - George Kirk is assigned to U.S.S. Los Angeles.

  • 2232 - George and Winona Kirk are assigned to Einstein class U.S.S. Kelvin, NCC-0514.

  • 2233 - James Tiberius Kirk born March 22.

  • 2239 - Richard Andrew Hawkins born. This is Nathaniel Hawkins' father. Hawkins would have a natural talent in engineering and was supported by his father Joseph to go to Starfleet Academy and get a commission. He would later serve on the Hood as Chief Engineering Officer, lead the Transwarp Project on the Excelsior and later work on the Excelsior class Hood.

  • 2245 - Constitution class vessels Constitution and Enterprise are launched. The Battle of Donatu V, one of the few brush wars fought between the two powers during the century of almost total isolation between the Klingons and Federation. The battle was inconclusive. T'Kuvma referred to the battle in rallying the Klingon High Council to his banner in 2256. (DIS: "Battle at the Binary Stars")

  • 2252 - James Tiberius Kirk enters Starfleet Academy for his five years.

  • 2256 - Ensign James Tiberius Kirk is assigned to Baton Rouge class U.S.S. Republic along with Lieutenant Scott and Ben Finney. Kirk, on night-time Gamma shift, has to report Finney for neglect of duty that potentially threatened the ship. Kirk is assigned away from the aftermath.

    Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. Klingon-Federation War breaks out after an encounter with the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The Klingon torchbearer activates the Klingon beacon to gather the 24 great Houses of the High Council. In the Battle at the Binary Stars, 25 Starfleet ships (including U.S.S. Clarke NCC-1661, U.S.S. Dana, U.S.S. Earhart, U.S.S. Edison, flagship U.S.S. Europa NCC-1648, U.S.S. Kerala, U.S.S. Ride, U.S.S. Shran, U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227, U.S.S. Sioux, U.S.S. T'Plana Hath and U.S.S. Yeager.) face off against an equal number of Klingon ships. Some of the Klingon ships have stealth cloaking systems, this cost the U.S.S. Europa. T'Kuvma and Captain Georgiou are both killed in the encounter. The death of T'kuvma acts as a martyr to his people to unify.

  • 2257 - James Tiberius Kirk graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to Constitution class U.S.S. Farragut along with Captain Garrovick. Lieutenant (j.g.) James Tiberius Kirk survives Dikronium Creature attack on U.S.S. Farragut. He leaves the half-crew Farragut and recuperates at Starbase 12. Kirk meets Carol Marcus in a romantic interlude. Kirk re-joins the Farragut under the command of former First Officer, Captain Coto.

  • 2260 - James Kirk joins the Hotspur; not a desired post due to the age of the ship, but one with scope for promotion. The vessel is assigned to investigate pirate ships operated by the Klingons near the edge of Federation space not far from Altair IV. The bridge is hit and her captain killed. Commander James T. Kirk becomes Captain of the Baton Rouge class U.S.S. Hotspur. Ensign Uhura and Doctor Leonard McCoy first meet Kirk on this assignment.

    Author's Note: From Autobiography of James T. Kirk by David. Goodman - like all of the early life of Kirk in this chronology. Required reading at the Academy. The Hotspur is direct homage to Horatio Hornblower - the inspiration for Kirk.

  • 2262 - James T. Kirk of the Hotspur becomes Starfleet's youngest captain at 29. They return to Starbase 12 and Carol Marcus beams up minus her three year old son, David.

  • 2263 - U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 discovers in the Taurus Reach a complex and unknown genetic marker. Unable to spare the resources to study the finding, Commodore Matt Decker sends the information to Starfleet Command.

  • 2265 - U.S.S. Hotspur is amongst the early series Baton Rouge class starships retired by Starfleet. Captain James T. Kirk is re-assigned to the Constitution class Enterprise. Author Note: based on the premise that the Enterprise finished her five-year mission in 2270, as mentioned in Voyager episode Q2.

    U.S.S. Bombay was one of three Federation starships attached to Starbase 47 (aka Vanguard), and became quickly known as the workhorse of the Federation expansion into the Taurus Reach. U.S.S. Bombay was dispatched to Ravanar IV on an urgent supply mission to Commander Dean Singer's outpost. While in orbit, Bombay was engaged by six Tholian vessels. She was destroyed with the loss of all hands. The destruction of the U.S.S. Bombay nearly resulted in war between the Federation and the Tholian Assembly. Only the actions of T'Prynn, a Starfleet intelligence officer who sowed misinformation casting doubt on the true cause of the ship's destruction, prevented this.

    U.S.S. Endeavour was assigned to Vanguard Starbase 47 in the Taurus Reach along with the starships Sagittarius and Bombay. The Endeavour would make first contact with new races and cultures, embark on numerous patrols, mostly on the Klingon border, and perform the mapping of sector 117 Theta. Executive Officer, Commander Atish Khatami was promoted to Captain after Zhao Sheng was killed by a Shedai Sentinel on Erilon.

