The Ship's computer is actually three separate entities, all individual and yet able to act as a redundant fall-back incase of failure of another. Two of the main computers are on decks 7-9, these two are chronologically linked and act as a back up to each other. The third computer is based in the secondary hull on Decks 24-28 and is the Engineering computer, though can act as a back up for the other two if necessary. The Albion's computers are 4th Generation duotronic computers with the latest programming and latest Artificial Intelligence programming from the Daystrom Institute. The computers are able to act as the nervous system of the Albion, automatically operating 60% of the ship's systems, monitoring the ship's status using the sensor arrays and able to activate the shields to defend the ship should there be a danger that either the crew hasn't noticed, or is unable to respond to. This defensive function, rather like a reflex action, can be overridden. The crew of the Albion interact with the computer through the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS), which is the product of several decades work. The computer utilises the voice of one of the co-designers, Dr. Christine Chapel (ex-of the starship Enterprise). The computer is the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and can hold a conversation with the crewmembers by utilising the knowledge in the memory and combining it with the state-of-the-art A.I. programme in order to communicate. The computer is aware of what it is and the debates are still raging over whether it in fact possesses 'consciousness'! The main computer can monitor the location of all personnel through their insignia badge and allows constant communications access for crew on or off the ship.