Stations (Clockwise from the Main Viewscreen).

Mission Operations and Environmental stationsMission Ops: 2-seat station responsible for the assignment of resources and priorities according to the guidelines specified by the Operations manager and by operating protocols. Mission Ops ensures computer control does not unduly compromise any mission priorities, especially during unforseen situations. telemetry and tricorder data are monitored from Away Teams and transporter 'windows' are monitored.

The Executive Officer is Female Andorian Commander Sherana Sh’taryn. She is an experienced command division officer, formerly a security officer on the USS Sol and Operations Officer on the Potemkin. Now with her eyes firmly set on command, Sh’taryn has transferred to the Albion to garner experience with a view to her first captaincy as her next assignment. Sh’taryn responded well to the leadership style of Captain Ward, the no-nonsense approach making sense. Commander Sh’taryn had done tours along the demilitarised zone before and was familiar with the activities across the line, including the passage of Orion transports across the border. Part of her previous assignments had been observing and stopping Orion shipping on suspicion of smuggling and people-trafficking. Sh’taryn has at least one child back on Andoria and makes regular contact with them each day.

EnvironmentEnvironment: The 3-seat Environment station monitors and controls life support systems including: artificial gravity, heat exchange, food synthesis and service, water, waste management and hazardous waste management. During Alert and crisis situations, Environment monitors and allocates life support resources to maximise crew survivability. The Environmental System Officer is authorized to initiate Yellow and Red Alert conditions and is responsible for the execution of survival scenarios such as evacuation to environmental shelter areas.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Albion is Soolia Moy from Betazed. Moy graduated from Starfleet Medical School in 2305 and served with distinction on the medical ship Ghez’retalin. Soolia showed a calm head and good medical knowledge when faced with a plague outbreak as her first encounter; whilst other, more experienced, medical officers froze in the face of a rampantly infectious viral agent, Soolia followed protocols and enacted triage procedures. This calm head in a storm attitude is evident with Doctor Moy, her bedside manner is exemplary. She has a strong sense of morality and this has gotten her into trouble before, but she has always stood by her principals. Moy believes that during the plague, some Starfleet Security personnel were stealing samples under the guise of medical technicians. She also believes her current assignment was acquired in part to ship her off to the far edge of space to silence her on the matter.

helmHelm: Manned by the Helm Control Officer. Responsibilities include: status of shipboard activities, supervision of power allocations, continuous revised Action Status Menus for command review, designated weapon control and shield activation (if no Tactical Officer present). Helm is also responsible for manual flight operations including: monitoring relativistic effects at impulse speeds as well as inertial dampening status. During Alert status, flight rules permit Helm to specify manoevres that are potentially dangerous to the ship or crew.

Ensign Magnus McAllister is the helmsman for the Albion. This is the first assignment for the young Scotsman following his graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2309. Magnus is a keen Fell runner and rock climber. In his native city of Inverness he never has to travel far to find the mountains and glens in which he has honed his physical condition. At the prime of his life, yet still naive; McAllister has been involved in a small number of bar fights and transgressions involving inappropriate behaviours. This has resulted in Magnus being stood before the Captain’s table for disciplinary action. Currently, Magnus is on his ‘second strike’ with the Captain. Ward is deeply unimpressed with the behaviours demonstrated by the helmsman, which is doubly frustrating given his obvious skills at the helm. Captain Ward has charged Lieutenant Commander Sontak with the role of role-model for the Scotsman. Ward has made it plain: at this stage in the mission Magnus needs to decide whether he is cut out for the uniform, or whether other pursuits would suit him better at this stage in his life.

Captain's chairConn: The captain's chair sits in the centre of the Bridge. From here Captain Stephen Ward can see most of the Bridge station displays. The controls on the arms of the chair allow the captain access to communication channels, Ship's Address System and access to the ship's library {LCARS} and main systems computer. The control can also change the ship's status to Yellow or Red Alert. New upgrades in Albion allow Captain Ward to override the basic operation of the ship, duplicating Helm and Navigation controls and operated by keyboard or vocal command.

Stephen Ward, a pencil-thin English commanding officer from the Megacity of London (think Adrien Brody with a mid-Atlantic accent). Ward comes from the Kings Cross area of the capital of England and he has a no-nonsense approach to command. A veteran of two commands, Ward has captained the Vanguard and the Kreiger before being assigned to the Albion. A star pupil at the Academy, graduating in 2294 Ward was assigned to the Gihlan, soon rising up the ranks to Operations Officer on the Excelsior class Roosevelt during the Interstellar Concordium invasion. Ward’s organisation and attention-to-detail allowed him to shine during the Pacification War, facilitating his transfer to the Vanguard as Executive Officer in 2299.