    Author notes: as seen in Star Trek: Vanguard.

  • 2266 - Helen Irene Buckingham [nee Hawkins] Born 19.8.66, Chelmsford, England, Earth. She follows the command division path including U.S.S. Shakespeare. She becomes adjuctant to Commodore Maxwell Buckingham and marries him.

  • 2267 - U.S.S. Endeavour visited Certoss Ajahlan during surveys of the Taurus Reach and made contact with the Certoss.

    Andrew Richard Hawkins Born 19.11.67, Chelmsford, England, Earth. Serves aboard the Chen Te and commands the Komsomolsk class Yavuz.

  • 2268 - Starbase 47 Vanguard is destroyed by the Tholians in the Taurus Reach, along with starships Panama and Buenos Aires.

    Author notes: as seen in Star Trek: Vanguard.

  • 2269 - S'sana is born on March 27th 2269, Paradise City, Nimbus III.

    Dr Mary Louise Tovey [nee Hawkins] Born 3.7.69, Chelmsford, England, Earth. In her career she serves aboard several medical ships and the Oberth class U.S.S. Galileo.

  • 2270 - August 1st 2270, Kara Fox is born on an outlying Federation colony.

  • 2271 - Ilani born March 23rd 2271 in Shel'gelem'h, Delta IV. Stardate 7142.5 [December 28th]. Nathaniel Gallas Hawkins is born in Chelmsford, Earth.

  • 2272 - U.S.S. Miranda can be traced back to the year 2272. In the light of the technical advances that were being made in the Constitution class refit programme, Starfleet had sought to design a light cruiser or heavy frigate design that would supplement the refit Constitution class. NXP2272CL was the design selected by Starfleet as the testbed vessel to test this concept. U.S.S. Miranda, as she was christened, would compete against another older design: Soyuz class refit NXP2270FH. The Soyuz programme was a refit of an earlier Starfleet light cruiser design, but the Advanced Starship Design Bureau decided that an all-new design might be the solution that they were looking for. The first vessel of the new NXP2272CL design was NX 1833.

    NX 1833 was laid down on March 15th 2272. The new design, christened Miranda class after Prospero's daughter in Shakespeare's The Tempest, would use ASDB's new configurable workstations and daystrom Duotronic III with M-9 Multitronic supplement. her primary shakedown mission would be to test one of the most important aspects of the Miranda class: Modularity, the interchangeable and removeable elements which allow the class to be utilised for a wide variety of missions.

    The Oberth class can be traced back to the end of James T. Kirk's five-year mission in 2270. Starfleet realised that a more resilient scout class vessel was required if it was to survive the hazards that the Enterprise had successfully endured over the last five years. The previous classes of scout vessel - derived from the Constitution class design - were not cutting it in the new, more dangerous universe that the Enterprise had begun to discover. What was proposed was a 'Super Scout' class vessel, one that utilised the most advanced technology available. The pathfinder designation given for the design was NXP2272 SS/L [Pathfinder design for 2272 Super Scout/Laboratory]. The design eventually came down to a 120 metre long scout class vessel with a standard crew compliment around 40, compared to the 115 required for the previous classes of scout.

    Helen Marshall born on July 6th 2272, Oxford, England, Earth. Markus Monsall is born on August 1st 2272, Sheffield, England, Earth.

  • 2273 - The first vessel of the Oberth class, U.S.S. Oberth - NX 602 - was laid down in 2273 and completed in 2275 at the Copernicus Fleet Yards [San Francisco was at the time focussing on the redesigning and refitting of Enterprise]. U.S.S. Oberth's motto was: "Because that is the goal: To secure any place on which life can exist and prosper, give life to any dead world, and to give purpose to any living world" - Hermann Oberth, "Men into Space" 1954.

    Earth is threatened on stardate 7411 by V'ger - the Voyager 6 probe launched by NASA returning to its home planet. The newly-refurbished U.S.S. Enterprise is sent to V'ger to stop it. Captain Will Decker and Lt. Ilia are lost in the incident, but the Earth is saved.

    Author's Note: 2273 year is taken from two sources, one is Captain Decker's reference to 2.5 years Kirk has spent as Chief of Operations [ST:TMP]. The second is the date given in the 'Starship Spotter' book.

    U.S.S. Enterprise post-refit as rendered in C.G.I. by Foundation Imaging.

    Prototype U.S.S. Soyuz is rebuilt from former unrefit Soyuz class starship. This design is to have a short lifespan from 2273 - 2288 as Starfleet looks for a successor to the Soyuz class. Soyuz is to be competing against Miranda class.

