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April 2019.

A new rant and update in the foreword page:

The make-up of Starfleet crews and the Federation. Something Star Trek has never got right, mainly for budgeting and make-up resource reasons. What we've seen, like on the Flashback Excelsior and Enterprise is a cast of mainly white human actors. In reality, for every 100 crew there will be about 15 humans (2 from Earth), similar numbers for Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites (ie the founder Federation nations) and a smaller number of Rigelians, Deltans, Betazoids, Caitians, Saurians, Trill and sprinklings of Aaamazzarra, Aenar, Grazerite and other species.The Federation - and Starfleet- is a MELTING POT of species and civilisations, NOT a SALAD BOWL of homocentric starships with ships like the Intrepid in the Original Series with an all-Vulcan crew. Do we not get on after a century or something??! Do we still have to have our own native starships despite being a UNITED Federation of Planets? I DON'T see the need for human-only or Vulcan-only or Andorian-only crews etc. The STRENGTH of the Federation is in its DIVERSITY. This is about a mixed crew not just in terms of human ethnicities, but also in terms of alien species. This ratio extends as far as the senior crew/ main characters. So I reduced the humans on the Sheffield bridge to just Hawkins and Peers. The rest are non-human. 125 worlds and colonies in the United Federation of Planets at this point. It needs to stop feeling like the "homo sapiens-only club" that Azetbur spoke of in Star Trek VI. The bridge should be a mix of Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, Caitians, Orions, Bolians and mixtures of the other Federation species in Star Trek. This will ensure both a move away from Earth being the centre of ever story and to give the true scope to the Federation and its peoples. More Humans will be born on other planets and colonies away from Earth than on Earth itself. Izar, Terra Nova, Deneva, Rigel Colonies, Sherman's Planet - all of these are human colonies with colonies of Vulcans, Andorians and other species best suited to their climates. Human crew members from Earth will be a rare thing indeed. This will give unique viewpoints to all of the characters. Through the Universal Translater, we'll be able to speak to and understand the languages of the other crew. This will make Star Trek have more of a feel of the Cantina Bar on Tattooine from Star Wars, than most of the Earth humans in Starfleet seen in most of Star Trek TV series and movies. I want this to be a REAL FEEL Star Trek universe. Federation News Network and Federation News Service will help to give the peoples of the Federation a sense of identity across the nation. Whilst the homeworlds will have predominantly native species on them, the colonies will be a rich and diverse mix of Federation species making up the population.

This is an important thing for the Interim Years and Star Trek as a whole: to reflect modern times and the diversity that we experience in the 21st Century already. In 1966 the Enterprise had a diversity of humans and a token Vulcan as representing the alien diversity of the Federation. The villain Klingons were swarthy Mongolian types with beards and a bad attitude. This harks back to the days of Westerns with the white cowboy as the heroes and the ethnic native Americans as the villains. Even in the liberating, revolutionary days of the legendary Original Series of Star Trek in 1966, there were still very human stereotypes at play. By the Animated Series in 1973, there were now three non-humans on the Bridge with Spock joined by the Caitian Lt. M'ress and the tri-limbed Edoan Lieutenant Arex. By Star Trek: The Motion Picture we were back to Spock as the non-human (well, partial human). Kirk asking for a Vulcan at the Science station and Commander (formerly captain) Decker replying "None Available" was both racial selection for a position on a starship as well as nonsensical in saying you can't have a Vulcan as Starfleet clearly crews entire starships with them. Dramatic necessity creating dialogue insanity. Formulaic Star Trek continued into the Rick Berman era with the 'Outsider' figure being the non-human e.g. the android Data, the changling Odo and the Vulcans Tuvok and T'pol. Betazoid Deanna Troi, Trill Jadzia Dax and Neelix all added to the alien diversity. However this was usually only a couple in a series. The rest? humans. Even by JJ Abrams' 2009 Kelvin-verse there was a heavily human crew, although the alien extras multiplied to a much more healthy level. Star Trek: Discovery has continued this trend, however it's be nice to see more non-humans as the actual main cast. Star Trek: The Interim Years is taking this action and making the changes. With no budget or make-up requirements, I've no excuse not to show the 'real' Star Trek universe in all its rich diversity.

The British Museum visit of 30th March 2019 is now uploaded.

Click here for the Spring Steam Gala on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. 10th March 2019.

Orion page gets a re-vamp. Have a look at the cartel nation of the Star Trek universe.

RAF page is updated with new images and data.

The Klingon culture page is updated with the new tajtIq from ST: Discovery season 2.

Romulan page is being reviewed and improved - look for a lot of new stuff here shorly. Version 2.0 is underway.

The Tholian and Gorn pages are to get extra treatment too on their psychology and Assembly. This year is the one I want to get the story and background pags revamped and uploaded.


New things on the website:-

The U.S.S. Excelsior page has been updated with behind-the-scenes images from the Voyager episode "Flashback". Also the first season on the ST: Excelsior mini series gets its eight episodes. The Interim Years have finally begun!

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