U.S.S. Excelsior, Excelsior class doyen, NCC 2000.

U.S.S. Excelsior, launched 2284 and commissioned stardate 8105.5 at San Francisco orbital fleet yards. Test bed for transwarp drive and other systems for five years between 2285 and 2290. Commissioned as a frontline starship on stardate 8921.5, Excelsior has currently undergone two missions [2290 - 93; 2294 - 2299] and is about to start her third mission.

Excelsior is commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu, a veteran starfleet officer from the famous five-year mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701. Excelsior has a crew of 510, ranging in experience from Captain Sulu to cadets on their first starship assignment. Commander Pavel Chekov is the First Officer of the Excelsior, with Commander Rand as Second Officer. Lieutenant Commander Saavik returns to the fold as the Chief Science Officer aboard.

Excelsior is one of two starships considered to be the flagship of the fleet, the other being Enterprise 1701-B. Excelsior gets used for a large number of high profile missions, 'showing the flag' for the Federation. U.S.S. Excelsior also has some of the finest Starfleet personnel onboard as her crew, some would go as far as to argue that they are the finest crew currently in the Starfleet.

Star Trek: Excelsior crew: 2294 - 2300:

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Hikaru Sulu
  • Executive Officer: Commander Pavel Chekov
  • Operations Officer: Lt Commander Janice Rand
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt Commander Saavik
  • Helm: Lojur
  • Navigation: Lieutenant Tiffe
  • Communications: Lieutenant (Christian) Slater
  • Chief Engineer: Commander Terim Azleya (female Denobulan).
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Christine Chapel.
  • Chief Security Officer: Lieutenant Leonard James Akaar
  • Medical Officer: Dr. Altos Viger (James Sloyan as a Bolian)
  • Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Commander Devon Gabler
  • Security Operations Officer:
  • Science Officer: Ensign Tuvok

    Author's Notes:

    For the crew of the Excelsior for the never-made 1990s Star Trek: Excelsior TV series, I chose the junior officers from the Star Trek Movies, along with characters established in the Voyager episode 'Flashback' and the novels The Lost Era: The Sundered and Forged in Fire. Additional characters come from Curt Danhauser's excellent Star Trek: Excelsior pages. There'd be the 'Old Guard' characters like Sulu, Chekov, Chapel and Rand with decades of experience and the 'New Generation' of Saavik, Gabler and Hawkins that would be New Starfleet with the big new ideas.

    I've always been a fan of the Excelsior, ever since I first saw her on VHS video in 1984. I was pleased to see her on the big screen in 1992 with George Takei as Capain Sulu. As the Dundee Star Trek fan club reminded me in 1996, I was still a big fan of the Excelsior for the Voyager Star Trek 30th anniversary episode 'Flashback'. I think I cannot resist putting my character of Hawkins on the Excelsior, if only for a short-term mission. I've met most of the people in the cast list for this never-made series: George Takei, Walter Koenig, Robin Curtis and Tim Russ. Hawkins would be on as a junior social sciences officer, probably for a specific short-term mission. As a 'Klingon expert', I'd imagine Hawkins would be onboard to advise on their culture beyond warship crews. He'd be one of the 'new generation' of Starfleet officers, sparking off the attitudes of the 'Old Guard'. Sulu and Chekov would point out they have dealt with Klingons for decades, Hawkins would politely point out that even in his limited career so far, he's been to the Tabula Rasa campaign and faced death from Klingons, studied them at the Academy and went to the cultural exchange school on Sherman's Planet. That's even before he went to Kronos on the Argus. He has dedicated experience unmatched by the old guard. And things are changing with the Klingons as much as with Starfleet.