    Author's Notes: History developed in consultation with Alex Rosenzweig - by 2279 the Soyuz class has lost the competition [rather like the YAH-63, YF-23, YF-32 or YA-9 aircraft]. Miranda class eventually wins the competition and by 2288 the Soyuz class is consigned to history after a very small number are constructed. All remaining Soyuz class are either converted to the succeeeding Miranda class, or consigned to Qualor II scrapyard.

  • 2274 - USS Potemkin, NCC 1657, ventures to the Solistarus system and makes first contact with the Magiikitaean civilisation. However, the Magiikitaeans request the Federation leave them be. This is respected and an amendment put into starcharts and regulations forbidding contact until they change their minds.

    Shai Ramon is born on May 17th 2274, Jerusalem, Israel, Earth.

    NCC-1730, U.S.S. Intrepid, a new build Constitution class refit, is launched from the San Francisco Starfleet Yards.

    Author's Note: U.S.S. Intrepid stories courteousy of Nick Cook's U.S.S. Intrepid Website. Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

  • 2275 - Nathaniel Hawkins and family moves to Sheffield, Earth. Jana Petersdottir is born on July 17th 2275, Husavik, Iceland, Earth.

    Dreadnought requirement NXP2275DN are submitted to the ASDB. This will become the Komsomolsk class. Federation class dreadnoughts begin a refit programme similar to the work done on Constitution class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701.

    NX 1833 U.S.S. Miranda was launched on stardate 7619.5 [May 21st 2275]. After a shakedown period, she was commissioned on 19th December 2275. Seven Miranda class were initially ordered, with four later ordered to compensate for the cancelled Soyuz programme [NCC 1975 - 1978]. U.S.S. Miranda was extensively tested from 2275 - 2279, alongside the new prototype scout vessel U.S.S. Oberth. U.S.S. Oberth was launched on stardate 7604.5 from Copernicus Fleet Yards, Luna.

    Author's Notes: Date taken from fandom date for Oberth class launch and to take into account U.S.S. Gagarin from Dayton Ward's novel 'In The Name Of Honor'.

  • 2276 - Judith Peers is born on September 12th 2276, Markinch, Fife, Scotland.

  • 2279 - U.S.S. Gagarin, NCC-603, Oberth class starship is lost with all hands.

    Author's Notes: Survivors captured by the Klingons after the ship is self-destructed to avoid capture. The prisoners are rescued by Captain Kirk and Captain Koloth through information found by High Council member Gorkon in 2287. Taken from Dayton Ward's novel 'In The Name Of Honor'.

    Gagarin class was the fan designation for the Oberth class before Mike Okuda's Star Trek Encyclopedia. Alex Rosenzweig supports the view that there is a class similar to Oberth only larger. On-screen evidence points to one class - effects teams just need more consistency.

    Tal Reno is born on May 9th, 2279, Rixx, Betazed.

    Aljeterius upgraded to Supply Station to "explain" all the "exploratory" starships in the sector, which are ctually keeping an eye on "underbelly" of the Romulan and Klingon Empires during a Cold War heating up.

    Prototype U.S.S. Menahga NX-3100 cruiser Flight 0 proof of concept vessel enters extended builders trials, and operational testing with Star Fleet Division.

    Prototype U.S.S. Mitannic NX-3103 cruiser Flight I proof of concept vessel begins construction, incorporating numerous improvements recommended from the ongoing trials & testing of NX-3100.

  • 2280 - Henrik Kyrre born on October 7th 2280, Alesund, Norway, Earth.

    A "Modular Cruiser" based on the Menahga hullform is proposed to the Starfleet Military Staff Committee, but is rejected.
    Prototype U.S.S. Menahga NX-3100 cruiser Flight 0 proof of concept vessel enters OT&E with independent contractors Saess'Tan.

    Constellation class authorised in May 2280 by Commodore Gihlan'T'Aehn of Taulihna IV.

    Author's Notes: Taken from Rick Sternbach's article in January 2003 Star Trek: The Magazine

  • 2281 - January 30th 2281, Jonathan Hirst born in Sheffield, Earth.

  • 2282 - Prototype U.S.S. Mitannic NX-3103 cruiser Flight I proof of concept vessel enters trials & testing.

    Prototype U.S.S. S'Harien NX-3107 cruiser Flight II proof of concept vessel begins construction, having been specifically re-designed to address Saess'Tan's findings.

    Cruiser Opposition prototype U.S.S. Athabasca NCC-2560 begins construction.

  • 2283 - Prototype U.S.S. Mitannic NX-3103 cruiser Flight I proof of concept vessel completes trials & testing.

  • 2284 - U.S.S. Constellation, first of the Constellation class, is launched on June 15th.

    Author's Notes: Taken from Rick Sternbach's article in January 2003 Star Trek: The Magazine

  • 2285 - U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.S. Grissom lost in a classified mission in the Mutara Sector.

