Records current for stardate 12400/Terran year 2312. [Records in alphabetical order]

Click here for Crisann Celdran's website icanserve.netAmihan Ahkiong

  • Rank: Ensign.
  • Service Number: ME 717-7231d
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Junior Medical Officer.
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: March 16th 2297, Taytay, Palawan, Philippines, Earth.
  • Race: Human female.
  • Marital Status: Single.


  • 2322 Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2322 - U.S.S. Sheffield, Miranda class.

    Mahmoud Al-Salah.

  • Rank: Chief Petty Officer
  • Service Number: TA 115-9704c
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Departmental Co-ordinator (Security).
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: December 23rd 2290, Medina, Arabia, Earth.
  • Race: Human male.
  • Marital Status: Single.

    Mahmoud is the right-hand man of Lieutenant Hirst. Al-Salah has served on a dozen starships and has made his rank at a young age. Al-Salah is a devout muslim, fitting in his duties alongside his faith.

    Doctor Jobin A'Ochak.

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Service Number: ME 532-4498w
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, U.S.S. Sheffield
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer
  • Security Clearance: Level 7
  • Born: January 31st 2273, Grazerite Homeworld.
  • Race: Grazerite Male
  • Marital Status: Married


  • 2300 Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2301 - 05 U.S.S. Achilles, Saladin class.
  • 2305 - 09 U.S.S. Jason, Akula class.
  • 2310 - 16 U.S.S. T'yana, medical ship.
  • 2316 - 22 U.S.S. Starfleet Medical.
  • 2322 - U.S.S. Sheffield, Miranda class.

    Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Sheffield. A member of the Grazerite race. A'Ochak has extensive experience in Xenomedical procedures and is one of Starfleet's finest medical officers. A'Ochak started on the U.S.S. Achilles, NCC 983, Saladin class. He looks back on the famous four-year mission that followed, citing he 'was very young at the time'. More then once, A'Ochak's skills were needed to not only patch up members of the crew, but to save the day too. A'Ochak then gained valuble experience during the 2290s with the heightend cold war between the Klingons and the Federation. A'Ochak is one of the leading Federation physicians for Klingon anatomy. Had A'Ochak been aboard Kronos One in 2293, Gorkon may yet have survived.

    A'Ochak is impartial to politics and whether the individual is a Federation citizen or not. As far as A'Ochak is concerned, a patient is a patient - and all patients require 100% in order that the heal quickly and completely. A'Ochak transferred to the Sheffield from the U.S.S. Albion. A'Ochak had returned to active duty aboard the U.S.S. Jason (Saladin class) in 2296. He has spent the subsequent years acclimatising to his new larger sickbay, and the much larger responsibilities that come with them.

    With the acquired samples of the Flower of Nirophia, A'Ochak was able to isolate the enzyme that was needed for the synthesis of a cure for the plague in the Rigel colonies. A'Ochak has shown himself to be a valuable member of the crew. A'Ochak objected to the Sheffield's additional duty to gather intelligence on the Klingons, whilst supplying them with aid. A'Ochak is a Starfleet Officer and will stay loyal to his ship and crew, no matter his personal feelings.

    Azetbur, daughter of Gorkon

  • House: ToQ.
  • Position: Chancellor of the High Council [2293 - 2311].
  • Born: September 2nd, 2250,
  • Race: Klingon female.
  • Marital Status: Widowed.


    Azetbur was born as daughter to General Gorkon.


    Azetbur accompanied her father, Chancellor Gorkon, on the flagship of the Klingon Empire: K'T'inga class battlecruiser callsign Kronos One. After communication with Captain Spock of Starfleet, her father had reassured Azetbur that this was a Vulcan worth talking to in the face of the destruction of their homeworld. Gorkon knew the danger of trusting a nation with whom they had distrusted for 142 years, and had been enemies for seventy of those. As a Klingon, Gorkon did not fear the Federation, he only feared the fall of the legacy of Kahless.

    Azetbur, the dutiful daughter, stayed by her father's side. Now aged 43, Azetbur was ready to take her place on the High Council as the heir to the House of ToQ, should anything happen to her father. Azetbur had been there when her father had negotiated with new races to join the Klingon Empire; the display of shock and awe with the batlefleet and their warriors had been a sight so impressive as to stir the blood of even a dead Klingon: it was the stuff of song and legend! If this was to risk being the end of the opera for her father, then let it end in the majestic way that was fit to top all of his achievements so far.

    Kronos One met with the Enterprise-A, flagship of their Federation enemies. Their ship was not as powerful as the larger Excelsior class starship that they had built and Azetbur felt the human-run Federation was disrespecting the Chancellor in not bringing their most powerful warship. Gorkon had not brought the L-24 class Komo Val as he had bot a sense of tradition with the K'T'inga class and also this would match Captain Spock's vessel. This was a meeting to discuss terms, not to declare war. Azetbur realised perhaps that was why Starfleet had sent a smaller, older warship.

    The human Captain Kirk had set up a dinner onboard the Enterprise; this was the Federation way of doing things: to talk. The food was cooked and did not move like proper Klingon food did. This was expected, but still unpleasant. The humans seemed to lead the conversation, even though it was the Vulcan, Spock, who had arranged everything with her father. This was truly the Homo sapiens-only club her fther had spoken of, and Azetbur told them this. This was not a meeting of equals, this was a display of the softness of the Federation. If it was not for the technology that the Federation had, and the seriousness of the Praxis explosion, these negotiations would never have happened. Once she was back aboard Kronos One, Azetbur spoke to her father of her observations. He understood her reservations, but reminded her they needed the Federation. Hours later, Kronos One was fired upon and its gravity system was knocked out. Whilst Azetbur floated in her quarters, she heard shooting outside. By the time gravity was restored and she got to her father, he had been murdered by humans from the Enterprise. Her father's Chief of Staff, General Chang, arrested Kirk and Doctor McCoy for the crime.

    Succession was the next matter on her mind. Azetbur knew that there were those opposed to the meeting with the Federation and that the assassination of her father was an act of war. Gorkon had taught his daughter well, and she knew she would have to fight one of the male members of the High Council: probably a military flag officer. In the event, Azetbur was able to defeat the larger, stronger warrior with her faster, more agile moves with the d'k'tahg. After finishing with the General, Azetbur declared to the assembled High Council that the talks with the Federation would continue in her father's name to honour him. Azetbur had been surprised that more capable warriors like Chang had not challenged for the Chancellory; she dismissed it as loyalty to her father.

    Azetbur arranged to meet the Federation President on the border world of Khitomer. Standing orders were left with the Imperial Klingon Defence Force that in the event of her assassination, war would be declared on the Federation. In the event, it was the Federation President that was targetted by a human Colonel, disguised as a Klingon to derail the talks. Chancellor Azetbur and Federation President Ra-Ghoratreii agreed to complete the Khitomer Accords to honour her late father. Ra-Ghoratreii noted that the first duty of a Klingon Chancellor was to declare war: this would show the Chancellor who were their allies and who were their enemies. Let them declare war on thoe that would derail the talks between these two nations. Azetbur had a reassurance from the Federation President that the Federation would not look to expand into any former Klingon territories that broke away from the Klingon Empire, nor would they entice colonies of the Empire to break away in the first place. Azetbur was impressed by the honourable speech by the President.

    The first impression of the Federation and its President was soon rocked. As had been predicted by Imperial Intelligence, some of the least loyal, fringe colonies of the Empire were now threatening to leave. The military forces of the Empire were pushed to the limit protecting the border and keeping the renegades in line. Where the colonies had declared independence or open insurrection, Azetbur sent a fleet of warships to subdue the rebels and kill the leaders. What Azetbur was not prepared for was Terajuni. The ink on the Khitomer Accords was barely dried when reports came in of a Federation warship, Valiant, that had been drawn into Terajuni space and recognised the declaration of independence of the Terajuni people and their historic oppression. Valiant was supported by the Federation flagship battleship Excelsior which made Azetbur concerned at this move. The Chancellor demanded communications with the Federation President for an explanation. The Head of Imperial Intelligence, Kest, had briefed Azetbur that the Federation President was most likely unaware of what the Federation Captain had said and done. The Federation allowed their Captains great leeway when it came to warship operations - something the High Council had more control over.