    Primary Hull
    This consists of 12 decks that can be summarised thus:

  • 1 Main Bridge, Briefing Room, Ready Room
  • 2 Emergency Life Support
  • 3 Senior Officers Standby Quarters
  • 4 Junior Officers Standby Quarters
  • 5 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters
  • 6 Impulse Engines, Sickbay, Transporters, Crew Quarters
  • 7 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters (outer sections)
  • 8 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters, Officers Quarters (outer sections)
  • 9 Impulse Engines, Officers Quarters (outer ring), Mess Hall / Lounge (Forward), Recreation Areas, Theatre
  • 10 Brig, Security Office, Armoury
  • 11 Science Labs
  • 12 Sensor Control, Science Labs

    Secondary Hull
    This consists of 21 decks that can be summarised thus:

  • 13 Warp Core Deuterium Injector
  • 14 Saucer Separation Manual Override
  • 15 Torpedo Storage / loading
  • 16 Torpedo Storage / loading
  • 17 Torpedo Launcher Access, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 18 Deuterium Tank, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 19 Deuterium Tank, Warp Plasma Central Manifold, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 20 Battle Bridge, Engineering, Intermix chamber, (Aft) Cargo Conveyer
  • 21 Engineering, Cargo Bay (aft)
  • 22 Cargo Bay (aft), (Aft) Tractor Beam
  • 23 Aux Deuterium Tank
  • 24 Aux Deuterium Tank, Botanical Gardens, Crew Lounges, Rec. Areas
  • 25 Main Deflector Dish
  • 26 Aft Torpedo Conveyer / Loading
  • 27 Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher
  • 28 Engineering Support Bay, "WorkerBee" Pods
  • 29 Engineering Support Bay
  • 30 Engineering Support Bay, Aux Computer Core
  • 31 Engineering Support Bay, Aft Torpedo Storage / Conveyance
  • 32 Engineering Support Bay, Aft Torpedo Storage / Conveyance
  • 33 Engineering Support Bay, Warp Core Antimatter Injector
  • 34 Antimatter Storage / Loading port

    Episodes from the never-written Star Trek: Excelsior series inspired by Flashback and The Undiscovered County: (A glimpse of what we sadly missed).

    Season 1 2293 – 2294

    1.01 – Pilot Intro, Khitomer and aftermath.

    1.02 – Fallout - Tuvok returns to Vulcan after the end of his 2 month Excelsior mission and ponders on his Starfleet career. With five years still to work, never has a mission ahead felt so long. Comparisons with classmate Valeris leads to discussing how their paths of logic diverged.

    1.03 – Mudd junior – follow up to the never-written ST: Phase 2 episode Mudd & Son.

    1.04 – Miracle Worker. The loss of the starship Jenolen leads Sulu to recall his last encounter with Scotty.

    1.05 – Choroth Incident – Enterprise-B with McCoy en route to deal with a plague and stopped by a militant Klingon General.

    1.06 – Art of Compromise – Sulu takes Ambassador Spock to meet Azetbur to restore relations. E-B is in refit after the Nexus.

    1.07 - Captain’s Daughter – see novel.

    1.08 – Freedom Agenda - Enterprise-B takes the Federation President to meet the Klingon Chancellor, for more talks on the Khitomer Accords, with a new policy that shocks the Empire.

    1.09 - Ashes of Eden. Based on the novel.

    Season 2 – 2295

    2.01 – New Starfleet – a new C-in-C is assigned after the treachery of Androvar Drake. Stardate 10000.

    2.02 – Ratification – the Khitomer Accords finally come into force and the countdown to the end of the Neutral Zone has begun.

    Author's Notes:

    I see these “lost ST: Excelsior stories” as being the background to the Interim Years. These are the ships in the Federation News, but it’s missions like the Sheffield that are doing the real research in the background. The early era 2290 – 2298 are more the Excelsior with the experienced Old School Sulu; the later period 2298 – 2311 is more Enterprise-B with the then-experienced John Harriman.

    Lots of Klingon Diplomacy with new Ambassador Spock, veteran Sarek and Curzon Dax. The steady dismantling of the Neutral Zone and the ‘rogue Klingon’ attacks. Enterprise-B feud with General Choroth, ex of IKS Vengeance and Sulu encountering Kang or Koloth (more akin to his DS9 persona).

    I have a story idea, homage to TOS, with ‘Mudd junior’. Perhaps following on from the Phase 2 episode never written called ‘Mudd and Son’.

    Yes, The Interim Years will effectively have a ‘never made Sulu and John Harriman’ series running in the background. Might even knock up season 1 for a laugh.