    Stardate 8134.6 sees the Klingon First Fleet invade the planet Ch'ramak.

    Prototype U.S.S. S'Harien NX-3107 cruiser Flight II proof of concept vessel enters trials & testing.

    U.S.S. Hood captures SuvwI QeH Klingon cruiser L'ktja, escorting and releasing her into Klingon space during the Rykla Dagh Incident. Four months later on Stardate 8159, three Klingon cruisers - One D-8 K'T'inga class K'ghan and 1x K'teremny class Qrish and L-9 class Chu' wI' a' class attack the Hood in the Donatu system. K'ghan is destroyed and Qrish is lauded as the killer of the Hood.

    In honour of the lost Hood crew, the second Excelsior class NCC-2541 is renamed Hood in tribute.

    U.S.S. Hathaway, second Constellation class is launched.

    Author's Notes: Taken from Rick Sternbach's article in January 2003 Star Trek: The Magazine. Ch'ramak invasion date taken from ST: Grissom story by me called The Price of Virtue.

  • 2286 - U.S.S. Athabasca NCC-2560 commissioned into OT&E duty. Due to being a variant design instead of a completely new one, her testing regime is shorter. U.S.S. Athabasca NCC-2560 completes trials & testing and is commissioned into active duty, cleared for class production.

    Prototype U.S.S. S'Harien NX-3107 cruiser Flight II proof of concept vessel completes trials & testing and is commissioned into active duty but not cleared for class production. With the success of the Athabasca in S'Harien's intended primary role, the cruiser project returns to the drawing board to design a new vessel without a marine contingent for their final Flight III prototype.

    Prototype U.S.S. Menahga NX-3100 cruiser Flight 0 proof of concept vessel is commissioned into active duty. Prototype U.S.S. Mitannic NX-3103 cruiser Flight I proof of concept vessel is commissioned into active duty.

    Earth ravaged by a Space Probe looking for Humpback Whales.

  • 2287 - Enterprise-A sent to Nimbus III to deal with a hostage crisis.

  • 2288 - In the Federation, the Venturi people of the Alpha Venturi Major system reach crisis point as their star is cooling. Terrible crop failures and famines blight the planet as the vegetation of the planet start to die from the lack of solar energy. The Federation council reach the conclusion that evacuation is the best course of action. Many of the Venturi object to leaving their homeworld and some resort to piracy to fund options to save their world.

    Author's notes: events seen in Starfleet Academy PC game. No doubt the events were played to cadets to watch their responses.

  • 2289 - Hawkins enters Starfleet Academy, studying Behavioural Sciences. He fails the first year and has to resit the year. Part of his second year year is spent onboard U.S.S. Potemkin [NCC 1657], under the command of an old crewmate of his father's. Hawkins has experience on the bridge. Hawkins' Starfleet Academy application received August 2288. Attended Academy 2289 - 2294 training in Behavioral Sciences.

  • 2290 - 15-January-2290, SD8987.0.
    Romulan "Shiva" weapons test produces an unexpected result—a spatial anomaly which has transported a whole stellar cloud of star systems into a previously barren area of the "Triangle", an area of space where Romulan, Klingon, and Federation interests meet. Colonial exploitation of these mineral-rich systems by all three powers proceeds over the next few months, while diplomatic overtures are made by all three to the alien race inhabiting these worlds, the Taubat.

    This and all subsequent 'Anomaly Systems/Metar' data is from the 'Star Trek: New Worlds' computer game. These actual stardates are given in game at the start of each mission.

    Federation starship U.S.S. Explorer arrives at Karazin. Klingons attack the early colonisation attempt. First Contact with the Taubat race who ask the Federation to stay off their holy ground. The Taubat appear to have a disease effecting them- this later turns out to be radiation.

    Bird of Prey attacks Federation colony in the Tabula Rasa sector.
    Klingons make first contact with the Hubrin on Taal. The Klingons later attack and take out the Taubat and their facilities. Cadet 4th class Nathaniel Hawkins transfered from training vessel USS Mars to USS Hirayama NCC 3874, Doppler class tug. The Hirayama was to take Hawkins to serve aboard the USS Potemkin. After taking aid supplies to Venturi Prime, the Hirayama headed to rendez vous in the Tabula Rasa sector. A sudden command came through from Starfleet Intelligence to retrieve one of their temporary facilities set up in the region. The Klingons had compromised the base and were about to move in on the facility. Without any time to change crew, the Hirayama, Potemkin, Saladin class USS Cochise (NCC 530) and Miranda class USS Kerch (NCC 5713). Upon arrival, the squadron discovered that the Klingons had already arrived in the system with D-8 K'T'inga, K'teremny and D-10 Riskadh assets. The mission turned into a retrieval operation under hostile circumstances. During the successful manoevre, all of the Starfleet ships suffer damage. The Kerch and Potemkin are suffered severe damaged, having been concentrated on as the prime threats. The Cochise escapes relatively unscathed and the Hirayama is damaged but operational, for the most part. This display of Klingon aggression shapes the destiny of Nathaniel Hawkins; his performance in this Hirayama Incident allows him to resit his first year at the Academy, despite poor grades in the classroom. The new Deltan Executive Officer of the Potemkin, who succeeded the one killed in the incident, recommended he used his empathy and knowledge to change for social sciences.