    When the Federation President did not rescind what the Valiant Captain had said, Azetbur reminded the President that he had promised not to expand into Klingon territory and that she could not guarantee the safety of the two Federation warships in their territory. Azetbur knew that with the conflicts on the Romulan, Mirak and Hydran fronts, she could not afford to declare war on the Federation. The stretched warship numbers and loss of a large number of Klingon repair facilities over Qo'noS had left the fighting forces of the Klingon Empire dangerously depleted. Their enemies knew this, and this was why the battles on all fronts had intensified since she took over as Chancellor. Azetbur contacted the leaders of the Houses nearest the Terajuni system and allowed them to defend the system from the Federation but not to cross into Federation space. Reports came back later of the loss of Internal Security warships along the border from the Valiant and Excelsior using the asteroid field along the border to sneak into Klingon space. An Imperial Intelligence agent had been used from the Federation Key Stone Starbase 22 to sabotage the Excelsior. This had gained the time for the Klingons to kill the two traitors at the Astkel 6 station.

    Azetbur was pressed hard by the High Council to declare war on the Federation. The Klingon Empire may need the help of the Federation, but this did not allow them to be dishonourable, go back on their word and invade Klingon space. targetted Terajun for a Scorched Earth policy using tri-ox bombs. The High Council was divided over this extreme measure; one side arguing that the Khitomer Accords had sold Klingon values cheaply, that Boreth might be next, the other side stated the Federation would not stand idly by as they torched the planet and its population. The compromise was to demand an audience with the Federation at Khitomer, to discuss keeping Terajun in the Empire. House Amar, defenders of the border nearest the Federation, took it upon themselves to drop tri-ox bobs on Terajun. Azetbur ordered the Imperial Klingon Defence Force to stop House Amar. Lacking the ships in the region, Azetbur opted to use the back-channels at Nimbus III to ask Starfleet to intervene until the Klingon forces could arrive.

    Azetbur was caught in the grip of Fek'lhr: trying to save her father's Empire by appeasing the Federation for now and to be the leader of the High Council. It took all of the political training that Azetbur had from her father to keep the High Council onboard - not before a headstrong challenger had to be cut down by Azetbur. The Federation President had given a full speech supporting the Valiant Captain's declaration. Azetbur responded: Azetbur responded: "This is a time for precedents to be set. Where Terajun leads, others will follow. They must not be allowed to become any part of your Federation, less the Empire descend into mass uprisings and a flood of refugees plague your border worlds. We will let them have their freedom - for now. But they are a Klingon world, and a Klingon world they will remain. Those who sought to perpetrate a crime of galactic proportions, leaving a stain that could never be expunged from our honour, have been arrested and will be dealt with by Klingon law. Those who participated have already been executed. The Klingon Empire will never be a party to genocide. Nal khomerex, khesterex. We will grow - but in the way Kahless himself intended: facing our foes and defeating them in honourable combat. Whomever is the stronger, smarter, better shall prevail. And if there are those who seek to regain what their forebearers lost to us by challenging us anew, well... we look forward to the next battle."

    As it turned out, the Terajuni worked into Azetbur's hands. Azetbur had managed to get a handful of warships to try and regain the Terajun system. Just as the warships arrived, the Terajuni turned on the Federation warships: capturing the Excelsior and causing the Valiant to fight alone. The resourceful warship captains managed to defeat the warships and the Terajuni hijackers. With the Federation President himself one of the former hostages, the Federation warships withdrew. This was the political opening that allowed Azetbur a moment of satisfaction that the Federation's taste of imperialism and deception had ended in bitter embarrassment. For now, Azetbur was able to reduce tensions in the High Council and maintain a nominal amount of warships in the region. Terajun could wait for later. The Romulan and Mirak borders needed more warships and there was a new threat on the horizon.

    Two diplomats arrived on Qo'noS. They had not arrived from the Alpha Quadrant direction but from deeper in the Beta Quadrant. Azetbur decided to hear out the diplomats in case they left an option that would repair the Homeworld and be more in line with Klingon culture. The aliens identified themseles as being from the Interstellar Concordium. They explained that the Klingon Empire had shown itself to be a race of barbarians and that they would be pacified unless they surrendered immediately. Azetbur responded by killing the diplomat who demanded their surrender and telling the other to go back to his Concordium to tell them the Klingon Empire did not yield to anyone. The other diplomat reiterated that the Klingon Chancellor had demonstrated their animalistic tendencies. Azetbur silenced him for saying this, then ordered the forces on the driftward borders to prepare for war with this Concordium. The Hydran border had gone quiet and the examination of the ISC shuttle showed their technology to be a match for the Klingons.

    Azetbur demanded information on the Interstellar Concordium. Houses were ordered to send scouts to investigate. Between the Klingons and the ISC lay the Hydran Kingdom, but cloaked scouts could hope to sneak past sensor platforms. The Chancellor knew that the Khitomer Accords meant she could call on the Federation, but they did not need to know about this. The Lyran King knew about it already. It seemed that the ISC had sent representatives to all of the nations of the Beta Quadrant. The Lyrans had disposed of the ambassadors in a similar way to the Klingons, only with claws not knives. The minerals from the Far Stars Duchy that the Klingons were mining would be used for the L-24 battleships. The Romulan border was a series of skirmishes, but the ISC had declared that they wanted to do nothing less than pacify the Empire. The High Council were still meeting in temporary buildings and the rebuilding of Qo'noS was taking every resource the Empire had. Many of the construction facilities and defensive forces had been destroyed; if the ISC were coming, the Homeworld needed to be defended. As a temporary measure, Pih class science vessels were posted in the Qo'noS system to act as early warning against ISC warships. K'T'inga, Riskadh and pumwI' class warships were assigned as protection detail, cloaking randomly to keep enemies guessing fleet size in the system.


  • Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
  • Service Number: TP 148-4551p
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Psychology of Play Specialist.
  • Security Clearance: Level 3.
  • Born: June 4th, 2287,
  • Race: Tiburonese male.
  • Marital Status: Single.


    Beorin specialises in the psychology of play. Beorin, like all Tiburonese, is an easy-going, hedonistic person. He enjoys playing games of allsorts and finds nothing more pleasurable than discovering a new game to play. Beorin comes from an extended family with many siblings.


    Beorin graduated as a crewman in the Class of 2307. His first assignment was to starbase 26, acting as social sciences technician. Beorin's natural expertise in the psychology of play soon saw him promoted from crewman to Petty Officer [2nd class]. Beorin stayed aboard starbase 26 for the early part of his career, building up his reputation and his amount of psychology papers published.

    In 2322 Beorin was approached by an old friend from his Academy days - Nathaniel Hawkins - and asked to work with Hawkins on the U.S.S. Sheffield. Now Beorin is a Petty Officer [1st class] and is the Sheffield's resident expert on the psychology of play.

    Temir Birehn.

  • Rank: Lieutenant [junior grade]
  • Service Number: NB 267-8194u
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Chief Helms Officer.
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: August 1st 2282, Trillius Prime.
  • Race: Unjoined Trill male.
  • Marital Status: Single.


    Born in the city from which the starship took her name, he is an only child. Birehn became interested in space while still a boy and soon dreamed of becoming a pilot in the Starfleet. Unlike a lot of young people of his generation Temir spent much of his sparetime with his head in old books or learning from computer screens. Although this did indeed help him in his goal, it also led in part to his becoming somewhat of a loner in life.

    From the time which he became involved in the Cetacean Ship System program, Birehn has found an interest in the dolphin helmsmen. Doctor Helen Marshal has managed to coax Birehn into being more sociable in later months.


    Graduated in the Class of 2304, Ensign Birehn was initially assigned to the U.S.S. Diamond. Temir became involved with Advanced Starship Design Bureau and the Cetacean Ship System program. As an adept helmsman, Birehn worked with various marine lifeforms including killer whales, pilot whales, porpoises and dolphins. The first trial use was on Oberth class U.S.S. Orca.

    By 2321, the project had been scaled up to trial the equipment on cruiser sized starships. U.S.S. Sheffield was amongst those ships selected for the trials. To aid in the program, Temir volunteered for the medical procedure to be fitted with artificial gills, to allow interaction with the dolphins in their natural environment. This allows Birehn to directly work on the interactive equipment that the dolphins use to link into the helm and navigation system.

    The gill system is monitored in turn by Doctor Helen Marshall, and the navigation system interface is monitored and adjusted externally by Lieutenant Grul.

    Tissiah Sh'Chyllar.

