NCC-1798 U.S.S. Discovery

Discovery is the second starship to bear the registry 1798, after U.S.S. Ti-Ho became 1701-A Enterprise in 2286. Discovery was the penultimate starship constructed to Enterprise subclass specifications from the start. Aspects of the future Levant class subclass design were incorporated into Discovery as the tooling changes were being made.

Discovery was commissioned in 2287, after a year in shakedown. She quickly joined the Enterprise-A to signal a renaissance of Starfleet, replacing the losses of Hood and Enterprise in 2285. Named for the NASA Space Shuttle, itself named for the R.R.S. Discovery that transported Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton to the South Pole (1901 - 1904). It was natural that this latest incarnation of Discovery would be at the forefront of exploration.

Her Captain was a renowned commanding officer with a reputation as a keen explorer with a proven combat record aganst he Klingons. The loss of Captain Buckingham and the Hood was an open wound to Starfleet Command. This assignment was sending a message to the Klingons. We were back.


  • 01 - Scott
  • 03 - Shackleton
  • 05 -
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