    On Jeddart the Federation constructs a mining colony. The Orion Syndicate attacks the Federation but is repelled. A Metar Colony core is found and examined.

    On Taphet the Romulans destroy the Orion and Taubat presence.

    23-March-2290, SD9020.6.
    The Klingons declare war on the Taubat when they side with the Federation—after Klingon warriors die putting down a rebellion on planet Ixion at the request of the Taubat authorities.

    On Fico Hydra the Federation had to protect the Taubat from the Klingons and their hub from Romulan sabateurs.

    Mazikaan is the world where the three superpowers meet in force. The Federation greatly expands their base. The Romulans sent out scouts on Mazikaan to locate the Tauba and they captured a hanger intact. The Klingons meanwhile located their own Taubat colony and destroyed it.

    Orgolio was the next world all three powers fought over. The Federation monitored the Hubrin - a race so powerful their weapons could destroy the tanks of any other nation in one shot. A vast dilithium supply is found in the North and a base of Romulans to the West. The Romulans also spied on the Hubrin, took out the Hubrin fortress and captured a Taubat hanger. The Klingons positively go to war, fighting the Hubrin after their scout went on a suicde mission to locate their fortress. The Klingons captured a Taubat hanger.

    16-July-2290, SD9078.2
    Supply station Aljetarius is authorised for upgrading to starbase status to support the Tabula Rasa campaign, with the unofficial designation of 'Starbase 77'. Supplies are delivered by U.S.S. Explorer.

    13-August-2290, SD9092.1.
    On planet AP-173-B, the Taubat—the alien race inhabiting the Anomaly systems—summon their masters, a highly advanced and powerful space-faring race called the Metar. In defending the Taubat from the Klingons and Romulans, the Federation unwittingly gave them enough time to activate the dormant Metar portals located on planets all over the Anomaly systems. Apparently, the Taubat were created as a vassal race by the Metar. The Taubat attaked the Klingons and Romulans until the Metar streamedout from their active portals. The Federation forces remaining have to be evacuated. The Romulans built a photon turret emplacement to take out Taubat hangers.

    Undiscovered until an infiltation mission in the early 24th Century, the Romulans committed an act of war on two counts at AP173B. They attacked and destroyed first the Klingon base and then the Federation hub. On the mountainous region to the West the Romulans mounted four photon artilliary pieces that destroyed all but the defensive turrets of the base. This would act as a magnet for the Metar forces to attack, giving the impression the Metar were to blame. The Romulans left the Metar Active Portals intact in the centre. The Romulans thought that they could take on the Metar with no distractions but their forces streaming from the active portals proved too much and the Romulans had to evacuate.

    The Klingons went straight for the Metar with everything they had and barely had enough time for a bird of prey to pick up the survivors.

    The upgrading of Aljetarius to 'Starbase 77' is indefinitely delayed as a result while Starfleet scrambles to contain the Metar threat.

    13-September-2290, SD9107.5.
    The Klingons suffer a major loss as 37 ships comprising the 3rd Fleet are destroyed over planet Bursai IV when the Metar attack.

    03-November-2290, SD9133.4
    The wreck of the Constitution-class USS Explorer is found on the surface of planet Al Fadir, another casualty of the Metar. The Federation rescues Federation hostages from the Klingon science block. The Federation forces later recover the computer core from the former Federation colony. The Klingons go on the rampage destroying the Romulan and Metar facilities on the planet.

    Although the Explorer is mentioned later in the game as the ship carrying Ambassador Sarek, I'm going with the 'physical' evidence.

    U.S.S. Explorer wreckage on Al Fadir

    Starfleet launches its most daring Security Operations commando raid on Durac Iota. In the South, beyond the mountains overlooking the Metar active portal, they use the distraction of the Hubrin and Metar fighting each other to destroy the active portals and capture a dormant Metar. for study.

    Klingons gain revenge on the Taubat and Metar at Tancred IV. Operation Retaliate sees all Taubat and Metar facilities destroyed by the Klingons, along with all the indigineous population.

  • 2291 - Savar graduates Starfleet Academy at the age of 26. Upon graduation, Savar is assigned to Starbase 12 as a junior science officer.

    The Romulans capture the Starfleet scientific colony at Tarikon 8. They steal the alien device within and use it to destroy the Klingon base on the planet- along with 1/6 of the planet surface.