  • Rank: Lieutenant [junior grade]
  • Service Number: CQ 467-0563h
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, U.S.S. Sheffield
  • Position: Chief Communications Officer
  • Security Clearance: Level 6
  • Born: August 1st 2280, xxxx colony.
  • Race: Andorian Female Shen.
  • Marital Status: Single

    Tissiah Chyllar is an expert in linguistics and encryption/decryption. Tissiah Chyllar is a free and single young woman who does what she wants for fun. Lieutenant Chyllar is a strong woman with a career in mind. Little is known of Tissiah's family, she keeps her private life very much to herself. Through conversation she has mentioned her parents and a sister, although more than that is unknown.

    Tissiah was born in the xxxx colony. Most of her childhood is a mystery, but she did go to the non-Federation world of Adigeon Prime. Once there, Tissiah was fitted with a dataport at the base of her skull, hidden under her hair. This port allows Tissiah to remote link with any compatible computer from a short distance away. Chyllar is far faster at interacting with computers as a result. Tissiah merely has to think to interact with a computer once her remote modem part of her dataport links. Why Tissiah was fitted with a dataport, or who paid for the enhancement is not known. All that is known is that this did not effect her application to Starfleet.

    A side-effect to the dataport implant are frequent headaches. Painkillers can dull this to a degree, but this can impair the effectiveness of the dataport. Some of Tissiah's naturally stand-offish impatient nature is down to these frequent migraines.


    Tissiah Chyllar graduated in 2302 and was assigned to U.S.S. Noam Chomsky, Oberth class, as communications officer. After a successful three years tour of duty on the ship, examining transmissions from distant civilisations in the Beta Quadrant, Lieutenant [J.G.] Chyllar was reassigned to U.S.S. Constellation, NCC 1974, Constellation class, as chief communications officer.

    Lieutenant Chyllar's determination was interpreted by some as arrogance and even by some as disliking. Truth be told, Lieutenant Chyllar is an efficient officer and a perfectionist. She can be frustrated by inefficiency and doesn't suffer fools gladly, although she tolerates them better now. When Captain Hawkins was compiling his crew for the U.S.S. Sheffield, Lieutenant Chyllar's name appeared on the list as amongst Starfleet's finest linguists and communications experts. Captain Ilani ensured through perpetual requests that Tissiah Chyllar was to be her chief communications officer.

    Another of the important officers on the U.S.S. Sheffield, Tissiah Chyllar is the chief means of gathering elint [electronic intelligence] from other sources. With the mission into Klingon space, Tissiah's duty will be to listen in on any 'stray' transmissions that should happen to cross the Sheffield's path during the mission.

    Mustafa Tuluhan Gazi

  • Rank: Crewman [1st Class].
  • Service Number: SW 556-4141d
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Captain's Steward.
  • Security Clearance: Level 1.
  • Born: September 11th 2284, Altinkum, Turkey, Earth.
  • Race: Human male.
  • Marital Status: Single.


  • 2318 Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2318 - 20 U.S.S. Iskenderun, Constellation class.
  • 2320 - 22 U.S.S. Qabbani, Oberth class.
  • 2322 - U.S.S. Sheffield, Miranda class.

    Author's notes:

    The Captain's steward is entrusted with the duties as follows: he ensures the captain is roused at 07:00hrs, before which he has prepared a cup of tea in appropriate U.S.S. Sheffield cup and saucer- similar design to the one seen on the Excelsior. Once the Captain has started ablutions the steward prepares breakfast and laying the table in the day cabin section. The steward serves all meals to the Captain andwill announce when formal meals with the captain are ready to be served ,although the Chef would prepare all he CO's functions.

    The Captain's steward is responsible for the Captain's Mess and is responsible for his quarters and all entertainment of any functions. He is responsible for the laundering of all of the Captain's uniforms and the shining of all sets of boots.He also liaises ahead of the ship for any cocktail parties or events the Captain may be hosting with presidents or other visiting dignitaries, gaining info on dietary need etc. Cocktail parties usually run for 90 mins from 18:30hrs to 20:00hrs, upon which te captain's steward supervises the cleaning up operation.

    In short, the captain's steward is responsible for all laundering, cabin cleaning and meal serving for the captain.

    Ieuan Griffiths.

  • Rank: Lieutenant [j.g.]
  • Service Number: LL 210-0013i
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, U.S.S. Sheffield.
  • Position: Chief Geological Officer
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: March 17th 2291, Rhyl, Wales, Earth.
  • Race: Human Male
  • Marital Status: Single

    Ieuan [pronounced Yeh-yan] was born in Rhyl, North Wales, in 2291. He now lives in Ynysboeth, Glamorgan, when he is back on Earth. Ieuan is a geological officer and has an interest in fossils and minerals. Lt. Griffiths also collects old coins and currency, one of his prized collection being an authentic pre-1980s english one pound note. Ieuan has sporting interests in rugby and plays the game whenever he gets the chance. Lt. Griffiths has just been promoted after a successful mission aboard the U.S.S. Devonshire. Lt. Griffiths is now the Chief Geological Officer onboard the U.S.S. Sheffield.

    Gashlar Grul.

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service Number: NV 331-8181k
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Navigator.
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: May 17th 2284, Tellar.
  • Race: Tellarite male.
  • Marital Status: Single.


    Lieutenant Grul comes from Tellar. Grul was a champion 400 metre runner at Starfleet Academy. Gashlar is a dedicated student and likes a challenge; he is never happy without a problem to solve. Grul comes from a family that knows about persecution and space travel.


    One of the finest ship's navigators in the fleet today. Gashlar graduated from the class of 2306, having been the navigator of the famed Nova Squadron display team there, working with the Norweigian squadron commander Cadet Kyrre.

    Ensign Grul first served aboard the Excelsior class U.S.S. Roosevelt as her navigator for three years, before transferring to Constellation class U.S.S. Montrose. Grul quickly earned himself promotion and proved that he knew his way around the spaceways and also could get the ship out of trouble fast if the situation demanded it. With his knowledge of the layout of Klingon space, Grul was the obvious choice for reassignment to the U.S.S. Sheffield in 2322.

    Whilst onboard the Sheffield, Grul became aware of the Cetacean Starship System program. Grul saw the advantages of the system being used in the Sheffield and approached Hawkins about the program. Grul studied how the system would interact with the helm/navigations systems of the Miranda class starship and liaised with the Cetacean Institute on Earth to design the facilities that would be needed. By the time of the Sheffield refit in early 2322, Grul's plans were ready to be actioned by Copernicus fleet yards, Luna.

    Captain Hawkins on the bridge of U.S.S. Sheffield.Nathaniel Gallas Hawkins.

  • Rank: Captain
  • Service Number: TQ 793-4902a
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Commanding Officer [2312 - ].
  • Security Clearance: Level 5.
  • Born: December 28th 2271, Starbase 15 'Pharos'.
  • Race: Human Male
  • Marital Status: Single


    Grandfather - Former Captain Joseph 'Big Joe' Hawkins Born 2219. Spent career in Starfleet Security Operations as a red shirt, working his way up to command of a destroyer in 2250s. Died 2310.

    Father – Captain Richard Hawkins Born 13.3.39, Colchester, England, Earth. Spent a career in Starfleet in the engineJirrasg division. Almost retired after the Excelsior transwarp project was abandoned in 2290, but returned to work on U.S.S. Hood.

    Mother – Dr Elizabeth Helen Hawkins [nee Turner] Born 24.7.43, Chelmsford, England, Earth. Retired medic, formerly Lieutenant with Starfleet [2264 - 2283].

    Sister – Lt. Commander Helen Irene Buckingham [nee Hawkins] Born 19.8.66, Chelmsford, England, Earth. Flag officer aide to Commodore Maxwell Buckingham at Starbase 77. Former Executive Officer aboard the new Renaissance class USS Shakespeare.

    Brother – Captain Andrew Richard Hawkins Born 19.11.67, Chelmsford, England, Earth. Currently Commanding Officer aboard the Miranda class USS Chen Te.

    Sister – Dr Mary Louise Tovey [nee Hawkins] Born 3.7.69, Chelmsford, England, Earth. Followed in the footsteps of her mothers' early career, joining Starfleet Medical. Now a junior doctor aboard Oberth class USS Galileo, operating out of Starbase 12 in the Maelstrom region.



