Starfleet Intelligence briefing on the Sha'kurian Contamination (SPOILERS)

The Sha'kurians are an ancient race of amphibious humanoids whose territorial holdings occupy the rim of the Beta Quadrant opposite the Beta/Alpha border. The true size of their holdings is unknown due to their territorial xenophobia and aggresive expansionist nature. We know little of their culture and history and are striving to learn more. What little we know is reproduced here.

The Sha'kurians are not originally from the Beta Quadrant. Intelligence indicates from the direction of their encroachment into the Beta Quadant that their Homeworld resides in the Delta Quadrant near the Delta/Beta border. Attempts at probing into Sha'kurian space have been met with ferocious attacks on Klingon planets and colonies - the fighting strength of the Sha'kurians. The Sha'kurian race achieved dominance in the universe through their biological superiority in the area of toxicity. All aspects of a Sha'kurian's biology is toxic: blood, sweat, tears - all are poisonous across the spectrum. The complexity of the poisons that a Sha'kurian comprises of gives thought to a creature that has been biologically engineered as well as naturally genetically pre-disposed to be as poisonous as possible.

Sha'kurians are hermaphrodites with an accelerated growth rate. Their primary method of assault seems to be via small-sized scout/fighter craft that releases a small number of Sha'kurians onto the planet of choice. The Sha'kurians then adopt a strategy of poisoning the water supply and food crops of the resident colonists, whilst locating a suitable place to lay their eggs. Sha'kurians are reported to lay dozens of eggs each time; these eggs grow to mature levels in a matter of a few days. These new Sha'kurians can then spread the coverage of poisoning to a larger and larger area: this explains the Klingon designation of the Sha'kurians as a 'contamination'.

The Sha'kurians appear to have the ability to alter their genetic and phenotype configurations; they are able to add poisonous spines that can be fired, they can also emit a fine poisonous mist up to a range of fifteen metres or so. Sha'kurians are already known to be able to squirt venom accurately over a distance of up to ten metres, envenomate with poisonous fangs, release poison over their skin as a waterproof wax to prevent themselves drying out and camoflage their skin with background colours. Their biology makes them hard to detect using tricorders and the cocktail of poisons makes combating a venomous attack difficult at best.

As the Sha'kurians themselves appear to be all the weapon that they need, they do not appear to wear any sensors or weaponry systems. The range of vision a Sha'kurian has is unknown. It is possible they have infra-red acuity as well as other spectral vision we are not yet aware of. Klingon Intelligence reports the scout ships appear to use organic technology. Their small size and the use of this exotic technology means that traditional sensors do not always detect these ships, or dismiss them as a biological organism. Stealth technology has not been ruled out. These ships possess rudimentary warp drive and phasers, however they do not appear to have torpedoes or other complex technology such as transporters. This technology would appear to have been adapted froma race other than the Sha'kurians.

Lastly, the Sha'kurian culture is unknown. This is due to a total lack of written or spoken language. According to the Klingons, there is no warning of an attack from the Sha'kurians and no attempt at dialogue is responded to. Starfleet Intelligence also notes that Klingons are not renowned for their 'dialogue'. Currently the Sha'kurian Contamination resides on the far side of the Klingon Empire, but with starships now exploring through the Nirophian Corridor an encounter with the Sha'kurians is to be anticipated.

"Based on the Sha'kurians as created by and Interplay Productions. All rights reserved"

Notes on the Sha'kurians for ST:TIY:

or those amphibious baddies...

Little is known about these amphibians, who were introduced in the Interplay game 'Klingon Academy'. They are from the Delta Quadrant and relocated to the Beta Quadrant/delta quadrant border - presumeably Voyager would have gone through their space next had they not found the Borg transwarp conduit.

The main thing is that the Sha'kurians are facing off with the Klingons and Hydrans. Now that the Hydrans have reclaimed their space, the Sha'kurian and Hydran borders are barely light years from each other. The closest point is Nirophia, where the Hydrans have left the system alone for study and the Sha'kurians haven't reached the planet yet. Stuck in the middle are the Federation, wanting this corridor for colonial expansion.

Klingon Academy stressed the ability of the Sha'kurians to detect even cloaked ships: perhaps this advanced organic technology includes advanced sensors for stealth and detection.

Spoiler Alert!

First Contact: 'Scout'.

This story is really an introduction to the Sha'kurians, the newest aliens on the block. The information on them is [refreshingly] scarce which allows a bit of creativity. What has come up is an amphibious race with some of the qualities of a tree frog, and some of a spitting cobra and a large portion of cane toad. This race is as poisonous as a laburnum tree or foxglove - their skin is toxic, as is their blood. This race became the dominant one by out-poisoning their rivals: an intelligent mammalian species not unlike humans.

I have taken aspects from all kinds of amphibians and merged them here: tree and arrow frogs, fire salamanders even cane toads. Sha' kurian come in various colours of greens, reds, blues, blacks and yellows. They can even change their skin colour like a chamelion for camoflage and sense biochemicals through their skin. Even chemo-communication is a possibility. The question is how accurate was the original klingon intelligence that the Federation has 'acquired'? Sector 16447 borders Sha'kurian space and it would be a good thing to know what this race was about. By the story 'Scout', it is apparent that the klingon information is simply not enough and that Starfleet resources on the matter are virtually non-existent.

Interplay Games created the Sha'kurian race with, apparently, a strong emphasis on elements of the Animated Series race the Kzinti as a blueprint. What I have attempted to do here is to keep true to all aspects of the Sha'kurians seen on screen in the game 'Klingon Academy' and stay true to the basic story of the race and their roots. Onto this I have elaborated on the designation of the race as amphibians to try and create a race which is different to what we have seen before - and most importantly, alien.

The scout vessel as seen in the story 'Scout' is very lightly armed, virtually no shields, no torpedo technology and only one beam weapon - no match for the Sheffield. The real difference will be in the race themselves, their capabilities and the way they think. More will appear on this as the story 'Scout' is written.

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