    04-May-2291, SD9224.4.
    Pellion Blue. The Federation dispatches a second Constitution-class starship to the Anomaly systems, carrying Ambassador Sarek to negotiate with the Metar. The Federation forces scan the Romulan base before examining a Metar colony core. Klingons attack the Federation colony, attempting to kidnap Ambassador Sarek.

    26-June-2291, SD9250.6.
    The Federation, Romulans, and Klingons get help in their fight against the Metar onslaught. Another ancient, advanced race from the Anomaly systems called the Hubrin offer their support, as it was they who originally imprisoned the Metar some time ago over after having warred for millennia. However, the Hubrin numbers are low, as they were on the verge of total defeat when they sealed up the Metar the last time.

    27-September-2291, SD9297.2.
    After a year-long campaign, the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons manage to seal the Metar back into their prison dimension, unfortunately taking the races' Colonial Program command staff and all of the mineral-rich "Tabula Rasa" Anomaly systems with them.

    Dying Metar, trapped once more in Tabula Rasa prison.

    21-October-2291, SD9309.4.
    The survivors of the Tabula Rasa campaign survive to steal a Metar starship and return to their home dimension. With the disappearance of the Tabula Rasa star systems, the need for a starbase in the region is gone. 'Starbase 77' is shelved. This is the stardate given in the final mission of the game, and my assumption of the aftermath.

    Aljeterius authorised for upgrading to starbase status to support the Tabula Rasa campaign, unofficial designation of Starbase 77. Supplies are delivered by U.S.S. Explorer but the subsequent releasing of the Metar and the ultimate disappearance of the Tabula Rasa systems delays the upgrading.

    Hawkins re-enters Starfleet Academy. Hawkins studies off-campus at the Metropolitan University of Dundee.

  • 2292 - Starfleet Intelligence reports Chancellor Kesh, leader of the High Council was killed by Councillor - and former General - Gorkon, of the House of Makok. Gorkon had argued that the Tabula Rasa incident had both weakened the Imperial Klingon Navy and also shown the benefits of cooperating with the Federation. Chang and Kesh disagreed on that matter but Kesh was now slain. This sparks a period of civil war in which the House of G'Iogh under first Kalnor, and then his half-brother Melkor, vy for power. Kalnor is defeated in the Rite of Blood Peace by General Chang, another Klingon faction competing for the Chancellorship. Chang is blinded in his left eye from the personal combat. Melkor works with the allies of the House of G'Iogh- including the House of Duras - to achieve power not as the chancellor, but as the Emperor. Melkor can trace his lineage back to Emperor Sompek.

    Melkor, would-be Emperor.

    With the help of Torlek, son of Ro'vagh - former First Officer of the K't'inga class IKS Qu'ov, Chang was able to defeat Melkor. By this time, Chang owed a debt of honour to Gorkon; Gorkon became the new Chancellor and Chang became his Chief of Staff. In the official records, the role of Torlek has gone unrecorded and he was reassigned into deep space to find new resources to replace the Tal'Ihnor Gates that had been destroyed by Melkor. The extra burden of mining Praxis set in motion events for the following year.

    House G'iogh slaughtered.Hose G'iogh destroyed on their Accuser class dreadnought..

    Author's Notes: adapted from the events of the 2000 PC game Klingon Academy. Lorak has been erased from the history and Kesh's death incorporated instead. I place these events after those of the PC game Star Trek: New Worlds. The above intelligence images capture the final moments of the Warrior's Anger class command cruiser IKM Qinguq that had carried the fugitives of House G'Iogh into Romulan space. The events take place over months, probably covering 2291 - 2292.

    Kara Fox graduates. Kara is assigned to U.S.S. Noam Chomsky, Oberth class, as communications officer for a three year tour of duty. Ilani also graduates from the Academy Class of '92, Class Salutatorian. Her first assignment was to the U.S.S. Oberth (N.C.C. 602, Oberth class doyen) under Captain Edward Matthews. S'sana graduates fifth in the class of '92.

  • 2293 Praxis.- Praxis explodes. Khitomer Accords signed; in it are provisions for aid convoys Starbase 77 officially authorised in Khitomer Accords, but resources dedicated to upgrading base are diverted to Klingon Relief Operations. Upgrading is slow, and the base is still referred to as Aljeterius.

    Hawkins has his first romantic encounter with Judith Peers, a first year cadet. The twelve months together teaches Hawkins socially, he matures greatly as a result. Hawkins has his practical starship experience aboard the starship Mars. He learns from the legendary Captain "Achilles" Stirling. The Mars explores the frontier near the Neutral Zone. The half-completed starbase 77 is the command facility for the Mars. Hawkins has his first brief experience on the advanced training vessel Uganda. The Uganda experience impresses all exposed to it. Hawkins sets his sights on scoring high enough to be assigned to the Uganda once he graduates.