  • 2289 - Enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2290 - Hirayama Incident
  • 2290 - Second year at Academy.
  • 2292 - U.S.S. Monarch, Soyuz class - Cadet.
  • 2293 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2294 - U.S.S. Daniel Goleman, Oberth class - Science officer (social sciences) - Ensign.
  • 2294 - U.S.S. Christopher Brewin, Magee class - Science officer (social sciences) - Ensign.
  • 2295 - U.S.S. Alistair Hull, Oberth class - Science officer (social sciences) - Ensign.
  • 2295 - Station Psi 4 - Science officer (social sciences)- Ensign.
  • 2297 - U.S.S. Montrose, Constellation class - Junior science officer (social sciences) - Lieutenant (junior grade).
  • 2305 - U.S.S. George Kelly, Oberth class - Junior science officer (social sciences) - Lieutenant.
  • 2307 - U.S.S. Alan Baddeley, Magee class - Junior science officer (social sciences)- Lieutenant.
  • 2309 - U.S.S. Endurance, Endurance class - Social Sciences Officer- Lieutenant.
  • 2314 - Science Station y 3 - Social Sciences Officer - Lieutenant Commander.
  • 2318 - U.S.S. Roebuck, Constellation class, NCC 11130 - Executive Officer and Social Sciences Officer - Commander.
  • 2322 - U.S.S. Sheffield, Miranda class - Commanding Officer - Captain.


    Pre-Academy years:

    One of the many colonies in which Hawkins grew up.Terran born in Sheffield on Earth on stardate 7142.5. A 'Starfleet Brat' from his family tied to the uniform, Nathaniel Hawkins spent his formative years on Cestus III - a joint Federation-Gorn colony, with his mother, grandfather and siblings. His parents thought that the assignment to Cestus III would be good both for demystifying and learning about the Gorn - and REAL LIFE - as well as being a good experience for a future as Starfleet Officers. Pike City was a green and virgin territory in the 2270s, rather reminiscent of Western Canada or Alaska with mountains and pine forests leading up to the main township and harbour. In the mountains Hawkins learned rock climbing and snow boarding, in the bay he learned sailing and swimming and in the forests he enjoyed camping and survival lessons from his grandfather (his father being away on the Hood). The terms of the Treaty with the Gorn meant he learned them and about Gorn cultural aspects form the Exchange School built in Pike City. Federation colonists were also taught which mountain ranges the Gorn were over and not to antagonise them.

    Author notes:

    I steal from my life experiences and places I've been. Hawkins' life on Cestus III came from the idea of going to the exchange school but wondering what it'd be like to grow up on this famous joint colony. I thought of where my favourite uncle and cousin lived in McBride, British Columbia, Canada; the perfect analogy for Cestus III, from 2275 when Hawkins moves out there until 2289, this is home as a large cabin with 5 bedrooms - parents plus siblings - and a granny flat for his grandfather. Shades of TV's Blue Bloods. This was ideal - a reason to explore Gorn and also earn the skills in climbing and sailing etc. that Hawkins later has. This is like living in Cold War Berlin - both in he centre of the action but also the eye of the hurricane. Only transports can go there - no armed starships. Also a good reason Hawkins has a career with transports - he's used to them. To have his family want to live with Gorn to understand them and not fear them is a very Star Trek thing to do. Visionary.

    Much of Nathaniel's early experience of Starfleet came from his grandfather's tales as a former Security Operations officer and destroyer captain in the 2250s and 2260s. With his mother a Starfleet doctor, Hawkins spent time around starbase facilities, especially across the distant driftward end of the Federation. This time spent moving every few years meant that Hawkins was exposed to many alien languages and cultures still not found on Earth. The unique perspective of seeing the Federation from the outer colonies and starbases gave Hawkins perspective on Earth and the central worlds and colonies and how they garner the limelight andmake the laws, whilst the outer colonies had the risks of invasion, piracy and had to tame worlds that were still wild for the most part.

    Hawkins only saw his father on shore leave from the Hood, much of his male bonding was with his paternal grandfather, Joseph. Tales of his time as a 'red shirt' protecting the explorers of the then-frontier. Much of the Eastern Federation was explored by ships Joseph was on. Actions with the Klingons featured heavily with the War of 2257 amongst those Joseph was involved in. Hawkins was fascinated by the culmination of his Grandfather's career as plank-owner commanding officer of the new Saladin class U.S.S. Diana. His grandfather taught him self-defence and the important qualities of being a Starfleet officer. It also gave Hawkins perspective on life as a Starfleet officer, that family members were more often seen on viewscreens than in person and that life away from home for years was the norm.

    Hawkins' mother, a Starfleet medical doctor, gave the young Hawkins scientific curiousity and scientific thoroughness. From her experiences with alien races - and the variety of life on Cstus III, Hawkins learned numerous languages including Orion and Klingon. Hawkins learned the complicated, often one-sided relationship between the corporations of the Federation and the colonies. How the influence of the Federation Council fades over the distance and that the Mega-corporations- such as Weyland-Yutani, Bold Futura and the Tyrell and Graves Corporations- take advantage of this. To counter them, Starfleet was expanding its network of Starbases to bring the laws and influence of the Federation Council to the region. This was backed up by the frigates and cruisers of Starfleet that would be using the region as a staging post into unexplored space.

    One of the shake and bake colonies Hawkins grew up on.Hawkins' main bonding period with his Father was during the mid-Eighties when Commander Richard Hawkins was assigned to the Transwarp Development Team on Earth for working on the pioneering Excelsior Project. His father had dedicatd his life to his career, meaning he was often absent as Chief Engineering Officer of the Hood. Like his grandfather, Hawkins' father Richard had many tales about his Starfleet career. Whereas Joseph Hawkins had built his career up to Commander from Crewman, Richard Hawkins started as an Ensign. Hawkins felt the bar was being constantly raised from generation to generation and felt the pressure to follow in the family business.

    Hawkins was totally unsurprised as the media furore about the 'neglected' colony of Nimbus III in 2287. Outer colonies were discovered and then unless they had mineral resources, a strategic location or important facilities, they were generally left to their own devices after a few decades. A few 'showing of the flag' missions and port visits happened a year but then it was just Federation transports and corporate freighters that would be seen. Where Starfleet was based, transport tugs would bring more colonists and transfers from other assignments. What Hawkins lacked in actual static education, he made up with through the University of life and experiences. Friendships tended to be fleeting, short-term affairs due to a constantly changing location.

    Nathaniel gain experiences far beyond those of someone from Earth or one of the central colonies like the Rigel Colonies. He learned climbing from time on under-developed colonies with nearby hills and mountains, he excelled in cross-country running to while away the time on Federation worlds where fabricators and replicators were luxuries. Hawkins lived on water worlds mined for their rare minerals, frozen artic worlds with research stations and worlds with forests and jungles just starting to be tamed by bold terraformers along with 'shake and bake' colonies whose atmospheres were being forged by processors built by the corporations to allow the world to be fully exploited. Whilst Hawkins saw his peer group dabble in narcotics and sexual experimentation for their entertainment, he read books and explored the worlds that he lived on. Personal stories from the other colonies helped him to learn about life and would come back to aid him once he donned the Starfleet uniform; he gained a unique set of perspectives on the Federation and Beta Quadrant races, politics and nations. What others would see as a snippet on the Federation News Service- inbetween articles about Earth and the core worlds- and read about in books, Nathaniel would see and experience the full and unpolished life of what it meant to be a member of the Federation. Unlike living in London and talking about being British, this is more like living on St Helena or the Falkland Islands - Author.

    Hawkins' father being assigned to Earth for the Transwarp Development Program allowed Nathaniel to take his standard educational exams in Sheffield on Earth. This was a contrast to the rougher life that he had experienced. His lack of consistent education was shown by a need to resit these exams a second time the following year. Advanced exams followed in which he showed aptitudes in interpersonal communication and psychology; sporting aptitudes in track and field, martial arts, climbing and sailing. His time on Earth at this point exposed him to danger in the form of the Whaleprobe Crisis of 2286 but allowed him to escape the initial mayhem of the Tabula Rasa saga. It was on the back of these personal aptitudes, his experiences and knowledge that he applied for, and was accepted for, Starfleet Academy in late 2288.