    We’ve a few bits we ‘know’ already, with the Choroth Incident with the graphic novel and the Terajuni Incident. On the back of this we need the Excelsior, fresh from the latter, carrying Ambassador Spock, meeting with the Klingon Ambassador to calms the waters. The Enterprise-B is still in space-dock for months to repair the Nexus damage, so good old NCC-2000 is hauled out.

    Character profiles from the ST: Excelsior Writer's Guide (2001):

    Star Trek: Excelsior, The Online Series and this Writer's Guide were created by James E. Harris Jr. Character descriptions were created by James E. Harris, Jr, Kerry Scott Chestnut II, and Christian Meador.

    Thanks to Adrian Jones and Alex Rosenzweig for their technical advice.

    Thanks to Russ Haslage and IFT for supporting this online series, and for having the courage to hang in there.

    Special Thanks to George Takei for reviewing the character sketch of Captain Sulu, and for his support and encouragement.

    A central part of Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future is that mankind will grow and develop into more than we are now. We will honour that dream with Excelsior. Human beings in the 24th Century live in a society where poverty, crime, discrimination, and corruption have been all but eliminated. Although they are still human beings (and therefore fallible) they are, on the whole, a nobler breed of man.

    Our stories revolve around the crew of the USS Excelsior. Three of the senior officers (Sulu, Rand and Assaad) are "old timers," having been in Starfleet for more than 25 years each. Most of the rest of the crew represent "New Starfleet." The distinction is not insignificant. Individuals from "Old Starfleet" and "New Starfleet" are frequently polarized over, for example, the missions of the Enterprise under Captain James Kirk. The former will look upon Kirk's actions with admiration ("Kirk risked his career and lost his ship to save Spock"), the latter with skepticism ("Kirk damn near started a war with the Klingons for his own personal gain"). This will be a recurring theme for our crew - as it is for the entire Federation.

    Captain Hikaru Sulu:

    Born in San Francisco in 2237, Sulu is, of course, one of the original members of the Enterprise crew. Sulu excelled in mathematics and physics at Starfleet Academy. As a result, his first assignment on the Enterprise was as a staff physicist. However, Sulu's intuitive approach to physics was rather incompatible with the logical Vulcan Science Officer, Mr. Spock. The situation was somewhat tense - until fate stepped in.

    One day Spock observed Sulu running flight simulations on one of the science lab's computers - and showing an incredible raw talent for piloting a starship. Rather than disciplining the young Lieutenant, Spock (logically) had Sulu reassigned to Helm duty, where he became known as the best helmsmen in the fleet.

    Sulu stayed with the Enterprise through her first 5-year mission, returning to Earth in 2270 to teach at Starfleet Academy. That same year, Sulu became romantically involved with Ling Siu (a.k.a. Susan Ling). When Sulu decided in 2271 to rejoin the Enterprise crew for her second five-year mission, he had no idea that Ling was pregnant. That same year, Demora Sulu was born without her father's knowledge.

    By 2278, Sulu had discovered the truth about his daughter - and that her mother had died. In order to raise Demora, he declined a position as First Officer of the USS Bozeman. Instead, he accepted a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, and became First Officer of the Enterprise (now assigned to Earth for Academy training) under the command of Captain Spock. This move allowed Sulu to spend quality time with his daughter for the first time in her young life.

    Enterprise remained attached to the Academy until its scheduled decommissioning in 2285, at which point Sulu was involved in the plot by Admiral Kirk to steal the Enterprise and rescue Spock. Sulu stood trial for his part in the plot, but all charges against him were dismissed. Sulu was transferred to the Enterprise-A, on semi-detached duty from Starbase-One.

    In 2289, Demora entered Starfleet Academy, and Sulu began to consider another exploration assignment. Six months later, he was offered command of the Excelsior.

    As of 2300, Sulu has been in command of the Excelsior for nearly eleven consecutive years. During this time, Excelsior has played a crucial role in the Khitomer peace process, explored vast areas of space, and assisted in bringing several worlds into the Federation.

    Sulu is a quiet man. His outward calm and impeccable manners make him appear at times to be nearly Vulcan. This is deceptive, however - within Sulu's chest beats the heart of an adventurer. His childhood was spent reading and acting out Alexander Dumas's The Three Musketeers. While other children were engrossed in popular contemporary interactive programs, Sulu could be found chasing through the yard, wielding a stick like a rapier, and crying out "All for one, and one for all!"

