Altos Viger, Chief Medical Officer of the Excelsior.Bolians

These are the bifurcated blue members of the Federation. Renowned for their eager communicative nature, these inhabitants of Bolarus IX have become valued members of the Federation. The natural inquisitive nature of the Bolians has found expression in the University, educational, scientific and engineering institutions. Memory Beta, the duplicated back-up system for the famed Memory Alpha, is located on Bolarus IX. Tankis Rej is the current Chancellor of the University of Bolarus and keeper of Memory Beta.

Bolians have a cartilaginous tongue which resists corrosion; they are able to eat poisonous and corrosive substances that would kill other species immediately. Bolians have a hemo-cyanin based blood along with a corrosive internal body chemistry. Adaptations had to be made to Starfleet facilities and ships to adapt to this.

The Bank of Bolias is the main financial institution on Bolarus IX and provides accounts both to Bolians and off-worlders. Hes Condra is the current head of the Bank. The Bolian Credit Exchange is a major player in Federation finances.

Admiral Gofjis Lurpanis is the current head of Starfleet Sciences and has been a strong proponent of more Oberth, Tílani and Constellation class vessels to forward the scientific cause. The Admiral served on various scientific starships including the Enterprise-B, Valkyrie and Maori; these experiences had a profound effect on Lurpanis and strengthened his beliefs that knowledge gained through science and exploration can be used to avoid misunderstandings and prevent the unnecessary use of force. The Admiral has been drawn into the political debate of the future of Starfleet, being cited by Senator Besh in his political debate on de-militarising Starfleet. As a member of Starfleet, Admiral Lurpanis refuses to enter into any political debate, however he is a member of the Starfleet Review Committee.

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