    First application to the Academy: 2289 - 2290

    Hawkins has had a chequered educational career, entJirrasg Starfleet Academy in early 2289 with average - low score for entry. Starfleet Academy application received August 2288. Attended Academy 2289 - 2294 training in Behavioural Sciences. Physical training was a shock with grades suggesting he would not make it as an officer. A field training mission aboard the Constitution class U.S.S. Potemkin showed that Cadet Hawkins had potential, this allowed him to re-sit his first year, mainly onboard the Potemkin.

    Cadet 4th class Nathaniel Hawkins at the Environmental Systems station aboard the U.S.S. Potemkin.Cadet 4th class Nathaniel Hawkins transfered from training vessel USS Mars to USS Hirayama NCC 3874, Doppler class tug. The Hirayama was to take Hawkins to serve aboard the USS Potemkin. After taking aid supplies to Venturi Prime, the Hirayama headed to rendez vous in the Tabula Rasa sector. A sudden command came through from Starfleet Intelligence to retrieve one of their temporary facilities set up in the region. The Klingons had compromised the base and were about to move in on the facility. Without any time to change crew, the Hirayama, Potemkin, Saladin class USS Cochise and Miranda class USS Kerch. Upon arrival, the squadron discovered that the Klingons had already arrived in the system with D-7, K'teremny and bird of prey assets. The mission turned into a retrieval operation under hostile circumstances. During the successful manoevre, all of the Starfleet ships suffer damage. The Kerch and Potemkin are suffered severe damaged, having been concentrated uon as the prime threats. The Cochise escapes relatively unscathed and the Hirayama is successfully protected, for the most part. This display of Klingon aggression shapes the destiny of Nathaniel Hawkins; his performance in this Hirayama Incident allows him to resit his first year at the Academy, despite poor grades in the classroom. The new Deltan Executive Officer of the Potemkin, who succeeded the one killed in the incident, recommended he used his empathy and knowledge to change for social sciences.

    Second chances at the Academy: 2290 - 2294

    Hawkins returned all the more determined to complete the four-year course and follow in the footsteps of his Starfleet family. From his experiences on the Hirayama and Potemkin, along with advice from the Deltan first officer, Hawkins is inspired to study Behavioural Sciences. Following the rapidly changing Klingon political situation, Hawkins follows from Kesh to Klingon civil war and Gorkon. Having just adjusted to the new High Council, Praxis explodes, Gorkon is assassinated and everything changes again.

    Cadet Hawkins had much pressure against him. Getting back into Starfleet Academy had been tough. Places at the Academy are scarce compared to the number of applicants, as a resit he had to prove himself twice as much, show that he had the stamina to finish the course. There would be no third time.

    Hawkins had a piece of good fortune " into me. Well, actually me into it..". Cadet Hawkins, on his way to his first class, ran into a Starfleet lecturer spilling the lecturer's PADDs all over the floor, along with his own. This lecturer turned out to be the one about to take the class he was running to. His name is Commander Robert Carter. Carter became Hawkins' mentor over time, teaching him the skills he needed out in space. Hawkins was worked to the bone, but later understood and appreciated the reasons why. Cadet Hawkins had his first experiences of deep space aboard the U.S.S. Mars (NCC-525, Saladin class), under the legendary Captain "Achilles" Stirling. Hawkins had the finest role-model in being a Starfleet officer that he could ever wish for. Stirling was a legend of his time and was only too honest and open. "Achilles" Stirling was quite the captain to make his feelings known and not beat about the bush. Hawkins learned lessons hard and fast and never repeated the same mistake twice.

    Hawkins wasted no time in heading to the berth of the training sloop Inspiration, still in dress uniform from the introductory speeches. He was determined this time to do things right; the Inspiration was one of the first things that Hawkins wanted to do right from ther start. Hawkins had been building up his physical fitness from the year away from the Academy, getting himself ready for the arduous assault courses and long runs that the Academy loved to inflict on the trainees.

    The second year of the Academy saw Cadet Hawkins meeting new first year Cadet Judith Peers, seeing her practicing polo when Hawkins and his roommate Sean O'Reilly were returning from a cross-country run. Peers and Hawkins hit it off, the two of them becoming inseperable during the second year of the Academy. Peers and Hawkins worked in synergy; their scores at the Academy were high across the board. Peers wrked hard on her polo and fitness, with Hawkins helping with the psychology; Peers helped Hawkins with his fitness levels as well as helping him to mature as an individual. This was where Cadet Hawkins developed his appreciation for good food and good wine, as well as taking better attention to his personal presentation. This was where the officer-to-be was forged.

    Cadet Hawkins aboard the U.S.S. Montrose.Year three of the Academy saw Cadet [Second Class] Nathaniel Hawkins assigned to the Constellation class U.S.S. Montrose, NCC 6236, for experience. It is here that he first met Lieutenant, later Lieutenant Commander, Rangi Turoa. This field experience took Hawkins into Klingon space with the Qo'noS aid programme and also saw the Montrose overseeing the dismantling of the Klingon Neutral Zone and the effects it had on the region and peoples. The real choice for such a deep space mission was that Hawkins and Peers had separated. The best way for him to deal with the grief was to take the first deep space training mission he could find; it had only been a few months since Cadet Sean O'Reilly had been in a similar situation and the two of them had worked through that situation, Sean now returning the favour.

    Lieutenant (J.G.) N.G. Hawkins onboard the Starship Montrose [Image by Nick Cook]During his final year, Hawkins skippered the Academy J-class sloop Inspiration. Hawkins had first joined the Inspiration in 2290, when he was first a cadet. He wasted no time in rejoining the crew in 2291 when he went to the Inspiration still dressed in his dress uniform from the inauguration speech. With Hawkins at the helm, and with a first-rate crew, he managed to win the J-class race of 2297. Hawkins lived by the Commandant's first day comment that the good cadet should "Work hard, play hard - in that order". In retrospect, Cadet Hawkins maybe should have spent more time on his lectures and coursework than on his sailing. Nathaniel always wanted to graduate as Class Valedictorian, or perhaps settle for Salutatorian. In reality Hawkins graduated as just another graduate. He graduated 78th in a class of 115 cadets. It has often been wondered whether he was really happy for that. Cadet Hawkins wrote his final year thesis on Tholians: Spiders in the Web about their psychology, piecing together the logs from over a dozen starships and space stations. The recent explosion of Praxis had shown the Tholians had a 'sensitivity' to subspace disruption, adding to the earlier material from stardate 4428.

    Graduation and junior officer:

    Ensign Hawkins, 2297.Hawkins graduated in 2294, stardate 9997.5, and was commissioned as an Ensign [usual practice for the first year of being a commissioned officer] being first assigned to S.S. Argus [NAR 6135] as Klingon cultural expert and social scientist. Hawkins steadily developed his career, gaining promotion to Lieutenant [junior grade] in 2297 and assignment to U.S.S. Montrose [NCC 6236], working towards becoming department head which he achieved in 2301. Hawkins was reassigned in 2303 to Oberth class vessel U.S.S. Blazer - training him in command skills ready for his later career. The assignment was on the recognition of Captain An'il'taya.

    Hoshi Sato of Enterprise NX-01.Hawkins' skills in linguistics can be traced to one of his heroes being Hoshi Sato of the Enterprise NX-01. His skills were taught to him by Commander York, ex-of the starship Enterprise [NCC 1701] from her 5-year mission after her 2273 refit. His specialist languages are Klingon, Romulan and Vulcan. More unusual languages he has studied include Gorn, Deltan, Ferasan and Orion. There are many skills that Hawkins had picked up even by his graduation in 2294, amongst them are his natural skills with people that helped him to pass as a Starfleet officer, as well as specialising in Social and Behavioural Sciences. Hawkins also became an accomplished sailor, martial artist in various forms and climber [preferring solo free-climbing in the Derbyshire Peak District region in his native England] and snowboarding, which he practices in the Scottish Highlands in winter.

    U.S.S. Lich – Hawkins shadowy assignment to the Phantom class reconnaissance ship. Observing the Klingons from ‘very close’ to the border. Not sure where this will fit in his career yet.

    NCC 5548 Daniel Goleman – Klingon - Gorn

    Warm weather gear for planets with tropical and desert climates. Many worlds currently lacking sentient life but signs of former Gorn or proto-Gorn life.

    NCC 6073 Alistair Hull – Ch’ramaki

    Closer study after the drive for independence by the Terajuni and the nearby rebellious colony of Ch’ramak.