    As he grew older, Sulu was encouraged to explore his rich Japanese heritage. Stories of the Samurai blended wonderfully with the tales of Dumas, and had a profound impact on the young man. Sulu aspired to the discipline and control of the Samurai as well as the adventuresome spirit of D'Artagnan. Eager to follow in his heroes' footsteps, Sulu studied fencing, Kendo, Karate, and Aikido - and remains proficient in these arts.

    Sulu's experiences on the Enterprise cemented his belief in fierce loyalty to friends, and broadened his appetite for adventure. He is intelligent, thoughtful, and disciplined, but his devotion to his friends and family can lead him to bold action. When his duty to Starfleet and his duty to his friends are conflicted, Sulu will search for a way to satisfy both. Ultimately, though, he would sacrifice his career - even his life - for his friends and family.

    Commander Janice Rand: Operations Officer

    Janice Rand has been a close friend and confidante of the Captain for decades. Their friendship started during Enterprise's first five-year mission, where Rand was Captain Kirk's Yeoman.

    Rand had an unrequited crush on Captain Kirk. Once revealed ("Miri"), Rand felt humiliated, and in a rash act of youth, she requested a transfer. Captain Kirk, sympathizing with his Yeoman, called in a favor with Commodore Bob Wesley and had Rand transferred to the USS Lexington.

    While aboard the Lexington, Janice began a relationship with, and ultimately became engaged to, Lt. Benjamin Maddox. Tragedy struck in 2268 when the Enterprise, under control of the Daystrom Institute's M-5 computer attacked a Task Force headed by the Lexington. Maddox was killed in the Enterprise attack.

    Rand was offered a transfer to Starbase 10 as a medical supply officer, which she accepted. In 2269 a Colony ship transporting 500 colonists infected by a virulent plague diverted to Starbase 10 for medical treatment, overwhelming the Starbase medical facilities. Every member of the Starbase crew worked double-shifts in environmental suits for weeks to augment the medical staff. Despite their heroic efforts, over 150 men, women, and children died.

    Rand fell into a deep depression that would have broken a weaker person. Through her own perseverance, and with the help of the Starbase counseling staff, she emerged from her bout with depression - stronger than ever. She pursued training in various fields, earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer, and by 2271 she was ready to return to active starship duty.

    Rand requested, and was granted a position on the newly-refit Enterprise, this time as a transporter technician. In many ways, the request was a bold confrontation of her past - made more challenging by Admiral Kirk's return to the ship. However, Rand had matured beyond her years. Tempered by the tragedies of her life, Rand remained aboard the Enterprise throughout most of its second five-year mission.

    When Janice left the Enterprise the second time, she was not running away from anything, but rather running to a new opportunity. Admiral Kirk sponsored her for Officer's Training, giving her the opportunity to become a commissioned officer. In 2278, Rand achieved the rank of Ensign. In 2285, she was promoted to Lieutenant.

    By 2290, Lt. Commander Rand had demonstrated her ability to excel at a wide variety of jobs, and had her choice of assignments. Captain Sulu specifically requested her transfer to the Excelsior as Communications Officer.

    For Excelsior's 2301 re-launch, Commander Rand will take the newly created position of Operations Officer. She is effectively the right-hand of the First Officer, taking responsibility for many of the day-to-day operations of the ship, as well as overseeing crew training.

    Rand has a deep and abiding respect for Sulu, and makes it her personal responsibility to keep his ship running as efficiently as possible. Her first loyalty will always be to Sulu, and she will defend him at every opportunity. The trust she places in him is returned - Sulu can't imagine the Excelsior without her.

    Rand is strong-willed, and firm in her convictions - though never harsh with the young crew. As time passes, she will act as a role model to them, helping them to avoid her own mistakes with wise counsel.