    The assassination of Chancellor Gorkon causes the mobilisation of two-thirds of the entire Starfleet, fearing a massive Klingon retalliatory strike. After the successful meeting at Camp Khitomer, the fleet is stood down.

    Author's Note: from an e-mail, Keith R A DiCandido notes: "My interpretation is that Gorkon was already chancellor when Praxis happened."

    Ilani assigned to U.S.S. Emden (N.C.C. 1856, Miranda class) in 2293; Lt. [jg] Ilani is one of his junior social sciences officers. Ilani served two missions aboard the U.S.S. Emden.

    Stardate 9715.5 the Excelsior class U.S.S. Enterprise-B is launched from San Francisco orbital fleet yards. The El Aurian people have their encounter with the Nexus. Only 47 of them survive the experience. Zhetara Telkses seeks the answers to her vision. Captain James T. Kirk is lost in the rescue of the El Aurian survivors.

    U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-B leaving San Francisco Orbital yards after her public dedication on stardate 9715.5.

    With the explosion of Praxis, the Klingon Empire became desperate for energy and minerals. Despite all calls for peace at Khitomer, new Chancellor Azetbur presses deeper into rimward and driftward region of the Empire to gain supplies.

    Inspiration.... - Hawkins's final year sees him commanding the Academy J-class sloop Inspiration. The Inspiration goes on to win the annual J-class race.

    The graduation ceremony.Nathaniel Hawkins graduates with Honours from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to U.S.S. Monarch as her Head of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The Monarch is a static testbed starship at Utopia Planitia orbital yards.The starship Monarch is operated by Starfleet Research and Development, she spends most of her time at Utopia Planitia spacedock in dock 17, the 'special' dock. The Commanding officer for the Monarch [since 2297] is Lieutenant Commander Susan Thornton, who commands the crew of 80. It is planned for U.S.S. Monarch to remain in service until 2310, by which time other more modern starships will be available for the research programs.

  • 2294 - U.S.S. Enterprise [NCC 1701-B] is relaunched quietly. Shortly into the mission, Ensign Demora Sulu is thought to have been killed in self defence by Captain John Harriman. It turns out that this is not the case. The Enterprise has developed a nickname as The Flying Dutchman' and the 'Death Ship'. Harriman's mission to Askalon Five is his first steps to absolution for the death of Kirk and walking out from the shadow of his father, Admiral John 'Blackjack' Harriman, Senior. Author's Notes: Taken from Peter David's novel 'The Captain's Daughter'.

    Rachel Garrett, future captain of the Enterprise-C, is born on 11th March. Author's Notes: Taken from Lost Era novel 'Art of the Impossible' by Keith R A DiCandido. Five years older than age based on the age of actress Tricia O'Neil at time of filming 'Yesterday's Enterprise'.

    33-y.o. Lt. Cmdr Amanda Bryam assigned to Starbase 77 after a 6-month personal leave from being a tutor at the Academy; she becomes the XO of Commander Skellash of Tellar, a 10-year veteran destroyer captain.

    The Federation started getting refugees coming through post-2293 from species and nations that they were not familiar with. (The break-up of the Klingon Empire as alluded to in ST VI was underway). There are a number of factors involved here: both subject races fighting for their freedom against being in the Empire and also the Imperial Klingon Defence Force using firepower to hold the Empire together – with civilians fleeing from the carnage.

    Ch’ramak was the start of the fracturing. The new chancellor Azetbur was in a perilous position from the start as a female ruling the Klingon patriarchy, against thousands of years of tradition. She had enemies straight away, with serious opposition from the Houses of Amar, Choroth, G’Iogh and Duras. This axis of Houses had a sizeable powerhouse politically and also a war-fleet to match. Whilst Azetbur was ready to face all challenges, she did not want to destroy the Empire to do so.

    Think about Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots for the rivalry side. For the historical side the break-up of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, with Yugoslavia as a role model and refugees from the current Syrian and Middle Eastern turmoil.

    Azetbur was quick to find Houses loyal to the throne and to fight those traitors who would split the Empire in the face of the Praxis disaster. Whilst Azetbur courted the Federation for technical aid in restoring Kronos, the IMDF battle-fleets were tasked with stabilising the Empire and finding new sources of minerals and energy to replace Praxis and the Tal'Ihnor Gates. This massive movement of warships caused the movement of civilians away from the conflict, resulting in flows of refugees towards the fringes of the Empire and even over the border into the Federation.

  • 2295 - Jana Petersdottir graduated as part of the Class of 2295. Petersdottir developed a reputation as a wildchild cadet and a minx. Jana narrowly avoided eviction from the course at the Academy from her ceaseless late arrivals and lack of attention in classes. The truth was, Jana was a sharp student and learned faster than most. She had the skills, just not the correct attitude.