    NCC 18880 George Kelly – fitted with an outrigger sensor array similar to the Phantom class Opera, was the latest starship sent to the Tholian border

    NCC 18882 Alan Baddeley – Klingon borders with Romulan/Orion

    After the end of the Argus mission, wanting to build on his skills and knowledge in psychology was assigned to Station Psi 5. This facility specialises in psychology and psi abilities, in terms of biology and psychology, both in terms of science and medical. This dealt with Vulcans, Deltans, Betazoids, Aenar and Orions, as well as non-Federation species such as the relationship between Taubat and their Metar masters.

    Hawkins found it hard as a cadet to master the command of a group, but his training and experiences, especially with the sailing sloop Inspiration, soon made him mature into a good leader and resourceful problem-solver. Hawkins is also a loner, preferring a lot of his own company in solitude. He finds it difficult to be in company for long periods without a break and he values his privacy. For this reason, Hawkins likes the company of Vulcans as he finds their discrete nature to be calming. Hawkins underwent a period of stress during his assignment to U.S.S. Montrose. Increasingly, the stress began to take its toll on him. Doctor Helen Marshall noticed this and he was called to Sickbay by Doctor Marshall and given discreet counselling. He is given a regime of treatment and told he must relax or else he will be placed on reduced duties. Hawkins was allowed to continue, under the observation of Doctor Marshall.

    Science Station y 3:

    On a super-Earth sized (x15 Earth) Class H desert world near the Tholian border near the Taurus Reach, there is a subterranean science station that has been constructed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineering over a couple of decades. The station has been painstakingly built in the +2g environment around a naturally-occuring 'weakness' in space; due to the complexity of building the station around such an unknown phenomenon, this took from 2277 - 2294. This underground 'thinned' space was detected by a Hermes class scout in 2270. Several workers were lost to the unknown entity during construction, never to be seen again. The hostile gravity and atmosphere outside requires a specialist suit. The teams are both studying the phenomena in person as well as analysing why the Tholians are drawn to such phenomena. They are made up of mostly scientists and engineers along with medical division. Security presence includes the standard security division, supplemented by some Starfleet commandoes. There are about 120 personnel on the base with 27 of them social sciences,including linguistics, sociologists, biological psychologists and quantum psychologists liaising closely with biologists, exo-biologists and geologists. The Tholians are said to be aware of the manipulation of the phenomenon, but have made no matter of this and not been hostile towards the station to-date. This station is classified and the only visiting starships are transports, cargo ships and the occasional Oberth or Magee class science vessel. The station is commanded by a captain of science division.

    The science station studies some exotic and fringe sciences including Chaos Theory, Game Theory, Free Will, Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology, Quantum Psychology, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Singularity and Subspace Physics. The teams are there to examine the phenomenon in all aspects. This has ramifications on the Tholians, their culture and mindset; the Defiant Incident of 2268; the Vanguard Files of the 2260s; the 'mirror universe' files from both Discovery and the Enterprise as well as other potential multiverse factors. There are ethical issues of the manipulation of the multiverse and potentially disasterous effects on this universe. The crew are diverse, including one of the few Aenar in Starfleet - Vheriel. The primary mission is to understand the Tholians better and the nature of their space. Spatial anomalies, like the one here, are thought to reside in the core of Tholia, keeping it molten. There are temporal effects near these anomalies - time acts 'funny'. The Tholians are aware of the activity; this is a two-way portal. A self-destruct system with a photon torpedo is installed in the station. From opening the station, it took 15 - 20 years to access the anomaly in very careful stages. It's unknown whether the anomaly 'goes' anywhere. It's like rolling an impossible-sided die: not coming up with the same roll twice over thusands or millions of throws - if ever. The station has a small number of shuttlecraft of various types and sizes. Commander Nathaniel Hawkins is assigned to this station from 2314 - 2318.

    Author's Notes:

    This is like Epsilon Nine or Regula One in being a science station that would 'guest star' in a film or episode. Normally this is as a Macguffin for the plot or to be destroyed like Epsilon Nine or Amargosa Station - to demonstrate the power of the threat or situation. The location of the station is one that the script might suggest:

    "How close are the Tholians to this base"


    "How close?"

    "Close enough that requesting a starship to come here could start an incident..."

    Lieutenant Commander Hawkins as Operations Officer.Lieutenant Hawkins was reassigned after his successful mission on the George Kelly to U.S.S. Sheffield, NCC 1976 by order of Vice Admiral Kylie Hudson, as her Executive Officer. Hudson was Deputy Head of Starfleet Intelligence. There, he gained experience under the legendary eye of Captain Raekwon Okigbo. The social sciences nature of the mission, plus Hawkins' familiarity with the mission profile and equipment, made him the Commander Nathaniel Hawkins, Executive Officer of U.S.S. Sheffield.first choice for the job. Hawkins has taken a short while to get used to being the First Officer. He still does not wear command white undershirts as he is entitled to, he still prefers to think of himself as the social scientist who happens to be the First Officer. Lt. Commander Hawkins was now where history would always record him to be synonymous with - U.S.S. Sheffield.

    2322 saw Hawkins promoted to Captain and assume command of the Sheffield. Hawkins devised the mission, which Admiral Hudson approved. U.S.S. Sheffield was assigned to Sector 16447, where a detailed study on the minor powers of the Beta Quadrant, which were overshadowed by the dual Cold Wars with the Klingons and Romulans. The first part of the mission was about 'taking a base reading' on the status quo of the races of the Beta Quadrant. The mission went to Nimbus III, Planet of Galactic Peace, where Hawkins discovered that his theory that the minor powers had been busy was indeed looking likely, with some unexpected discoveries.

    Lieutenant Commander Samuel I Hunter. Captain of the Duncan.Samuel Iverson Hunter
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Service Number: JS 694-4985n
  • Assignment: NCC-1597, U.S.S. Duncan
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Security Clearance: Level 8
  • Born: March 4th 2271, New Paris Colony
  • Race: Human Male
  • Marital Status: Single

    The son of Federation diplomats, from a young age Sam Hunter was groomed for "greater things". Whether a statement of rebellion against his parents, or simply a reaction to incidents he may have witnessed during his youth, Hunter has little patience for the posturing of diplomacy. From a young age, his parents lectured him on the brash and irresponsible nature of Starfleet officers. It wasn't until he was 12, and accompanying his parents to a diplomatic conference on Makus XII that he had his first face to face contact with real Starfleet officers.

    Young Sam had been exploring the conference facility (ie, snooping in places he shouldn't have been) when he encountered Commanders Sulu and Uhura from the starship Enterprise. Despite his parents best efforts to convince him as to the evils of Starfleet, Sam had reached an age where he had begun to question the dogma of his youth, and he found himself asking many questions of the two Enterprise officers. Sam quickly became fascinated by the stories they had to tell, and after the conference he began to truly question his parents' words, and to learn about the universe through his own eyes. As the years passed, he realised that his destiny lay out among the stars, and he entered Starfleet Academy against the strong objections of his parents.

    A dedicated career man, Sam has risen through the ranks at an impressive pace, and is determined to take centre seat on one of Starfleet's Excelsior class starships before his fortieth birthday.

    Hunter is a strong supporter of maintaining humanitarian aid to the Klingon Empire, though he has made no secret of the fact that he also believes Starfleet would be foolish to trust the Klingons too easily. He is also believes in maintaining a strong defensive stance against the Romulan Empire, arguing that war with The Romulans is an inevitability that Starfleet must be prepared for, a belief he often quotes when arguing for continued relief to the Klingon Empire.

    Commander Hunter is best known for his defeat of the Terix, a 'rogue' Romulan vessel that attacked a merchant convoy in the Gamma Hydra system in 2301. Unfortunately, the vessel self destructed before her crew could be questioned, and the motives for attacking a peaceful, non-military convoy remains a mystery. A mystery that Hunter continues to ponder and investigate to this day.

    Author's Notes: Thankyou to my good friend and co-creator, Nick Cook, for fleshing out this tip-of-the-hat to Nick's U.S.S. Intrepid character.

    Commander Ilani, Stardate 11209.5.Ilani

  • Rank: Commander
  • Service Number: CA 998-9751j
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Executive Officer [2312 - ].
  • Security Clearance: Level 9.
  • Born: March 23rd 2271, Shel'gelem'h, Delta IV.
  • Race: Deltan female.
  • Marital Status: N/A [see below].