    Commander Raed Assaad: Chief Engineer

    The last relative "Old Timer" among Excelsior's officers, Assaad was a Lieutenant on the Transwarp project of 2282. His graduate thesis in Advanced Warp Theory earned him a place on the transwarp development team, and quadrant-wide recognition as a bright up-and-comer. Unfortunately, the failure of the transwarp project cast his thesis - and his career - into relative obscurity. Ironically, the new Asymptotic Warp Scale is directly derived from the theories expounded upon in his thesis, though the only mention of this is a tiny footnote in a scientific paper - which is classified.

    No one in the universe knows more about the Excelsior than Raed. He has been with the ship since her construction, and has personally overseen every refit. Since he has never been offered another position (and has never sought one), his entire active duty career has been spent aboard the ship. He can literally find his way from any power conduit or relay on the ship to any other blindfolded.

    Raed is brilliant, though modest. Though he seldom speaks of it, Assaad maintains the spiritual beliefs and traditions of his Islamic upbringing. This isolates him in many ways from the majority of the crew - most of whom have no formal religious affiliation. Casual observers find him aloof, even unfriendly, but those who make the effort find that he is warm, compassionate, and very hospitable - if a little lonely.

    Raed is not prone to rashness, but weighs his options carefully before acting. Though he sympathizes with religious struggles, he is not likely to join a jihad for religious freedom. He has a deep, spiritual reverence for life.

  • Physical description:
  • Height: 5'11" Weight: 190lbs
  • Complexion: Medium Dark (Arabic)
  • Hair: Black (with some gray) Eyes: light brown

    Commander Spencer Kane: First Officer / Tactical Officer

    Kane is uncomfortably near the "boundary" which separates "Old Starfleet" from "New Starfleet." Kane graduated from the Academy in 2291 with the rank of Ensign. By Age 26, he was a full commander - and some expected him to become Starfleet's youngest captain. However, Kane's meteoric rise through the ranks was due largely to the amazing tactical abilities he had displayed - something which has come to be less valued in recent years. Now, at age 32, the Captain's Chair eludes him, as his diplomatic abilities are considered by some to be inadequate for a Starship Captain.

    His first assignment aboard the Lexington took him close to the Klingon Neutral Zone. The Lexington became embroiled in a series of border skirmishes with the Klingons, so Kane has seen far more than his share of fighting. Casualties aboard the Lexington were high; Kane lost many friends.

    In the second year of his first mission (2293), Kane was abruptly granted "Administrative Leave" by Starfleet, which even the Captain could not explain. This turned out to be a ruse concocted by the conspiracy headed by Admiral Cartwright of Starfleet (STVI: The Undiscovered County). Kane, along a dozen other young Starfleet officers with grudges against the Klingons were sent covertly on a mission in Klingon space in a captured Bird of Prey. The mission was clearly a set-up, and Kane was the only member of his team to get out alive.

    Kane believes the conspiracy intended to sacrifice his team - have them caught by the Klingons and tried for espionage - in order to further stir up tensions between the Klingons and Federation. Had it not been for his incredible instinct for survival, he would never have made it back to the Federation. Kane's crewmates were not so fortunate - from the surface of Nimbus III, Kane saw the flare from the warp core of the Bird of Prey as his crew apparently destroyed themselves to prevent capture.

    When he returned to Federation space, Kane's contacts in the conspiracy assured him his silence would insure that the service records of his fallen comrades would be closed honorably, and he would be permitted to return to his own life. Even after the conspiracy was apparently exposed at Khitomer, Kane kept his silence to avoid tarnishing the records of the young men who lost their lives at Nimbus. Every year, on the anniversary of their deaths, Kane lights twelve candles in memory of each of them - and to remind himself of the horrible mistake he made.

    Kane, is strong willed, but struggles to control his aggressive nature. The memory of his greatest mistake haunts him, and helps to hold his fighting instinct in check. To function as an effective First Officer, Kane will have to find a way to bridge the gap between old and new crews - perhaps his greatest effort at diplomacy to date.

  • Physical description:
  • Height:6'3" Weight: 225
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Hair: blonde (buzz cut) Eyes: Blue

    Lt. Commander Richard Hamilton: Science Officer

    Hamilton is young, inexperienced, and intensely curious, but has an IQ well above genius level. He genuinely seems to know a bit about everything science- or engineering-related, and loves to offer advice. In any other person, that trait would be annoying, but his boyish earnestness makes it charming to most - especially older women.

