Herbivorous bovine race from the planet Grazer in the Alpha Quadrant. Grazerites are well known for being pacifists and avoiding conflict. On their world the herbivorous herd animals evolved intelligence to become the dominant species. The population of Grazer is over 10 billion, the planet featuring vast cities dotted across vast meadow continents.

Grazer is located in the Alpha Quadrant, near the border with the Tholian Assembly. This strategic location made their world important, being added as a protectorate in the 2260s and Federation members a decade later. Grazerites are gifted with patience and, along with their pacifist nature, make excellent doctors, scientists and counsellors. This is aided by the thoughtful nature they possess, making them ideal for tasks requiring long attention spans and attention to detail.

Grazerite culture consists of the upsol: 100 500 individuals who work, live and ruminate together. They rely on the group and not the individual, making the United Federation of Planets an appealing political organisation. Debates and politics are topics close to the heart of Grazerites and they have thrived in the political arena of the Federation. They have been drawn into the bloc along with the Deltans, Betazoids and Vulcans attempting to re-draw the more political Federation ready for the 24th Century.

Senator Rafino Anyak

Anyak is a young, eager (for a Grazerite) politician. He has been in the Federation council as the representative of the Grazerite people for three years. He has fallen in with the Betazoid senator Besh, the two of them agreeing that the Federation needs to be re-imagined ready for the new Century, ceasing to be the two-tier organisation looking after the founder members first and the rest later.

Like Besh, Anyak sees Starfleet as being the diplomatic, exploration and scientific arm of the Federation. Military action is something distasteful and seen as a failure of Federation policy. Diplomacy has been seen as a success story along the Tholian border, a success to be repeated in the Beta Quadrant.

Professor Onyk Relefis

Professor of agricultural sciences at the University of Grazer. An expert in the field of crops and farming worlds. Relefis devised the strategy and techniques for restoring Nimbus III after the publicity of 2287. His techniques were also applied to Alpha Venturi Prime and Kronos after their ecological disasters. Relefis has given lectures across the Federation and beyond. Due to his knowledge and successes so far, Starfleet Security has assigned a detail to protect the Professor as it is known there are terrorist groups interested in obtaining the professor for the right price.

Grazer Farming Services

One of the largest agricultural delivery services in the Federation. Specialising in crops, seeds and agricultural technology, GFS has the largest fleet of specialist cargo ships for the job, with unique NGFS registrations. Led by Umooko Noomo, GFS has cornered the agricultural market across the Federation, securing an unassailable position for the opening decades of the twenty-fourth Century.

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