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October 2017.

Star Trek: Discovery begins the re-working of this website.

New details on Starfleet, Klingons and the Klingon Empire will be known; this will influence and potentially re-write this website. Prepare for changes!

I'm continuing to add to the Klingon page and Klingon History page with material from Star Trek Discovery.

On the Klingon Page the Native American and Mongol analogies are detailed. More details on the Klingon pages as they are known.

President Ra-Ghoratreii's 'Freedom Agenda' post-Terajun comes to the Klingon History and Chronology pages.

The Klingon Culture page has a list of bladed weapons, ceremonies and a list of the Great Houses in the High Council in 2293, 2294, 2310 and 2312.
Question: What happens with the average Klingon, of a minor House no one has heard of, with no lands, no combat who works say in a foundry? Or a shop? Maybe makes the B'rel door mechanism?

Watch out for new story material and character development.

35018 British India Line is added to the Bulleid page.

  • Click here for the Great Central Railway Autumn Gala. 92 Sqn and Sir Keith Park. Sunday October 8th 2017.

    Click here for the Barrow Hil Grand Re-opening Gala. Flying Scotsman, Tornado and DRS. Sunday September 24th 2017.

    U.S.S. Roebuck, Okinawa class NCC-9130 due to join the fleet.


    New things on the website:-

    The U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, joins the Fleet.

    The Excelsior page gets dusted off with new material from the ST: Excelsior Writer's Guide (2001) and material from the never-written ST: Excelsior TV series of the late 1990s from non-existent scripts.

    Ulysses page updated.

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