    Hamilton is also quite incapable of detecting the subtle interpersonal boundaries that are best left uncrossed. That, combined with his intense interest in Advanced Warp Theory, will undoubtedly create friction between him and the very private Assaad.

    Hamilton's family is very well connected at Starfleet - his grandfather was the former Commandant of Starfleet Academy, and his mother is a member of the Admiralty at Starfleet Command. This has led some people to conclude that the young man's rapid advancement through the ranks is due solely to his familial ties. This is not entirely fair, however; though his family ties have doubtless not hurt him, he has consistently performed his duties above expectation at every post.

    The "spoiled brat" image of him is, unfortunately, reinforced by his occasional petulant outbursts with malfunctioning equipment. When becoming frustrated with machinery, he sometimes "loses his cool," and kicks or slams his fist against the offending device. Similarly, upon solving a particularly difficult problem, Hamilton has been known to shout out "YESSSSSSSS!!!" and dance about madly.

    Hamilton, decidedly a member of the "New Starfleet," believes that all things can be worked out peacefully. This belief is not based on any deeply considered feelings, but rather on the teachings of his instructors at the academy. Hamilton, who has little interest in politics or philosophy has simply never questioned these simplistic ideals. His shocking naiveté in all things philosophical stands in sharp contrast to his brilliance as a scientist.

    Despite his rather "clueless intellectual" personality, Hamilton may be one of the bravest individuals in the galaxy. Instinctively, he will react to threatening situations with amazing courage. He is self-sacrificing to a fault, but thinks nothing of it; from his point of view, if someone needs help, he simply provides it. Hamilton is as baffled by his crewmates' astonishment at his courage as he is their annoyance at his impertinent questions.

  • Physical description:
  • Height: 6'1 Weight:195lbs
  • Complexion: Dark (African)
  • Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

    Ensign Somba: Navigator

    Somba is a humanoid from planet Lukkas IV. The inhabitants of this world have evolved with the ability to change sex in a same-sex environment (similar to certain Terran amphibians). In the absence of other Lukkans, Somba will cycle between male and female forms - both of which are disturbingly attractive - monthly. At the peak of fertility in either form, Somba is at his/her most attractive. During transition, his/her features become vaguely androgynous. (Note: this transition does not violate the law of conservation of matter - when Somba is a male, he is the same weight as his female form, but that weight will be redistributed. As a result, the male form is slightly smaller than an average human male, the female for slightly larger than average. We'll say 5'10", 150lbs.)

    When Lukkans bond, their cycles gradually synchronize and lengthen, allowing maximum mating opportunity. If one member becomes pregnant, both (assuming fairly constant exposure to each other) will cease changing until after the infant is no longer nursing. Thus, during a lifetime together, Lukkans may be both mother and father to children. As such, Lukkans have a unique understanding of both male and female perspectives - and no concept of gender discrimination. A Lukkan may be correctly referred to as either "he" or "she" without insult, at any time.

    Lukkan society frowns upon inter-species mating, and no official records of it exist. However, stories exist of successful inter-species bondings, though these are largely discounted as rumor. There is insufficient medical evidence to support or discount the notion that bonding with a human could halt the Lukkan gender-cycle.

    Somba is the first Lukkan to graduate from Starfleet Academy. He/She is more adventuresome than most Lukkans, preferring to explore the galaxy, rather than stay on the homeworld. This wanderlust can lead to loneliness, though. When in male form, Somba will be attracted to female members of the crew and vice-versa, but the cultural taboo (as well as the complications of such a relationship) dissuades him/her from pursuing such attachments. Nonetheless, he/she is affectionate and very likeable.

    This is Somba's first deep-space assignment since graduating the Academy in 2299.

  • Physical description:
  • Height:5'10" Weight:150lbc
  • Complexion: Med-Dark
  • Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

    Lt.(JG) K'lee N'Dra: Helmsman

    K'lee is an Andorian female. Andorians are an aggressive, warrior race by nature. As such, K'lee differs from the other "New Starfleet" crewmen in her outlook on politics. She's more likely to "shoot first, ask questions later." She considers Captain Kirk one of her personal heroes.

