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August 2019.

The U.S.S. Sheffield gets a new, diverse crew.

Hawkins ceases to be just the 'Klingon guy' as I flesh out his skills with exotic life. The Tholian page has been updated with details of Tholian psychology. Starfleet Academy page is to be expanded, the Montrose page is to be detailed.

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Click here for DRS Kingmoor, 60163 Tornado and the Settle - Carlisle Railway. Saturday 20th July 2019.

The foreword page is updated with the Interim Years vision of the Star Trek Universe added.

August - more details of the Star Trek Universe in the Interim Years: I have more details of the ST: Merchantman aspect of the Interim Years:

This looks for the first time at life in the Star Trek universe AWAY from Starfleet; what happens to those members of the Federation who either choose or are unable to join Starfleet? What is colonial life really like? This is about the ideals of the Federation in the outer colonies where people LIVE on the final frontier. There is substantially less of the technology and glamour of the core worlds. These are the self-reliant, self-built homesteads that farm, mine, manufacture or research for the Federation.

For those children growing up on these colonies the choice is a stark one: either follow in the path your parents have determinesd and live a life of building your colony: something that will take generations to achieve, or strike out on your own to either join Starfleet, the merchant marine or go into the private sector. Get a ship of your own and trade where you can. Join the Orion Syndicate or go independent at your own risk. Go for the big win and avoid the patrol ships of Starfleet. se your wits to eveade their superior sensors, speed, weapons and training.

Harry Mudd, Thadium Okona and Kassidy Yates all took this lifestyle to varying degrees with the Stella, Erstwhile and Xhosa as their loyal steeds. This series will look at the 'other' side of the Star Trek universe from the one that we're used to. Looking at illegal trading, trafficking, narcotics and the realities of colonial life away from the core worlds and founding colonies like Deneva and the Rigel Colonies. The truth is, like those who built log cabins in Canada, Alaska or Siberia, this is a harsh life that will determine the path for your children, grandchildren and great-grand children. Is it fair to do that? Not to mention the most impostant question that Star Trek really hasn't answered satisfactorily: What do people do that don't join Starfleet...? Away from those Star Trek tech Starfleet bases and core worlds, there isn't all the fancy tech beyond a 23rd Century generator, recycler and food synthesiser. The rest, with help from Starfleet, is up to you.

The whole point here is to do like the musical 'Wicked' and turn the Star Trek universe on its head. We've seen for over fifty years the universe form the perspective of Starfleet. Now it's time to see the perspective from the average person in the Federation. Where the people actually have a small freighter and AVOID Starfleet ships. This will explore criminality and the reasons behind it in the 23rd Century. It will also look at how much has changed - and how much really hasn't - since the 21st Century. My visit to McBride, British Columbia last year showed the realities of going back to basics and building your own log cabin. This is about starting from nothing. Sinking a well, digging an outhouse for sanitation and then building your home by hand from scratch. This takes a lot of time and energy. Whilst in the Star Trek universe they have technology, you don't have pop-up houses. This is out on the frontier. Most colonies are started for settling people, farming crops, mining dilithium or other minerals or performing research - either away from the public or where the item of research is available.

Life on the colonies isn't really any different from life in rural Canada, Alaska or Siberia now. Beyond the supertech power source for your home, the 100% recycler/food processor and fabricator you still have the same sort of possessions that someone out there would have now. There are no nightclubs or holiday resorts. Starfleet barely sends an Okinawa class corvette/frigate every now and then to see how you are. Transports arrive periodically with either more colonists, goods or supplies that are energy intensive to be replicating constantly. This is about daily hard work of taming a 100% wild planet, farming or mining or working the research station whilst clearing ground and building homes and bars. Home-schooling and residing either in home or at your place of work is the reality of colonial life. Barn-dances and home entertainment is the order of the day. Occasionally perhaps a Starfleet ship will come for shoreleave. Here, the values of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek are put to the ultimate test. After all, as Ben Sisko once said, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise...


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The Star Trek Story Index page has the growing list of subseries for the Interim Years anthology.

First information on the Star Trek: The Six Pillars of Romulus on the Romulan page.

First information on the Star Trek: Praxis element of the Interim Years added to the Klingon page.

The United Federation of Planets page has been dusted down and new material added.

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Viking page added to this site.

The Roman page has 468 photographs from Rome and Ostia June 2019 added.

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