    Ilani is the X.O. of the Miranda class starship Sheffield. Ilani is a female Deltan and has had to put her vow of celibacy on record. Commander Ilani is an establised diplomat and has had to deal with Klingons on numerous occasions. This background in Klingon behaviour, coupled with a career in psychology and a natural psionic ability, made Commander Ilani the ideal choice for her assignment to the Beta Quadrant. Ilani was previously the Second and Science Officer aboard the U.S.S. Courageous [N.C.C. 1861].

    Commander Ilani aspires to be a commanding officer. The sacrifice of being away from their own people usually disuades deltans from staying in Starfleet long enough to make captain. Being a social scientist, and naturally curious about the less-advanced species of the universe, Ilani was driven to join Starfleet. Ilani is the poster-child captaincy-candidate for the new generation of Starfleet. Diplomacy is the key tool of the new captains of Starfleet and there are some that say the innate pacifist nature of deltans make them unsuitable for command positions such as captain, that they dare not use force for the pain it will cause them in return, however Ilani is politely dismissive of such accusations.

    Ilani is a hands-on officer, preferring to be in the thick of things. Ilani is still a social scientist at heart and can be found on deck three assisting at times. Ilani is also a competant swimmer and can be found doing lengths in the ship's pool during her down time. Ilani also likes to keep her finger on the pulse of social sciences, doing her own research and aiding others when not on her bridge duty. Ilani is also a musician, playing the deltan flute to relax along with her fellow deltans in their designated joined quarters.

    Ilani is busy studying command, seeking to use her knowledge and skills to get her to be a commanding officer. Hawkins wanted Ilani as his XO due to her experience with the current situation and her recommendations from the Courageous - however there are those who question having former social scientists in the top two positions on the Sheffield.

    Ilani has one sister and one brother. Her sister, Aenia, is a social scientist [something they both have in common]. her brother, Nesni, is an artist. Her mother, Eilia, is a teacher and her father, Rebta, is a politician. The family house overlooks the sea [okay the whole city does], and the family still all live together in the house, despite having partners and being adult.

    The Deltan race is much older than humans, with brains much more finely evolved in areas of art and mathematics. Ilani channels her finely tuned artistic abilities through her command and diplomacy skills, delivJirrasg a sure, flowing precision at these tasks. Delta IV entered the Federation in 2223. The Deltan Oath of Celibacy is a safeguard to protect less advanced species from Deltan sensuality. Deltans in Starfleet usually apply to their racial strengths, applying to be counsellors or medical personnel.

    Ilani's face is breathtakingly beautiful. Like all Deltans, she is completely hairless except for the eyes. Her smooth, slender bare head has the almost sensual quality of delicately contoured nudity, always hidden before in other women. It gives her a striking, almost 'Egyptian' look, particularly when wearing a Deltan jewel-band head ornament. Ilani's intelligence level is second only to a Vulcan's and she has also the esper abilities common on her planet. She can transmogrify the emotions of a being simply by physical touch [Author's Note like Ilia on Chekov in ST: TMP]. Unlike the mind-meld of Vulcans, her other abilities consist of the ability to sense emotions in the minds of others. Never words or images, only feelings, and quantity of feelings. On her planet, sexual foreplay consists largely of lovers placing emotions in each others' minds.

    Ilani likes to visit her homeworld of Delta IV as often as possible, as it pains her spending so much time away from her partner, Adano, and the rest of her family. Most non-Deltans are not permitted to visit the planet of Delta IV, to limit pheromone exposure. Therefore humanoids are restricted to the Deltan moons of Seyann and Cinera.

    Ilani is a wiser, more mature version of a deltan than we saw in Ilia. Ilani is a psychologist and a diplomat at heart. Despite being in her 40s, Ilani is as sexual and spiritual as a human female in her prime. Ilani, like most deltans, does not understand the Oath of Celibacy. She sees it as Starfleet trying to come to terms with sensuality in an environment still shaking off the last vestiges of its naval origins.

    For information on deltans, please go to the deltan page.


    Ilani is a former science officer specialising in psychology. Ilani graduated from the Academy 2292, Class Salutatorian. Ilani's first assignment was to the U.S.S. Oberth (N.C.C. 602, Oberth class doyen) under Captain Edward Matthews. Ilani soon gained the respect of Matthews and became a central member of the crew during their sensitive operations along the Klingon Neutral Zone.

    Within a year of Ilani joining the Oberth, Captain Matthews was transferred to the larger U.S.S. Emden (N.C.C. 1856, Miranda class) in 2293 with Lt. [jg] Ilani as one of his junior social sciences officers. Ilani served two missions aboard the U.S.S. Emden, being promoted to Lieutenant by the second mission [2298 - 2303]. Lieutenant Ilani was re-assigned as Chief Science Officer aboard U.S.S. Hathaway 2303 - 2308 and performed with distinction on this deep-space mission and pioneJirrasg aid mission to Kronos.

    Ilani is fluent in Klingonese and klingon culture. She specialises in klingon command structures and has followed the klingon High Command from 2292 to the present, witnessing the rise and assassination of Chancellor Gorkon, and the succession of his daughter Azetbur. Ilani has made numerous friends, and enemies, in the Klingon Empire. These sources can sometimes prove to be useful 'back channels' for getting information when times are tense or the information not forthcoming. Ilani has met with several Federation Ambassadors during her travels, including Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. Ilani even survived an encounter with Ambassador Curzon Dax.

    Lieutenant Commander Ilani was assigned to Miranda class U.S.S. Courageous from 2308 - 2311 as Second officer and chief science officer. The Courageous performed further social sciences studies of the Klingon people. Ilani was assigned to U.S.S. Sheffield, then in Copernicus Fleet Yards, Luna, undergoing a major systems upgrade and refit before she was to command the Sheffield for a five-year mission studying the Klingon Empire and surrounding Federation region.

    Author's Notes:

    Details of the Deltans taken from the Star Trek: Phase Two guide in the book by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

    When designing the character I considered Ilani, I considered the following things: The Deltan Oath of Celebacy will be obsolete by ST: TNG. This character and the details of the deltan race are my little tribute to Persis Khambatta, and the race she brought to life in ST: TMP. Thanks also go to Greg Bear for his incredible bilogy of 'Darwin's Radio' and 'Darwin's Children'. Both books helped inspire the details of pheromones and helped inspire me to push on with this website and stories. Gail Porter was my choice for being Ilani because she is beautiful, a science fiction fan and has shown the world that a woman minus hair is still gorgeous. Gail said her ideal acting role would be Princess Leia. Well, I think Ilani is a good compromise(!) Gail is an inspiration for people with alopecia, and in 2007 it seems she is regaining her hair. Oh, and 5ft 4.5in is a cute height too.


  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Service Number: SS 827-3387r
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, U.S.S. Sheffield
  • Position: Chief Special Services Officer
  • Security Clearance: Level 7
  • Born: May 14th 2269, Orion.
  • Race: Orion Female
  • Marital Status: Separated


    Jirras was an only child. Jirras was a keen sportswoman, enjoying surfing, jogging and mixed martial arts. Jirras always found it hard to settle on a career until she went to the Starfleet recruitment office. Jirras soon joined up to see where the solar winds would take her.

    Jirras was soon attracted to special services school at Starfleet Academy, enjoying the parties and lifestyle of the school. Jirras was often found to be the heart and soul of the party. Jirras found herself to be quite popular at School and that continued at the Academy, providing her with friendships and sources for the future.



  • 2290 Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2291 - 93 Starfleet Academy advanced Special Services school, Paris, France.
  • 2295 - 99 Starbase 12, junior logistics officer.
  • 2300 - 06 U.S.S. V'shan, junior logistics officer.
  • 2306 - 12 Vulcan Embassy.
  • 2312 - U.S.S. Sheffield, Chief Special Services.


    Jirras joined Starfleet in 2286. Her sporting lifestyle made her suitable for either security or special services. Jirras didn't want to wield a weapon or look for trouble, so the special services division looked ideal. Starting in physical fitness training as her field, Jirras then became interested in the art of silver service. Jirras knew she would have to start off in her field in logistics, acting as a steward and then chief steward.

