NCC-1895 U.S.S. Endeavour

One of the most famous names in the Starfleet. This vessel served with distinction in the Taurus Reach region near the Klingon and Tholian borders, including classified missions conected with Starbase 47 'Vanguard'. Constructed as one of the Bon Homme Richard subclass. After concluding her five year mission in 2270, Endeavour was one of a few Constitution class given a life extension with PB-60 warp nacelles until the new Enterprise subclass refit was ready, including Essex, Yorktown and Constitution.

Author Notes: as per the Starbase 23 Wiki: "Created as a "third tier" uprating redesign of the Constitution line to enable relatively new vessels commissioned from around 2260 and onwards at least some of the benefits of the New Technology revolution in starship equipment and design. Due to their relatively minimal increase in capability over the pre-New Technology vessels, they are classified as Heavy Cruisers of the Third Rate"

The Endeavour was one of the late 2260s build of Constitution class. Starfleet needed to have refits that would take advantage of the New Technology revolution. The 'third tier' uprating, as it was christened, would equip ships with the bare minimum of New Technology aspects. These refits could be completed in four-to-six months by shipyards with minimal capabilities themselves. Internally she differed little from her original 2260s configuration. She had LN-52 "Fleetwing" nacelles fitted, along with Structural Integrity Field and shielding technology. This third tier cruiser was suited to scientific missions rather than tactical ones. This was a stop-gap design to plug the capability gap that was developing with the Romulans and Klingons. Endeavour was later upgraded to second tier cruiser standards, being one of the last uprated to Levant subclass standard.

Upgraded to Levant subclass standards, Endeavour is a core part of Starfleet's Project Alpha - a pivot towards the Alpha Quadrant to establish the identity and friendliness of the neighbours along the Federation border on the spinward side of the Federation. This involves the Fourth Fleet under the Columbia and the Fifth Fleet under the Farragut. Traditional neighbours such as the Tholians are along this border along with Talarians, Breen, Tzenkethi and Cardassians - many of these nationalities are unknown factors and the Tzenkethi appear to be of a tactically superior disposition. Not all of these neighbours are friendly and Starfleet wants to have intelligence and informed decision-making to shape Starfleet policy in this century.

Captain Roko Loeak is the latest commanding officer. She is from the Bikini Atoll on Earth. Her home was used as a nuclear testing ground in the 1950s. By the 24th Cenury the islands have finally been cleaned up and are back to the paradise they were before the tests. The cultural scar inflicted on her people by the forceful re-location is still felt by her. She has a dislike of powerful governments throwing their weight around on other peoples.

The Endeavour is a prestigious assignment, especially as other Constitution class from the 2260s are gone such as Enterprise, Hood, Yorktown, Intrepid, Eagle, Constellation and Defiant. Captain Loeak got the assignment after successful exploratory missions on the Repulse and Yorktown, including a textbook First Contact mission.

Roko comes from a beautiful island in the Pacific and she seeks out that beauty in the stars.

The Caitian male First Officer recently transferred from a memorable mission on the U.S.S. Bellerophon. Formerly the Tactical Officer and Second Officer on the Bellerophon.

Commanding officers:

  • Mary-Ann Rice 2251 - 2260
  • Zhao Sheng 2260 - 2265
  • Atish Khatami 2265 -
  • D. Wise 2293
  • Roko Loeak 2312 -

    Current shuttlecraft:

  • 01 - Cook
  • 02 - Jemison
  • 03 - Covey
  • 04 - Musgrave
  • 05 - Magnus

    Author's notes:

    This page is dedicated to David Mack, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, authors of the superb Star Trek: Vanguard and Star Trek: Seekers novel series. They have managed to create not only a saga for the Taurus Reach region of space but also created a legend in the form of the Endeavour. Named for the famous HMS Endeavour of Captain James Cook that took him to New Zealand, Australia and many other Pacific islands, as well as being named for NASA Space Shuttle OV-105.

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