The Senior Crew Quarters are located on Deck 5. The Senior crew (Officers and NCOs in senior positions in their respective departments) are given slightly larger quarters than their junior counterparts. The larger quarters contain a large desk with executive chair, this being an addition to assist them in their administrative work concerning their department when they need a quiet time and/or privacy in which to do so. As with any quarters, these quarters are usually personalised to the requirements of the particular crew member.

Senior Officers quarters - unchanged in design since 2270.Commander Nathaniel Hawkins' quarters (05 011 / SOQ 5B16) has the feel of a man who has spent half of his life with Starfleet. Souvenirs from a thousand worlds can be found around the quarters, as well as personal possesions such as the model of J-class sailing sloop 'Inspiration' and the framed certificate proudly proclaiming Hawkins skippered this sloop to victory in 2297. There are models of previous ships that were called Sheffield including all of the Royal Navy warships that carried the name, and all of the starships that have followed in the tradition.

Additional belongings in the room include the certificate of Hawkins' graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2297, his additional training to achieve command status which he gained in 2305. Various certificates of psychology also line the walls along with accompanying photographs. Hawkins is proud of his achievements, this pride matched in his love and pride in his family - their photographs prominently placed on the walls.

His quarters also possess a direct link to the communications station and the Captain can make communications, both intraship and external, from the comfort of his room. The system also allows full coding and decoding facilities. This communicator installation allows the Captain to send and recieve messages without the need to go the the Bridge. In addition to this there is an office section of the quarters where Hawkins can have private meetings with individual members of crew away from the meeting room. This room is the sanctuary for Hawkins away from the chaos of running the ship, with more space and luxury than the Ready Room.

Lieutenant Commander Ilani has her quarters on this deck (Room 05 123 / SOQ 5B3). Her quarters are set out in a Deltan style. Tapestries and drapes line the walls, giving the room a warm feel to it. Souvenirs from a hundred worlds can be found on shelves or placed on the walls. Ilani's quarters have a meditative feel to them, indeed, there is a meditaion corner in her quarters where she may burn scented sticks and candles and relax.

Ilani's quarters are specially joined with the other quarters for the deltans onboard the Sheffield. This was a special modification made to the ship by the request of Commander Hawkins. Deltans prefer to be in their own company, at least for part of the day. Their pheromones put them at ease and they can relax the stringent Starfleet regulations once they are in their communal quarters. This way the deltans are able to be intimate and sensual with each other without fear of offending other members of the crew.

Lieutenant Commander S'sana's quarters (05 060 / SOQ 5A1) is an eclectic collection of styles. Jewelry, pottery and glassware from several cultures adorn the room. Which ones belong to S'sana's family and which are souvenirs is unknown. The quarters were quite spartan when S'sana first joined the ship, as if S'sana was trying to hide her past - or deny it. After her visit to Nimbus III and a reunion with her mother for the first time in a quarter century, S'sana dug out images of herself on Nimbus III as a child. These supplemant the few images of herself at pivotal moments in her Starfleet career.