Albion is the third Excelsior class starship that Captain Ward has served aboard. Ward runs his ship in a very proficient, direct manner; senior staff meetings are kept strictly on-topic and Ward has shown a dislike to irrelevancies. The current assignment, forward-deployed with the Ninth Fleet, has allowed the Albion to take charge on the ISC Armistice Line, studying the ‘subspace mirror’ and the current movements around the region of the Holy Order of the Kinshaya. Ward maintains a level of alertness along the DMZ, ready for whether the ISC decide to talk or to fight.

Science station on the identical USS Enterprise-BScience: This two-seat high-resolution information processing station is used to provide realtime scientific data in order to supplement Mission Ops in supporting command decision-making. All ship's sensors, both mission-specific and multi-functional, are accessible to the Science Officer. Science can also act as a command post for coordination of activities of various science laboratories and other departments, as well as for monitoring of secondary mission status. Science can reconfigure and recalibrate sensor systems at a moment's notice for specific command intelligence requirements.

The senior Science Officer aboard the Albion is Lieutenant Commander Sontak of Vulcan. As a Vulcan, Sontak has been a popular science officer, his logic and scientific methodology has been described as impeccable. Ensign Sontak graduated from the Academy in 2274, being assigned to the Hood for her first five year mission as a refit Constitution class vessel. Following a successful tour on the Hood, Sontak was reassigned to the science vessel Perus to study the botany on the planet Vesek II. Sontak returned to deep space missions on the Potemkin and Intrepid in the 2280s. By the end of that decade, Sontak was one of the team assigned to the Tabula Rasa region to examine and evaluate the planets that had just appeared. Sontak arrived in the sector on the USS Explorer and examined some of the early Taubat colonies discovered.

After the loss of the Explorer, Sontak was picked up by the Perseus and continued his scientific work on that ship until transfer to the more capable USS America. Following the return to Starbase 12, Sontak went through Ponn Farr and returned to Vulcan. After an extended period of absence, Sontak resumed his duties aboard the USS Yorktown. A five year mission later, Sontak transferred to Starbase 18 for scientific duties. Sontak resumed deep space exploration aboard the Constellation class USS Gihlan. After a successful tour and a period on Vulcan with his family, Sontak assumed his role on the Albion.

Tactical/Operations ConsoleTactical: Dedicated to starship internal security and defensive systems control. Tactical has an unobscured view of the Main Viewer due to its raised position. This allows the Tactical Officer to exchange information with the captain whilst able to see the information on the viewscreen.

Tactical operates in a tier-system: benign, low-level observation of basic crew safety, second tier security during diplomatic and cultural missions and third tier counter-terrorist operations. Security teams can be controlled from Tactical via voice or keyboard input. armoury inventories, security team personnel assignments and detailed directives are all controlled by Tactical.

Lieutenant Wuywiip, a Rigelian from Rigel V is the chief of security. Wuywiip graduated from the Academy in 2305 and has shown a natural aptitude to security. He says that the Spirits guide his hand in defending his captain and crew; the words of the Spirits calm him in the face of anger and comfort him in the face of fear. Previously Wuywiip served on the USS Kreiger and was requested for the Albion by Captain Ward.

G’raowr of Cait is the Security Operations Officer of the Albion. He breaks from general Caitian tradition in being interested in the martial arts, when questioned on the matter he dismisses the issue as “if Lyrans and Ferasans can fight, why can’t I?” graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2300, he was assigned to the S’Harien class Marathon as squad leader of one of their Security Operations teams. G’raowr found that his Caitian build with lithe speed gave him an edge over many others in the division. After a successful tour on the Marathon , he transferred to Youngblood class USS Wellington. There the Caitian excelled at shuttle assault missions and had classified encounters with the Romulans on the lead-up to Tomed. After Tomed, the Wellington was laid up for refit and Lieutenant commander G’raowr was looking for a new challenge. Captain Ward offered the Caitian the position of Chief Security Operations Officer and the potential to study the ISC. And maybe even see some action.

Red Alert!The very survival of Albion may rest in Tactical. In the performance of operations hazardous situations include: celestial bodies, artificial constructs and Threat vessels. A wide variety of defensive options are open to the Tactical Officer including: shields and deflector screens, phasers and photon torpedoes. Tactical coordinates with Helm, Navigation and Science in all situations involving external hazards. Other systems that may be commanded by Tactical include long- and short-range sensor arrays, sensor probes, message buoys and tractor beam devices.

Master Situation Display. Click on this image for larger version.
Master Situation: This is a large wall display behind the Tactical and Engineering stations, featuring a cutaway of Albion. This display shows the location of key systems and hardware, highlighting any elements that are currently experiencing any condition out of nominal. This display also incorporates controls to permit use of this station for troubleshooting.

Operations ConsoleOperations: This station presents the Operations Manager with a live feed of all activities onboard the ship. This allows the Ops Manager to schedule sensor and resource useage and resolve conflicts. The Operations Manager has the authority to prioritise one request over another in accordance with the standing mission parameters and Captain's orders. This station duplicates, in a simplified form, the Chief Engineer's primary status displays from Main Engineering. These displays include Structural Integrity and Inertial Dampening systems. This station can also operate tractor beam and transporter systems, as well as all the functions of Main Engineering and the Main Computer.

