U.S.S. Enterprise, keel laid down in 2288, launched 2293 and commissioned stardate 9715.5 at San Francisco orbital fleet yards. Gained instant notoriety after her first mission was to rescue the crews of the Robert Fox and Lakul. The Robert Fox was lost with all hands but some of the Lakul crew were saved, as well as the Enterprise, through the heroic sacrifice of legendary Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk.

Enterprise is commanded by Captain John Harriman, a youthful and talented Starfleet officer formerly from the starship Hunley. Enterprise has a crew of 510, ranging in experience from Captain Sulu to cadets on their first starship assignment. Commander Tracy Dane is the First Officer of the Enterprise.

Enterprise 1701-B is one of the two flagships of the Starfleet and gets used for a large number of high profile missions, 'showing the flag' for the Federation. U.S.S. Enterprise has some of the finest Starfleet personnel onboard as her crew, some would go as far as to argue that they are the finest crew currently in the Starfleet, representing New Starfleet and the New Generation of Federation exploration. The Enterprise-B is the public relations starship of the Federation. The public face for the last thirty years was James T. Kirk and the aging crew of the starship Enterprise 1701 and 1701-A. This image of an aging starship design and crew needed to be refreshed for the new Century.

The first steps of the new Enterprise were faltering ones. Captain John Harriman, aged 34, was the son of Admiral John Jason "Blackjack" Harriman. The young Harriman had excelled at Starfleet Academy, graduating in an accelerated time of only three years. He had served on the U.S.S. Hunley and had his father's support in building up an impressive career. Starfleet felt that they had found their new James T. Kirk. When the new Kirk met the original legend, circumstances publically conspired to make him look weak and ineffectual. Kirk died to save the Enterprise one last time. The Enterprise was back in spacedock for nearly six months being repaired. Harriman had to contend with a crew with their faith shaken in him and the anger of a legend, in the form of Hikaru Sulu, when his daughter was apparently killed in one of their first missions out in 2294.

Through an encounter with Leonard McCoy and General Choroth, Harriman found his feet once again. Captain Harriman wasn't to know,but his specialisation in the Romulan Star Empire at the Academy was to serve him well for the remaining time on the Enterprise. Commander Tracy Dane, distant relative of an American Civil War soldier, added the support to Harriman's command that he needed. The traditionalist First Officer was direct in her approach.

Star Trek: Excelsior - Enterprise crew: 2294 - 2300:

  • Commanding Officer: Captain John Harriman
  • Executive Officer: Commander Tracy Dane
  • Operations Officer: Lt Commander
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt Maggie Thompson
  • Helm: Lieutenant (jg) Demora Sulu
  • Navigation: Lieutenant Magnus
  • Communications: Commander Mark Tobiaston
  • Chief Engineer: Commander
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Metcalfe
  • Chief Security Officer: Lieutenant Kris Hernandez
  • Medical Officer: Dr. Rod Michaels
  • Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Commander
  • Security Operations Officer:
  • Science Officer:

    Author's Notes:

    The Enterprise-B was introduced in Star Trek: Generations. She is the first starship Enterprise to have a youthful, talented crew that represents the new generation of Starfleet. This is a contrast to the previous Enterprise-A that had a crew of older, veteran officers who were still in the same positions that they had held for over twenty years. For the Academy graduates in the late 2280s must have feared that there was no real place for them on the flagship of the fleet.

    As an example, Saavik was on the Enterprise 1701 as a student of Spock, giving an air that you could only be accepted as a student of one of the existing veteran crew. Peter Preston (nephew of Scotty) being the other notable example in Star Trek II and Valeris being in Star Trek VI as the apprentice to Spock - he even says in the film that he intends for her to replace him. Nepotism is rife in the Starfleet of the 2280s and early 90s. Director David Carson, either deliberately or by design, had a totally new, youthful crew. The only hint back to the old crew of the daughter of Hikaru Sulu, Demora. This character came onboard as George Takei did not want to have a cameo in which he has gone back to being helmsman. A move that was 100% right to me.

    Primary Hull
    This consists of 12 decks that can be summarised thus:

  • 1 Main Bridge, Briefing Room, Ready Room
  • 2 Emergency Life Support
  • 3 Senior Officers Standby Quarters
  • 4 Junior Officers Standby Quarters
  • 5 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters
  • 6 Impulse Engines, Sickbay, Transporters, Crew Quarters
  • 7 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters (outer sections)
  • 8 Impulse Engines, Crew Quarters, Officers Quarters (outer sections)
  • 9 Impulse Engines, Officers Quarters (outer ring), Mess Hall / Lounge (Forward), Recreation Areas, Theatre
  • 10 Brig, Security Office, Armoury
  • 11 Science Labs
  • 12 Sensor Control, Science Labs

    Secondary Hull
    This consists of 21 decks that can be summarised thus:

  • 13 Warp Core Deuterium Injector
  • 14 Saucer Separation Manual Override
  • 15 Torpedo Storage / loading
  • 16 Torpedo Storage / loading
  • 17 Torpedo Launcher Access, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 18 Deuterium Tank, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 19 Deuterium Tank, Warp Plasma Central Manifold, (Aft) Shuttle Bay
  • 20 Battle Bridge, Engineering, Intermix chamber, (Aft) Cargo Conveyer
  • 21 Engineering, Cargo Bay (aft)
  • 22 Cargo Bay (aft), (Aft) Tractor Beam
  • 23 Aux Deuterium Tank
  • 24 Aux Deuterium Tank, Botanical Gardens, Crew Lounges, Rec. Areas
  • 25 Main Deflector Dish
  • 26 Aft Torpedo Conveyer / Loading
  • 27 Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher
  • 28 Engineering Support Bay, "WorkerBee" Pods
  • 29 Engineering Support Bay
  • 30 Engineering Support Bay, Aux Computer Core
  • 31 Engineering Support Bay, Aft Torpedo Storage / Conveyance
  • 32 Engineering Support Bay, Aft Torpedo Storage / Conveyance
  • 33 Engineering Support Bay, Warp Core Antimatter Injector
  • 34 Antimatter Storage / Loading port

    Episodes from the never-written Star Trek: Excelsior series inspired by Flashback and The Undiscovered County: (A glimpse of what we sadly missed).

    Season 1 2293 – 2294

    1.01 – Pilot Intro, Khitomer and aftermath.

    1.02 – Fallout - Tuvok returns to Vulcan after the end of his 2 month Excelsior mission and ponders on his Starfleet career. With five years still to work, never has a mission ahead felt so long. Comparisons with classmate Valeris leads to discussing how their paths of logic diverged.

    1.03 – Mudd junior – follow up to the never-written ST: Phase 2 episode Mudd & Son.

    1.04 – Miracle Worker. The loss of the starship Jenolen leads Sulu to recall his last encounter with Scotty.

    1.05 – Choroth Incident – Enterprise-B with McCoy en route to deal with a plague and stopped by a militant Klingon General.

    1.06 – Art of Compromise – Sulu takes Ambassador Spock to meet Azetbur to restore relations. E-B is in refit after the Nexus.

    1.07 - Captain’s Daughter – see novel.

    1.08 – Freedom Agenda - Enterprise-B takes the Federation President to meet the Klingon Chancellor, for more talks on the Khitomer Accords, with a new policy that shocks the Empire.

    1.09 - Ashes of Eden. Based on the novel.

    Season 2 – 2295

    2.01 – New Starfleet – a new C-in-C is assigned after the treachery of Androvar Drake. Stardate 10000.

    2.02 – Ratification – the Khitomer Accords finally come into force and the countdown to the end of the Neutral Zone has begun.

    Author's Notes:

    I see these “lost ST: Excelsior stories” as being the background to the Interim Years. These are the ships in the Federation News, but it’s missions like the Sheffield that are doing the real research in the background. The early era 2290 – 2298 are more the Excelsior with the experienced Old School Sulu; the later period 2298 – 2311 is more Enterprise-B with the then-experienced John Harriman.

    Lots of Klingon Diplomacy with new Ambassador Spock, veteran Sarek and Curzon Dax. The steady dismantling of the Neutral Zone and the ‘rogue Klingon’ attacks. Enterprise-B feud with General Choroth, ex of IKS Vengeance and Sulu encountering Kang or Koloth (more akin to his DS9 persona).

    I have a story idea, homage to TOS, with ‘Mudd junior’. Perhaps following on from the Phase 2 episode never written called ‘Mudd and Son’.

    Yes, The Interim Years will effectively have a ‘never made Sulu and John Harriman’ series running in the background. Might even knock up season 1 for a laugh.

    We’ve a few bits we ‘know’ already, with the Choroth Incident with the graphic novel and the Terajuni Incident. On the back of this we need the Excelsior, fresh from the latter, carrying Ambassador Spock, meeting with the Klingon Ambassador to calms the waters. The Enterprise-B is still in space-dock for months to repair the Nexus damage, so good old NCC-2000 is hauled out.

    Author's Notes:

    ST: Excelsior (2000) would have dealt with similar issues that the Interim Years does: change.

    The Enterprise-B embodies the New Generation of Starfleet. A young, inexperienced Captain John Harriman and youthful junior crew exemplified by Demora Sulu, contrast with Old Guard XO Commander Tracy Dane, even between Hikaru Sulu and his daughter helmsman from the Enterprise-B. ST: Generations made Captain Kirk look good by making the new Captain of the Enterprise seem inept and helpless; as the next part of this debate goes, this is not the first or last time they do this. Making the New Generation look weak and wrong, to make the old guard 'Cowboy Diplomats' look good, correct and wise.

    The Interim Years version of the ST: EXC stories, featuring both of these Excelsior class starships, will have a more diverse crew.

    Enterprise's bridge [production model 1]

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