Mughi Class:

Mughi class is a replenishment ship for Starfleet operations. These vessels were introduced in the 2250s/2260s as a purpose-designed replenishment ship for frontline starships. This class of vessel would be a one-stop-shop for re-arming, replenishing and re-fuelling of deep space missions and patrol combatants. These ships have been constantly refurbished since their construction to keep them in service.

The design consists of a cargo bay-rich primary hull with two racks of replaceable cargo-pods. An aft cargo bay has a small fleet of workbees based above it for self-sufficiency. The aft hull has conference facilities for planning the next evolution of replenishment for the local Starfleet vessels. The onboard cargo-bays were designed to have ease-of-access to airlocks, as well as a rich supply of transporters.

Operated between Starfleet Auxiliary service and Corps of Engineers, these ships can be readily found on the frontier, resupplying frontline exploratory vessels and keeping the patrol ships available. Due to the success of the design there are no plans to replace them in the short or medium term.

e.g. S.S. Briareos was a previous assignment for Lieutenant Singh of the U.S.S. Halifax. His first assignment was the Mughi class Halcon.

Author Notes: This superb design is by madkoifish. The 2160 registry number suggests a design from the 2260s that has been refurbished to refit standards by 2300s. Seen in the Ships of the Line calendar re-fuelling the Balmung class. This design is much like the Fort class RFA vessels and their role with the RN.

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