Upon graduation in 2293, Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins was first assigned to the Oberth class science vessel U.S.S. Daniel Goleman. Named for the psychologist who wrote extensively on emotional intelligence, this 120 metre long, 80 crew starship was assigned to explore a planet where a potential proto-Gorn race remains had been found. To understand a proto-Gorn is to understand where the Gorn themselves came from. The mission was taken on the understanding that once the site was confirmed as being related to Gorn, that a formal approach would be made to the Gorn Hegemony to alert them to he discovery. The time inbetween was described by Starfleet as an opportunity to learn more about this site to positively identify the species and its relationship - if any - to the Gorn.


  • Captain Shoth Glov - male Tellarite.
  • Lieutenant Commander V'lur - Executive Officer - female Vulcan.
  • Lieutenant Ithev Th'Kollirh - Operations Officer - male Andorian.
  • Lieutenant Tivvesa - Mission Operations Officer - female Orion.
  • Lieutenant (junior grade) Prusar - Chief Engineering Officer - male Caitian.
  • Doctor (lt jg) Batol Kaa - Chief Medical Officer - male Betazoid.
  • Lieutenant (junior grade) Shiro Dvehk - Chief Security Officer - female Tellarite.
  • Ensign Yawo Venris - Communications Officer - male Rigelian.
  • Ensign Jujaal Muzux - Logistical Officer - male Trill.
  • Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins - Social Sciences Officer.

    Social Sciences department:

  • Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins - Social Sciences Officer.
  • Petty Officer (2nd class) Mumid Tezan - female Trill.
  • Crewman (1st class) Stopyk - male Vulcan.
  • Crewman (1st class) Amadus - male Deltan.
  • Crewman (1st class) Cubbad Ichaa - male Betazoid.
  • Crewman (2nd class) S'Merah - female Caitian.
  • Crewman (2nd class) Esan Th'otirot - male Andorian.
  • Crewman (2nd class) Reelo Dizein - female Rigelian.
  • Crewman (3rd class) Creet Lenthro - male Axanari.
  • Crewman (3rd class) Bentho Remms - female Venturi.

    Oberth class arrangement:

  • Deck 1 Bridge, conference room, officer quarters, mess hall, lounge.
  • Deck 2 Shuttlebay upper deck. Enlisted crew quarters, gym, laundry, cargo bay.
  • Deck 3 Shuttlebay main deck, cargo bays, escape pod access, cryogenic tankage.
  • Deck 4 Sickbay, life sciences, transporter, main engineering, computer core, life support, waste recycling.
  • Deck 5 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull
  • Deck 6 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull, plasma flush vent
  • Deck 7 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull, deflector generator, structural integrity.
  • Deck 8 Science/cartography sensor array, science labs, communication buoy magazine.
  • Deck 9 Science/cartography sensor array, science sensor processing compartment, buoy/torpedo/probe workshop,
  • Deck 10 Science/cartography sensor array, aft sensor compartment, life support, batteries.
  • Deck 11 Science/cartography sensor array, batteries.

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