Ragnok class.

Length, draught, beam:

  • Primary hull length: 128 metres
  • Primary hull draught: 32.5 metres
  • Primary hull beam: 127.1 metres
    (same as Achernar class)

    Blueprints of comparable technology.

  • Nacelle length: 164.3 metres
  • Nacelle draught: 19.6 metres
  • Nacelle beam: 13.5 metres
    (LN-60 Achates same as Constitution II)

    Crew: 150 (21 officers and 129 enlisted crew)

  • Computers: “Fasfax” Duotronic II, Ferranti-Mnemonics, Reading, Berkshire.
  • Propulsion: warp: Dennison/Westinghouse, San Francisco.
    Impulse: Scarbak Propulsion Systems, Cairo.
    “Asaks” Chemical reaction control system, Orage Ijek, Aksajak, Andoria.
  • Life support: CT-3/Centris artificial gravity generator.
    “Coraza” radiation shielding, Critobal SM/S, Manila.
    “Ambrix” Waste regeneration systems, Jullundur-Lahore Ltd, Mumbai.

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