Ship's Galley: home of Lt Jean-Jacques Pascal and his cullinary creations [image of identical galley on Enterprise-A].The Ship's Galley is where all the non-replicated food is prepared. Chef Jean-Jacques Pascal resides here, and if you are not part of his cooking staff, it is recommended that you do not even attempt to enter here without a very good reason.

Room 08 004 is where the stored foodstuffs from the cargo areas are brought up to be prepared and transformed into nutritional masterpieces. The captain's food is, almost without exception, prepared here in the galley [another naval tradition retained by Starfleet]. Food for the Officers Lounge at the nearby 'Old Grey Ghost' is also prepared here. Food is also prepared here for the Captain's Dining Room, should she wish to entertain personal guests aboard the ship.

Author's Notes:

Replicators, Food Synthesisers/Processors and the Galley.

The beginnings of the Replicator are a mystery in Star Trek. Indeed, evidence barely five years apart contradicts itself. In Voyager's 'Flashback' episode, Ensign Harry Kim and Captain Janeway discuss all of the technology that didn't exist in the time of Captain Sulu and the Praxis explosion. One of the items that they listed was replicators. This caused the encyclopedia to note that the foodslots that Kirk used in TOS were some sort of preparation/conveyor system from the galley.

Contradiction to this observation by Janeway and Kim comes from the new 2001 series 'Enterprise'. It has already been established within the first eight episodes that the 'Protein Resequencers' aboard NX-01 can produce pasta and simple foodstuffs. Given technological advancement of 150 years, could it not be possible that the Albion can now replicate more complicated foods, especially given that transporter and replicator technology go hand-in-hand?