Transporter room onboard the old Enterprise-A, identical in layout to the Sheffield.

The Sheffield possesses 2 transporter rooms (07 075 and 07 076). These transporter arrays are the most advanced in the Starfleet. The transporter is operated from a booth on one side of the room and the system can beam up to six individuals (plus equipment) from the transporter room to another location or vice versa. The system has now been upgraded so that previously-risky intraship beaming can now be safely executed. This new modification allows such commands as "Four to beam directly to sickbay" to be used, allowing the wounded person(s) to be beamed into the location where they need to be, instead of having to move them through the ship and wasting precious time.

A second new modification to U.S.S. Sheffield is in the uniform of the crew. The Starfleet insignia badge has a duotronic circuit implanted in it so that the ships computer can monitor the location and vital signs of all members of the crew. The insignia also allows the transporter to lock onto the badge wearer - this allows a crewmember to beam up an individual using the badge to pinpoint the desired target or use as a reference to beam up a group or target..

The transporter also possesses a biofilter that filters out the harmful bacteria and viruses that the Federation knows of. This system continually cross-references itself with the Main Sickbay computer. The transporter system can be operated by either keyboard entry or by vocal commands. Transporter operation can also be controlled or restricted from the Bridge at either the Science or Engineering stations.