In 2295, after the S.S. Argus, Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins was assigned to the Oberth class science vessel U.S.S. Alistair Hull - NCC 6073. Named for the psychologist who wrote a 2002 paper on the down-regulation of Broca's Area in the brain during a bout of Post-Traumatic Stress, this 120 metre long, 80 crew starship was assigned to follow-up explorers and scouts.

The Universal Translator works by recognising verbal language and running it against statistical algorhythms. This matches it against languages on record and can even find commonality with root languages. The UT 'runs home to Mama' when it finds no matches. This then requires the expertise of a linguist. Hawkins serves aboard several Oberth class starships, analysing the language and culture of newly discovered species. Non-verbal language cannot be analysed by a universal Translator. This requires a linguist. There are other forms of communication such as colour displays, electrical charge in fluid or plasma, posture, simple written word or pictograms. This requires subjective analysis by an officer or enlisted linguistic analyst. The Daniel Goleman, Alistair Hull, George Kelly and Alan Baddeley see Nathaniel Hawkins lead a team of social scientists who, amongst other things, follow-up the work of explorer and scout class vessels to examine new forms of life, determining their intelligence, culture and most importantly, decyphering the language. Establishing communication and relations with the people; second contact with a new form of life is just as important as first contact. This is where detailed studies can be done and relations built upon.


  • Captain V'lena - Commanding Officer - Vulcan female.
  • Lieutenant Commander Shevol - Executive Officer - Andorian male Then.
  • Lieutenant Tavl - Operations Officer - Tellarite male.
  • Lieutenant - Mission Operations Officer -
  • Ensign Sean O'Reilly - Chief Engineering Officer - human male.
  • Doctor (lt jg) Aehina - Chief Medical Officer - Trill female.
  • Lieutenant (junior grade) Nyneva - Chief Security Officer - Orion female.
  • Ensign - Communications Officer -
  • Ensign - Logistical Officer -
  • Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins - Social Sciences Officer.

    Social Sciences department:

  • Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins - Social Sciences Officer.
  • Petty Officer (3rd class) Aabor - male Deltan.
  • Crewman (1st class) Rzznal - Saurian.
  • Crewman (1st class) Seha - Bolian female.
  • Crewman (1st class) T'dek - Vulcan male.
  • Crewman (2nd class) Kilydm - Trill female.
  • Crewman (2nd class) Shasin - Andorian female Shen.
  • Crewman (2nd class)
  • Crewman (3rd class) Purua - Betazoid female.
  • Crewman (3rd class) Dipak - Rigelian male.

    Oberth class arrangement:

  • Deck 1 Bridge, conference room, officer quarters, mess hall, lounge.
  • Deck 2 Shuttlebay upper deck. Enlisted crew quarters, gym, laundry, cargo bay.
  • Deck 3 Shuttlebay main deck, cargo bays, escape pod access, cryogenic tankage.
  • Deck 4 Sickbay, life sciences, transporter, main engineering, computer core, life support, waste recycling.
  • Deck 5 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull
  • Deck 6 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull, plasma flush vent
  • Deck 7 Deuterium tankage, jeffries tube to secondary hull, deflector generator, structural integrity.
  • Deck 8 Science/cartography sensor array, science labs, communication buoy magazine.
  • Deck 9 Science/cartography sensor array, science sensor processing compartment, buoy/torpedo/probe workshop,
  • Deck 10 Science/cartography sensor array, aft sensor compartment, life support, batteries.
  • Deck 11 Science/cartography sensor array, batteries.

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