This station is normally manned by the Operations Manager or one of the junior Operations Officers. On occasions when he emerges from Main Engineering, the Chief Engineer - as played by Tim Russ - did in ST: Generations, although Propulsion Systems station is a more likely position. Perhaps Tim Russ' chief engineer was covering for the Operations manager due there on Tuesday? As with the Enterprise-A set, there was no station labelled as 'engineering' on the Bridge. Given this station duplicated the transporter functions and many of the functions we would see Lt. Commander Data perform on the Enterprise-D, this suggests that this station has a function like Ops.

Lieutenant Commander Orynnah is the female Deltan Operations Officer on the Albion. Born on Delta IV, Orynnah graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2299 and was assigned to the Biriala on a scientific expedition to Nibiru to observe the development of the natives there. Further scientific missions onboard the Hawking, the Ch’dorra and the Maori. Orynnah was now ready for new challenges and put herself forward to develop her career, the new role on the Albion is her first step towards this progression.

Communications as seen on the identical Enterprise-BCommunications: 2-seat station consisting of a class one capable subspace radio with 74 000 channel capacity receiver and sender of audio/visual transmissions. This system is equipped with a Sternbach/Okuda Language Translator, ultra high-power subspace interference filters, including coding and decoding capabilities. The system also possesses higher encryption levels for secure transmissions and a constant open channel to Starfleet Command. Communications is responsible for intraship communications, ship-to-ship communications and ship-to-ground communications, from messages from one person to another to Main Viewer communication and data transmission transmitting and receiving.

The Communications Officer is Teris Sef of Trillius Prime. Lieutenant Sef graduated from the Academy in 2304 and served initially at Starbase 15 ‘Pharos’. Sef specialised in the languages of the Interstellar Concordium and a comparative study between the Vulcan, Debrune and Romulan dialects. Lieutenant Sef transferred to the Albion and has been putting his ISC linguistic skills to good use.

NavigationNavigation: This station is responsible for the navigation of Albion at Impulse and Warp speeds. Navigation displays readings from navigation and tactical sensors, overlaying them on current positional and course projections. Navigation has the option of accessing data feeds from secondary navigation and science sensors, for verification of primary sensor data. Such cross-checks are performed at change-of-shift or activation of Alert status. Flight information input can be done in numerous ways: Destination planet, star system or sector, spacecraft intercept and reletive bearing, Absolute Bearing or Galactice coordinates.

Lieutenant Oomia of Delta is the navigation officer. Her first assignment before this was the Miranda class USS Archer, where she received a commendation for her quick thinking during a crisis situation. Oomia is a twin and misses her sister Olania dearly. She has found that Ensign McAllister has a crush on her and has done her best to be professional and stop the Ensign from being inappropriate towards her. She finds humans emotionally immature and in such matters is patient as one would be with a child. Oomis finds Captain Ward emotionally intense, matched only by Commander Sh’taryn. In Doctor Moy and Lieutenant Commander Sontak she finds commonality in emotion and understanding them.

Looking across Helm and Navigation towards Propulsion Systems on the identical USS Enterprise-BPropulsion Systems: 3-seat station that monitors the Reaction Control Thrusters, Impulse and Warp Drive systems, deuterium and antimatter fuel usage and reserves involved in making Albion move. In full enable mode this console can actively override and control all propulsion systems.

Nonus Berilin is the Bolian chief engineer, graduating from the Academy in 2292 and having served aboard a myriad of vessels including the Valiant, Moshi, Blake, Stark and Discovery. Nonus has a reputation for being a chatterbox and can talk about the systems and mechanics of any starship class in detail for as long as necessary. He is enthusiastic to a fault and will often do long shifts to make sure the ship is up to his specifications. It is this attention to detail and enthusiasm that brought him to the attention of Captain Ward, who personally requested the Bolian for his ship. The Captain and chief Engineer have a good working relationship, although Ward does occasionally have to curtail the linguistic enthusiasm of Nonus.

Auxiliary SystemsAuxiliary Systems: 2-seat station that provides graphic displays of all command systems, indicating the operational condition of each, schedules of maintainance and/or replacement. It automatically transfers function to auxiliary back-up units in case of general or selective system failure.

Many of the ship's systems are automatic [see notes on Ship's Computer] and run independantly of external operation. Albion's bridge stations usually deal with immediate operations concerning the ship. The remainding, more mundane and repetative functions are controlled by the Main Computer. Should the Bridge crew wish to perform or override any ships function, they may do so with very few vocal or keyboard inputs.

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General bridge shot from the commissioning of the identical Enterprise-B, stardate 9715.5

The communications station on the identical Enterprise-B displays the clarity of modern bridge stations

Diagram of the Main Bridge:
Main Bridge

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Two generations of Enterprise  captains demonstrate the awe and power of the centre seat

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