Ark Royal class carrier

U.S.S. Ark Royal NCC 2202.
  • Ark Royal-class Fleet Carrier:
  • Actual Length: 566.49m
  • Actual Height: 110.23m
  • Actual Beam: 309.98m
  • Decks: 30

  • Crew compliment: - total: 3200
  • Crew: 720
  • Air crew: 2480

    The Ark Royal was launched in 2286 and commissioned 2287. The design was Starfleet’s first Fleet Carrier, to provide fighter cover for the fleets. The design proved to be very successful in deterring Klingon aggression and in the subsequent Metar and ISC campaigns. Production was increased with the impending ISC attacks.

    Whilst not used as a flagship, the Ark Royal class were still the primary tactical element of the fleets. There are those who argue that the ‘big gun’ era of dreadnoughts is as obsolete as the battleships of World War 2. What must be remembered about the Ark Royal class is the flexibility of the design. The squadron make-up of the carrier can be varied for the role required. On a standard basis the design can be considered to be like a cross between a fleet carrier and an assault ship/assult carrier. There are elements of fighters onbord but tere are also freight shuttles, runabouts,scientific shuttlecraft, medical shuttles, aquatic shuttlecraft and assault shuttles. All of these variants give the Ark Royal class the ability to conduct search-and-rescue, planetary evacuation, large-scale away team exercises, large-scale security operations, disaster-relief and peace-keeping roles.

    Fighter groups (examples as taken from U.S.S. Glorious):

  • 2x 20 Hornet fighters - Top Dogs and Victors.
  • 6x Wild Weasel- Magic Hats.
  • 5x Oracles (AWAC)- The Psychics
  • 2x 16 shuttle- The Crate-Pushers and The White Van Men.
    - note in times of war 1 squadron of shuttles could be replaced with another squadron of 20 fighters.

    Vessels in the class:

  • 2286 Ark Royal NCC 2202
  • 2291 Boxer (second ship launched from second yard.) NCC 2204
  • 2294 Pegasus (from first yard etc.)
  • 2296 Normandy
  • 2298 Glorious NCC 12233
  • 2300 Ocean NCC 13118
  • 2302 Unicorn NCC 14111
  • 2303 Oriskany NCC 15051
  • 2305 Wakamiya
  • 2307 Illustrious NCC 15532
  • 2309 Santissima Trinidad
  • 2311 Dwight D Eisenhower NCC 18008.
  • 2312 Soleil Royal
  • 2313 Sao Paulo

    U.S.S. Glorious commanded by Captain Reben Daycek with Executive Officer Commander Zavek.

    Ark Royal designed by artist Nate Simpson for Starfleet Command 2: Empires at War.

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