The Old Grey Ghost herself... full power trials 1954. Image copyright © B. Lyons.

Immediately above the Forward Crew Lounge. The 'Old Grey Ghost Lounge', Room 08 001, is named after the 6th Royal Navy warship to bear the name Albion (1944-1973). The 'Old Grey Ghost' is a slightly quieter version of 9-Forward located underneath. The 'Old Grey Ghost' is styled in a 19th century bar style, with oak furniture and an unparallelled view forward of the ship. The 'Old Grey Ghost' also has a huge model of the 6th Albion mounted in the middle of the room with a brief synopsis of her history. The Officers' Forward Lounge (to give it the formal title) is an area to have food and stare at the stars, away from the more raucous area beneath.

H.M.S. Albion with the Wessex V helicopters of 848 Squadron ranged on deck. Image © copyright FAAMThe 'Old Grey Ghost' is the officers mess aboard the U.S.S. Albion. Under normal circumstances, only officers ranked Ensign and above of VIPs are allowed in this room. Foodstuffs consumed in this lounge, as with Nine-Forward beneath, comes from either the Ship's Galley or from the replicators located discreetly around the room.

Within this room, matters can be discussed in confidence that are not to be discussed in front of the crew at large. Tactical and strategic matters can be discussed here, although not in as much detail as in the conference rooms. The officers have their food requirements provided by the catering staff aboard Albion. A careful mix of self-service and catered service exists, allowing the officers to be eating thier meals and discussing matters of importance whilst the waiters are retrieving foodstuffs carefully prepared in the galley.