The Renaissance class is the new frontline starships, the first in the next generation of starship. Renaissance class is the smaller brother of the true new generation starship - Ambassador class.

  • Cruiser
  • Length: 330m
  • Beam: 199m
  • Deck count: 19
  • Crew count: 240

    The Renaissance class starship has 19 decks, summarised as follows:

  • Deck 1: Main Bridge
  • Deck 2: Briefing room
  • Deck 3: Officer quarters
  • Deck 4: Crew Quarters, Impulse drive
  • Deck 5: Crew Quarters, Impulse drive
  • Deck 6: Sickbay, Transporter room
  • Deck 7:
  • Deck 8:
  • Deck 9: Torpedo Bay
  • Deck 10: Deuterium storage
  • Deck 11:
  • Deck 12:
  • Deck 13: Shuttlebay
  • Deck 14: Shuttle storage
  • Deck 15:
  • Deck 16:
  • Deck 17:
  • Deck 18:
  • Deck 19: Anti-deuterium storage

    Renaissance class is the renaissance of Starfleet. This is the replacement class of starship for the Constitution class. as one constitution vessel is replaced, so one Renaissance class takes its place. Renaissance class was first introduced at the re-launch of Starfleet in 2295, the second vessel in the class is U.S.S. Shakespeare.

    NCC 11002 is the second in a proposed fleet of thirty vessels. U.S.S. Shakespeare was under the command of Captain Maxwell Buckingham and his Executive Officer, Commander Helen Hawkins. Buckingham took the Shakespeare into a dangerous and classified encounter in 2311, during the height of the Tomed Incident. The exact details of the incident cannot be revealled, but the result of this was a promotion to commodore for Maxwell Buckingham.

    The Renaissance class is the 18th generation of starship, with many innovations onboard in the prototype stage which are intended for the Ambassador class prototype, NX-10521. The Renaissance class has been designed to incorporate all of the features that have been promoted as the new ethos of Starfleet. Improved shielding has been fitted as has improved sensors and warp drive. These ships are now the fastest in the fleet - until Ambassador is said to improve on this - and are also the most versatile.

    Author's Notes:

    The Renaissance class is one of the few classes of starship in the Star Trek saga to have been mentioned but never seen. This class represents the resurrection of Starfleet after the end of the Cold War with the Klingons. 2293 was when the design was finalised, but the first vessel wasn't commissioned until 2305, some eight years later.

    I chose names for the Renaissance class from people famous from the renaissance period, or people associated with revolutionary changes - Stephenson, Di Vinci etc. Shakespeare was the obvious choice and was also the springboard for the character of Maxwell Buckingham - sector commander of Starbase 77 in the stories and brother-in-law to Nathaniel Hawkins. Buckingham needed a good ship to have come from and a backstory and what better ship from the period or backstory than state-of-the-art Renaissance class and the Tomed Incident? As can be seen from ASDB's design, this is the precursor to the larger Ambassador class of 2320.

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