    This is not to say that she will show open admiration for Sulu. In fact, K'lee deeply resents the fact that Sulu still maintains a reputation for being "the best Helmsman in the fleet." K'lee has quite an impressive history at the helm, herself. She holds the record for fastest time through the Starfleet Academy Pilot Training Course - a distinction marred only by the fact that Sulu (who majored in physics) never took that test.

    K'lee would very much like to show "the old man" how capable she is, and jumps at every opportunity to do so. She will not react well to his criticism; this will inevitably lead to conflict. At the core of her being, however, is a grudging respect for the man who (in her opinion) is "second best." Ultimately, it is this respect which will keep her in line.

    K'lee's first assignment was at the Helm of the Constitution-refit class USS Defiant in 2298. Her outstanding work earned her the promotion to Lieutenant and the transfer to Excelsior.

  • Physical description:
  • Height:5'8" Weight: 135lbs
  • Complexion: Light Blue
  • Hair: White Eyes: Blue

    Ensign Jarot: Communications Officer

    Jarot is a greenish-blue Bolian male. He is an extremely efficient, extremely jovial Bolian, who loves gossip and has a bad habit of overhearing crew conversations. One aspect of Bolian culture will cause problems for Jarot: Bolians are group-oriented, and, as such do not understand human privacy concerns. This will undoubtedly cause problems with human members of the crew from time to time.

    Jarot has an over-active imagination at times, and can become easily suspicious. This is further inflamed by his poor understanding of human privacy. Jarot is prone to seeing conspiracy - even when there is none.

  • Physical description:
  • Height: 5'11" Weight: 215lbs
  • Complexion: Greenish Blue
  • Hair: None Eyes: Very dark

    Lt. Commander Margaret (Maggie) Pearson Ship's Surgeon:

    She's forty, has a smart mouth, and "a way" with the gentlemen. Having finished her residency at a Starbase about 10 years ago, she opted for deep-space assignments to follow her interest in xenobiology.

    Coming of age in the early years of the "New Starfleet," she developed a huge chip on her shoulder about military activity, but can't think of a better way to see the galaxy. Her professional idealism about the value of life gives her an extermely low tolerance for "jarhead military types" and their propensity for doing violence to one another.

    Her brilliance is not limited to the medical field; a political humorist in the finest Groucho Marx tradition, she makes sure her barbs and insults are legendary in their potency, lyric in their construction, and witty in their delivery. Her compassion and skill soften the toughness of her attitude; she is so loud and confrontational because she actually, genuinely cares.

    Extremely passionate by nature, she is (sometimes alarmingly, to Hamilton at least) straightforward in her appreciation of the male gender. She is annoyed (professionally) and intrigued (personally) by the prospect of sharing her sickbay with Ni'var.

    With her good looks and dynamic personality, Maggie has left a trail of broken hearts across the Galaxy. She's unlikely ever to settle down with one man - at least not until she's a lot older…

  • Physical description:
  • Height: 5'6" Weight: 130lbs
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Hair: Fire Red Eyes: Green

    Lt. Commander Ni'var Ship's Psychiatrist:

    A male Vulcanoid, he is also a competent General Practitioner, and will serve both as counselor (a position Starfleet hasn't quite figured out yet) and a second doctor - not a nurse. His amused disinterest (feigned or not) in the Surgeon will frustrate her.

    He is of mixed parentage (Vulcan and Romulan), a fact he often (matter-of-factly) shares with patients as a means of establishing intimacy and trust. Unlike most part-Vulcans, he does not suppress his emotions. Having grown up on Earth, he has studied both cultures as extensively as he could (of course, Vulcans tend to be a little more forthcoming about their history).

    A child of both Vulcan logic and Romulan aggression, he was initially drawn to psychology in a quest to better understand himself. He has long since come to grips with both his violent, aggressive side and his pacifistic, logical side, and is now (in his late 80s) an extremely well-adjusted personality.

    Quiet by nature, people generally mistake his unassuming persona for Vulcan stoicism. His ready smile and subtle humor then catches them off-guard, and often allows them to open up to him more than they may have intended. To those who know him, he is a trusted and understanding friend, wise beyond reason, and generally fun to be around.

