Shangri-la class: successor to Constitution II

Images and design information are copyright © Bill Krause and used with permission.

Shangri-la class was introduced in February 2286 with the launch of NX-2575, U.S.S. Shangri-La. Referred to at the Tycho Yards as a Tactical Cruiser, Shangri-la was designed for the Neutral Zone and keeping the frontier policed. Orion Syndicate activity and increasing hostility with the Klingons and Romulans meants Starfleet Command wanted a starship capable of protecting the frontier. A successor design to the legacy of Belknap, Shangri-La - along with the new Hornet class - enhanced the security along the long disputed Neutral Zones. In the Shangri-la class, the laboratory and scientific facilites were reduced in exchange for intelligence-gathering and strategic systems for command and control along the Neutral Zones, liaising with monitoring stations and smaller patrol vessels. The Shangri-la or 'Shang' class were designed to operate in pairs as a Task Group. This allowed for cross-coverage and mutual protection in some of the more dangerous regions of Federation space. Four Shangri-la class starships were introduced within twelve months of each other, as Starfleet sought to roll out these ships in quick succession. They wanted their impact felt.

U.S.S. Titan, successor to the Loknar class namesake, was lauched in 2290 and was instrumental in the Exo-Port takeover and Horizon colony rescue, whilst flagship along the Klingon Neutral Zone. Titan is commanded by Captain Saavik. Although the scientific facilities on the Shangri-la class are reduced compared to a Constitution II or Excelsior class, Saavik found that by using the stte-of-the-art equipment installed, that scientific studies comparable to an Oberth class were still possible. Her experience on the ill-fated Grissom proving decisive in this development. As a result, the Shangri-la class gained more of a reputation as a cruiser, not juat a tactical vessel.

Shangri-La class cruiser statistics:

  • Length: 295 metres.
  • Beam: 142 metres.
  • Height: 46 metres.
  • Decks: 15.
  • Crew: 460.

    Author notes:

    Shangri-La class was designed by Bill Krause and seen as one of the gold-plated models in the Titan briefing room in Picard season 3. This is the mid-2280s successor to Constitution class and would lead to design inspiring the Neo-Constitution Titan-A and Enterprise-G in the 25th Century. Picard season 3 publicity material states that the Shangri-La class had the Titan NCC-1777, launched in 2290 which had Captain Saavik in command.

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