    U.S.S. Albion is the sixth member of the Excelsior class. Launched on Stardate 10121.5, she is the latest operational addition to Starfleet's newest starship class.

  • 2296 - U.S.S. Sheffield, NCC 1976, Miranda class, undergoes an extensive refit at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Rumour has it that the ship has all new intelligence-gathering equipment installed, hypothetically making her one of the best intelligence assets in the fleet. The refit lasts for a year and sees all systems upgraded to the latest standards.

    Discommendated House g’Iogh finds favour once more as it offers Chancellor Azetbur three fleets of warships. Gorkon had cast out and put a death warrant on the House following their quest for the emperor’s crown at the turn of the decade. Azetbur had to weigh up her father’s wishes with the needs of the Empire. In the end she had no choice but to make a series of compromises, knowing that this could undermine her in the future.

    Stardate 10214.5, U.S.S. Diana, NCC 1981, Miranda class examines the Nimbani culture in the Bareni sector. This culture will be examined in its development well into the coming decades. [U.S.S. Javelin returns to the Nimbani culture on stardate 47013].

  • 2297 - U.S.S. Damocles [Oberth class, NCC 4532] arrives at the planet Timshel for shore leave. The planet has now been restored to its original glory after the incident thirty years ago involving the Joy Machine that Captain Kirk and the Enterprise successfully resolved. [Author's Note: See Star Trek novel 'The Joy Machine' by James Gunn, based on a story by Theodore Sturgeon].

    U.S.S. Hornet, NCC 1714, Constitution class, commences her Service Life Extension Program refit at Starbase 11. Refit is most extensive since the 2270s and should see her back in service within 18 months. U.S.S. Essex, NCC 1697, [Constitution class] next in line for SLEP.

  • 2298 - U.S.S. Montrose, N.C.C. 6236, is sent into Klingon space as part of the humanitarian aid mission. The mission is planned to last five years.

    A rogue Klingon ship attacks Starbase 11, Lt. Harvey Hildebrandt is amongst the dead from the incident. relations between the Federation and Klingon governments become frosted for the first time in years. The biggest knock-on effect for this attack on a Federation asset is the immediate uproar about the continued aid to Qo'noS by Starfleet. It is seen as outrageous that Starfleet is aiding the Klingon economy during such a harsh time on the homeworld, whilst rogue elements can flaunt in the face of treaty and attack Federation property, killing personnel. Despite this unprovoked attack, Federation aid still continues to the Klingon Homeworld. 'Klingon renegades' are blamed, an excuse heard for many years to come.

    The Federation Seventh Fleet under Fleet Admiral Ashana Revell is sent to Starbase 11 to secure the situation. Admiral Revell takes the Excelsior class U.S.S. Roosevelt, NCC 2573, as his flagship. Other ships in his armada include the Okinawa, Apollo, Bismarck, Norfolk, Huaibei, Augsburg, Ramadan, Ikaria, Maloy, Avenger, Patriot, Hiryu, Hornet, Gloire, Chen Te, La Fayette, Surcouf, Daring, Reliant, Iron Duke, Andalucia, Valour, Al Manama, Kora, Sok Cho and Brisbane.

    Author's Note: attack on Starbase 11 taken from M. J. Friedman's (1999) Star Trek New Worlds, New Civilisations by Pocket Books.

  • 2299 - Jonathan Hirst joined Starfleet Academy in 2299

    Klingon forces have been redirected to defending their borders from the current Romulan threats.

    Stardate 10855.2, U.S.S. Commanche, NCC 5519, Oberth class, encounters a wrecked Klingon D-7 battlecruiser floating in Federation space. The Klingon authorities order the ship destroyed immediately, citing that it is contaminated with a deadly biological organism. Starfleet is ordered to comply, for reasons of enhancing relations with the Klingons. Rumours cite the ship wasn't destroyed before Starfleet Intelligence had examined the wreck.

  • 2300 - Helen Marshall is a medical graduate from Starfleet Academy. She specialised in psychiatry in her final years at Starfleet Medical. Marshall graduated in 2300 as a lieutenant [jg]. Marshall's first assignment was the Nirvana Rehabilitation Colony. Marshall's approach using a biological/medical technique involving psychopharmacology was contrasting with the techniques of Judith Peers with her clinical psychological approach.

    Stardate 11045.5, U.S.S. Enterprise [NCC 1701-B] arrives at Starbase 51 for shoreleave. Captain John Harriman remains onboard to oversee the next exploratory mission.

    Ensign Mark Jameson graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is later to become a famous starship commander of the Gettysburg and later an Admiral.

    Stardate 11099: U.S.S. Glasgow [NCC 4566, Miranda class] and U.S.S. Taif [NCC 1823, Saladin class] explore the ruins of Myshuku V. Plenty of rare data on the Myshuki people comes to light as a result.

    Amanda Bryam promoted to Commander and assigned elsewhere.

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