    Vulcans are known for their hypnotic stares, which can disconcert many non-Vulcans. Early in his training, Ni'var found a way around the discomfort patients felt about having a Vulcanoid stare at them; he is now famous for his ever-present ceramic coffee mug, which features the famous portrait of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. During conversations, he will often stare at the mug, avoiding fixing people with his "hypnotic" look. This has the effect of drawing his patients' attention to the mug - and relaxing the atmosphere.

    His telepathic skills are not as strong as a full Vulcan's would be, but this may be largely due to his limited formal Vulcan training. In point of fact, his intuition and deep understand of humanoid psyches more than compensate, allowing him to appear to be either extremely telepathic or possibly prescient. When asked about this skill, he generally smiles and changes the subject.

  • Physical description:
  • Height: 6'1" Weight: 200lbs
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Hair: Black Eyes: deep brown

    Author's Notes:

    ST: Excelsior (2000) would have dealt with similar issues that the Interim Years does: change.

    Change with the rules of Starfleet from the Old Guard of Sulu, Rand, Chekov, McCoy and Chapel moving to the New Generation of John Harriman, Demora Sulu, Spencer Kane and Nathaniel Hawkins; a change from 'Cowboy Diplomacy' and seat-of-the-pants methodology to accountability, following orders with the wisdom of intellect and understanding. We learn about the culture and values of OTHERS and use this to forge better relations.

    Excelsior would be the ship that deals with that change. The talented First Officer Spencer Kane would address the changing of the guard. Caught up in the conspiracy of 2293, Kane would have to address the consequences of his actions, the loyalties he had to Admiral Cartwright and the choice to pick the wrong side in the conspiracy. This all goes towards making him a better person. Switching from 2294 as a time foe ST: EXC has Rand as XO from Flashback (originally ST:VI TUC has Dmitri Valtane clearly in the role until some retroactive changes in Flashback swapped their ranks). This gives a lot more Old Guard on the Excelsior instead of having Kane, who would have suited the Changing of the Guard better IMHO. Doctor Altos Viger, from Curt Danhauser's brilliant website gives us a non-human Chief Medical Officer which would have been better.

    By contrast, the Enterprise-B embodies the New Generation of Starfleet. A young, inexperienced Captain John Harriman and youthful junior crew exemplified by Demora Sulu, contrast with Old Guard XO Commander Tracy Dane, even between Hikaru Sulu and his daughter helmsman from the Enterprise-B. ST: Generations made Captain Kirk look good by making the new Captain of the Enterprise seem inept and helpless; as the next part of this debate goes, this is not the first or last time they do this. Making the New Generation look weak and wrong, to make the old guard 'Cowboy Diplomats' look good, correct and wise.

    In "Flashback", it is Ensign Tuvok who embodies the New Generation attitudes, captured in the confrontation with Captain Sulu aot going throug the Azure Nebula to rescue his friends Kirk and McCoy. In that scene, Tuvok is shown to have only TWO MONTHS experience out of the Academy. Why the hell do you join a deep space mission two months from its end? This scene makes Sulu look good by making Tuvok look weak. A good scene has a STRONG counterargument countered by an equally STRONG argument; at least make Tuvok have three YEARS experience. Tuvok quits after only four years at the Academy and two MONTHS in the field from unpleasant experiences with humans. What the hell does this say about Starfleet? It seems being at the forefront of change serves the Old Guard to put down the new as 'stupid' or 'wrong'.

    Excelsior in The Undiscovered Country, Flashback and the ST: Excelsior Writers Guide (2001) is a very White-human-heavy starship, with only Asian-American Sulu, the Eastern European Lojur, and the alien Rotciv and Tuvok as the non-Whites on the Bridge. The Enterprise-B also suffers from a white-heavy case with only Demora Sulu, the Chief Engineer played by Tim Russ and the Science Officer played by Jeanette Goldstein as the non-whites on the Bridge.

    The Interim Years version of the ST: EXC stories, featuring both of these Excelsior class starships, will have a more diverse crew.

    Excelsior's bridge [production model 1]

    "The above artwork is © Star Trek Fact Files. All rights reserved"

    Thanks to Curt Danhauser and the Excelsior website team for their Excelsior enthusiasm and bridge station guidance.

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