The Junior Crew Quarters are located on Deck 4 of the primary hull. These quarters are not quite as spacious and luxurious as their senior counterparts upstairs. However, let it not be said that these quarters are not well-suited for their function as private rooms for professional and private use. The rooms have a chest of drawers, mirror, cupboard and bed. The quarters are strictly functional and do not allow much room for "swinging a cat", as the Earth proverb puts it. The chest of drawers has a computer interface on it that allows the crewmember full access to the computer as far as their clearance allows. Personal log entries can be made from this terminal, along with the roster for that crewmember and access to the communications network.

Lieutenant Kara Fox, the Chief Communications Officer, has her quarters on this deck (room 04 468 / JOQ 4A2). Kara's quarters are very much a mystery to most people. No one ever gets to see inside. Were they able to, they would find some images of Kara at the Academy and images of her childhood, on one of the more remote Federation colonies.

Lieutenant Henrik Kyrre has his quarters on deck 4 as well. Kyrre has models of shuttlecraft through the ages in his quarters, from the space shuttle 'Discovery' through to the newest prototype shuttlecraft planned by Starfleet. Kyrre also has his certificates concerning his time as part of the Starfleet Academy Nova Squadron display team. There are images of all of the team there, all smiling.