Both the Aenar and Andorians are a related 4 gender species from the moon Andoria, the males being either Thaan or Chan and the females are Zhen or Shan. Andorians are passionate and this comes out in both their militaristic attitude and artistic qualities. Andorians, like Klingons, have a strong sense of honour and value honesty. Andoria orbits the ringed gas giant Andor and has a polar climate. A sub-species of Andorians, the Aenar, live in the Northern Wastes. During the summer the temperature might creep above freezing for a few days, a typical temperature of minus 28 Celcius was common. Andoria has strong magnetic poles around the Northern Wastes that jam sensors. Andoria has a capital city called Laikan and a major industrial city called Laibok.

The Andorians have a blue skin and white hair, whereas the Aenar are an albino sub-species born with congenital blindness but immense telepathic abilities. The Aenar were thought to be extinct until their discovery by Jonathan Archer. Even today the numbers of Aenar are low, preferring to live in pacifistic isolation in their subterranean cities. Some have speculated this sub-species may even become 'extinct' through interbreeding with the Andorians, but this has shown not to be true to-date. Aenar can create false images in the minds of most other races, their abilities being able to overwhelm all but the most adept telepaths.

Andorian and Aenar antennae serve both as a balance sensing organ and also convey the emotional state of the individual. Antennae drawn back indicate anger, whilst upright rapidly can show surprise. Andorian skin tones differ with ethnic groups, ranging from pale blue, almost white up to deeper blue. Andorians have a higher metabolic rate to humans. Andorian names show the gender and clan of the individual, for instance TharinJar ch'Thas is a Chan from the Thas clan. The need for all four genders in order to procreate has caused population difficulties.

Whilst Andorians are warriors and passionate, the Aenar are devout pacifists. Most Aenar refuse to join Starfleet as it is perceived to be an organisation that still possesses weapons. Starfleet Medical has a portion of Aenar who specialise in mental treatments, they serve on hospital ships and medical facilities. Research Station Psi 4 is one such facility, with Lieutenant Commander V'riel serving as the deputy commander of the base. Andorians, by contrast, can be found in most of the defensive system development facilities in the Federation. A sizeable orbial construction facility hangs over Andoria. Corporations such as Massive Dynamic and Omni-Consumer Products have their main defence research facilities at Andoria.

Laikan was the scene of Ambassador St John Talbot's one failure: to negotiate between immigrant miners from Charulh and the native Andorians. A misinterpretation of Charulhan culture cost the life of the kidnapped Governor's son. Talbot was 're-assigned' to Nimbus III in 2280 as a result of this. Andorians place a high value on family and the loss of a valued son was enough to pull strings to get Talbot re-assigned to a dead-end peripheral role. One major part of Andorian culture is the Ushaan - the Andorian honour code. Duels to the death with ice mining tool called "Ushaan-tor". The Ushaan is determined by over 12000 amendments, including the need to have children to continue the Clan or an injury sufficient enough to prevent combat continuing. It can be called over a slight.

Aenar, whilst having the four genders of an Andorian, do not have the Clan structure. They have a reserved disposition that has led to them concealing their cities; the passionate, violent tendencies of the Andorians were distasteful to the telepathic Aenar who could sense every emotion. Aenar share the Andorian value of family and there was cross-cultural interbreeding from when the two species rediscovered each other. Stfleet Medical believes at least some of the traits of Aenar are recessive, which is where the proposal came forward that the Aenar may eventually face extinction, as Neanderthal man did with Homo sapiens.

Andorians have frequently become senior officers in Starfleet, the loyalty that was once felt towards the Imperial Guard of the old Andorian Empire was now felt towards Starfleet. TacFleet has especially become the part of Starfleet with a disproportionate number of Andorians. Several of the flag officers of Starfleet are Andorian, including some of the Fleet Admirals.

Fleet Admiral ThanaTan Th'raan

Fleet Admiral ThanaTan Th'raan leads the Third Fleet of Starfleet. His flagship is the Excelsior class Eagle, named for the Constitution class starship that had been extensively crewed by Andorians. Th'raan had a long career up to this point on the Belknap, Ch'lara, Alliance and Hood, amongst others. The Admiral had spent some time as Academy Commandant and Admiral (Flag Officer Space Training). Th'raan was called back to active service for the Romulan crisis and has remained with the Third Fleet since then.

JhelenPa Zh'lera

JhelenPa Zh'lera is the current Head of Omni-Consumer Products' Weapons Division based on Andoria. A former Security Operations officer in Starfleet, Zh'lera reached the rank of Commander after a active career in TacFleet. She never discusses her career in any detail, but it is thought she was part of the elite top end of the Security Operations, performing classified missions that are never admitted to even today.

The Head Office of OCP in Detroit head-hunted Zh'lera for her military knowledge and in-the-field experience. Zh'lera was a natural leader and possesses both the charismatic looks that PR enjoys as well as the presence that conveys being in charge. Had she stayed in Starfleet, she would have made Captain; Omni-Consumer Products needed to appeal to her sense of heing the Andorian people - and the Federation - from leading the production of defence technology.

JhelenPa Zh'lera accepted their offer and looks as much at home in a well-tailored suit, promoting OCP and its products, as she does in archive footage in a Starfleet uniform. With her connections in Starfleet hierarchy, Zh'lera has managed to get contracts for OCP via the decisions of admirals. The facilities at Andoria range from research laboratories on the planet surface as well as orbital facilities that can either refit or build starships. Prototypes and production model starships have been produced from these facilities at Andoria.

Modern Andorian History:

2294 - Ambassador M'giia continues diplomatic efforts with the Klingons, the noble warrior similarities between the two races being seen as a common ground in which to work.

2297 - Andorian colony of Zh'riis successfully repelled an assault by the Tholians. It was a prime display of the Andorian warrior spirit. Chancellor Azetbur of the Klingon Empire was said to have expressed admiration when she read reports from the battle.

Aenar male names: Giphat Islyp,Palasho Velhyz, Shroz Avyzi

Aenar female names: Dedyn Aphali, Lindin D'jhyv, Lojhla D'shyv, Lophla G'zaph, Lysza Eltyniph, Najhra Yzrop, Nyton Innasyv, Zospha Vihr

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