    Following advanced special services training in Paris, France, Jirras then was ready for diplomatic dinners and presentation set-ups for Admiral Soaring Eagle of Starbase 12. Jirras worked on many functions including meetings with the Klingons, Romulans and Lyrans. Jirras became knowledgeable in the cuisine and traditions of those races through research and experience. Jirras served on several starships as part of her role. Jirras was then approached to serve at the Vulcan Embassy where Commander Nathaniel Hawkins first met Jirras. Hawkins felt both atracted to Jirras and impressed by her skills in preparing and running functions. He approached her under the pretense of his ideas for a mission into the Beta Quadrant as well as his own ends.

    Hawkins was successful in luring Jirras away from diplomatic and ambassadorial function-planning and onto the Sheffield for the challenge of keeping her standards as high with fewer resources on a moving platform. Jirras is a consummate professional and has brought many people to the Sheffield from former assignments and connections she has. Jirras has built up many contacts through her diplomatic functions and now can use these to assist in the Sheffield mission.

    Kesh. Kesh was the former Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire before the coup by Junior Council Member Gorkon and his supporters in 2287. Kesh stood aside in the face of a revival in Kahlessian honour.

    Author's Notes: Kesh was not killed when he stood aside for Gorkon [as seen in Dayton Ward's In The Name Of Honor']. One wonders if Kesh continued to cause trouble beyond this point as a rival to Gorkon. For further details on Kesh, I shall quote an email from Dayton Ward himself:'To be honest, I deliberately left many of the details regarding Kesh vague. I knew that I was working in an area of Trek history that had not been defined very well, on screen or in books, and wanted to leave room for anyone who might come after me (The LOST ERA series had not been conceived at the point I was writing the novel.).

    In my mind, Kesh was one of the Klingons who did not embrace the "revival" of Klingon honor -- at least as I tried to explain it in the book. He, along with others on the High Council, tried to cover up the existence of the prisoners and gave the order for the prison to be destroyed when it became apparent that it would become a sticking point in his bid to retain power. That's corrupt by human standards, and almost certainly by standards of "Klingon honor," but as I tried to display in the book...Klingon honor can be a tricky thing to understand, etc. :)

    As for a physical description, since I never actually used him in the book, I never got around to creating him as a character. I had mental picture of him at the time, sort of a cross between General Koord from ST V and Kang as a "ridged" Klingon (mostly because I've always loved the way Michael Ansasra delivered his dialogue). Make of that what you my case, it leaves me free to define him should I choose to revisit the character at some point. :D '

    Interestingly, when asked about why he didn't do a Lost Era novel, Dayton replied:'With regard to my being involved with THE LOST ERA, in fact I was approached by editor Marco Palmieri to write one of the books. It never got beyond the "Are you interested?" stage because at the time I was hip deep in writing THE LAST WORLD WAR and could not commit to another project. That's the trouble with working a full time day job and trying to write on the side....not enough time for the important stuff!'

    Irina Khmelnova.

  • Rank: Admiral
  • Service Number: CA 694-1423h
  • Assignment: Starfleet Command, San Francisco.
  • Position: Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet.
  • Security Clearance: Level 10.
  • Born: November 17th 2250, Muynak, Karakalpakistan, Earth.
  • Race: Human female.
  • Marital Status: Married.

    Current Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet. Middle-aged Russian with a family history in the Navy and Starfleet. Khmelnova had the ominous task of overseeing the Starfleet Review for the 24th Century. During that role she was the Starfleet Policy Oversight Committee Chairperson. She knows that there have been many changes initiated by her predecessor, Admiral Toddman, but she knows that more has to be changed. Khmelnova is a hard woman when she needs to be and knows how to get the job done. Khmelnova was chosen to oversee the changes necessary due to her rule of putting her job ahead of her popularity.


  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service Number: JA 113-7765m
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Judge Advocate General.
  • Security Clearance: Level 6.
  • Born: January 4th 22783, Cait.
  • Race: Regulan male.
  • Marital Status: Married.

    Krrurr is the Judge Advocate General officer aboard U.S.S. Sheffield. He came aboard in late 2322. Krrurr is assigned to advise the captain on all matters legal during the important main mission of the Sheffield.

    Krrurr is an expert in Starfleet and Federation law, but also knows Klingon, Romulan and even Gorn law. Krrurr is well-read up and prides himself in being right on matters of law, frustratedly rooting through his library of legal books if he gets something wrong.

    Dusana Tatjana Kvesic.

  • Rank: Chief Petty Officer
  • Service Number: CV 889-0972n
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Departmental Co-ordinator (Flight).
  • Security Clearance: Level 2.
  • Born: July 19th 2288, Split, Croatia, Earth.
  • Race: Human female.
  • Marital Status: Single.

    Dusana served on the Ark Royal and the Wakamiya as a pilot. Kvesic was renown as tactically able and a master dog-fighter. An accident cut her career short; she had to rediscover her feet with a new direction via promotion as a departmental co-ordinator. Dusana is not used to serving on such a 'small' starship, fortunately the hanger area is the most spacious area on the ship. Kvesic misses being a pilot but is pragmatic.

    Dusana has a competative edge and hates to lose. She is as aggressive in her personal life as in her professional career. Kvesic is interested only in no-strings sex. She is bi-sexual depending on her mood that day. Her record does make mention of a few cases of fraternisation that resulted in punative measures. Only her ability and good record with the saved her.

    Henrik Kyrre.

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service Number: CV 771-4502s
  • Assignment: NCC-1976, USS Sheffield, Miranda class.
  • Position: Senior Flight Officer.
  • Security Clearance: Level 4.
  • Born: October 7th 2290, Alesund, Norway, Earth.
  • Race: Human male.
  • Marital Status: Single.

    Short-bearded blond Norweigian Senior Flight Officer, formerly the squadron commander for the much-revered Nova Squadron at Starfleet Academy. His beard is almost a statement as it is kept immaculately short. Kyrre's piercing blue eyes do not appear to miss anything, at all and always seem to be on the move, scanning the room or location he's in. He misses nothing, no matter how trivial or small.

    Lieutenant Kyrre is happiest in small, manoevreable craft such as the Sheffield's shuttlecraft or Wasp fighters. Anything larger than a runabout just seems too sluggish to Kyrre. Lieutenant Kyrre is an expert in the hands of these small craft, easily the best pilot on the ship when it comes to shuttle or small craft. The manoevres that he is able to perform almost defy belief.

    Kyrre graduated in the Class of '02 and was assigned to the Miranda class U.S.S. Emden as her Junior Flight Officer, soon earning himself a reputation as a pilot. A classified incident a year or so after graduation almost cost him his life and his career, but he was able to move forward from this and recover to earn a transfer to the U.S.S. Sheffield in 2322.

    Gemma Arterton as Rebecca C Lawrence-Beaufort.Rebecca Charlotte Lawrence-Beaufort

  • Rank: Lieutenant jg.
  • Service Number: SS 614-0182q
  • Assignment: NCC-6236, USS Montrose, Constellation class.
  • Position: Special Services Officer.
  • Security Clearance: Level 6.
  • Born: January 12th 2276, Gravesend, England, Earth.
  • Race: Human female.
  • Marital Status: Single.


  • 2297 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
  • 2297 - Advanced Special Services School, Paris, France.
  • 2298 - U.S.S. Montrose, Constellation class.

    Rebecca graduated near the top of her class. She was assigned to the Montrose as her first deep space assignment. Rebecca can be seen as quite aloof and dedicated to her role. This is due to her having family connections that could be perceived as having gotten her to where she was. That, and being judged from her looks, made her treat people with caution as a defence mechanism. Men especially so as they tended to see her for her beauty and not her capability.

    Lawrence-Beaufort went straight to advanced special services school following the Academy, in order to fully exploit her potential. She wanted to not only prepare events for Klingons, Romulans and the local races, she also wanted the opportunity to plan for new races never met before. The Montrose mission provided the ideal opportunity for Lieutenant Lawrence-Beaufort and she went straight to this new assignment from Paris.

    The Montrose failed to disappoint, with Lieutenant Lawrence-Beaufort being involved in several first contact scenarios. Her research work occasionally brought her to social sciences and Hawkins' later work towards Operations Officer returned the favour as she taught him about er role and its importance.

    Author's Notes:

    Rebecca Charlotte Lawrence-Beaufort was designed to be the character who taught Hawkins the importance of special services. I took a previous interview with Gemma Arterton in which she referred to being offered film roles based on her looks. I took this a stage further to this character having both looks and connections - both of which she doesn't want to be seen to exploit.

    She'll fly apart...

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