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May 2021.

My 50th year continues. Looking to make lots of life improvements before I turn 50...

New material is being written, ready for typing up here.

The evolved sensibilities of Star Trek are explored:

Psychology of Starfleet tactics (or why we need to stop quoting Sun Tzu):

  • Prime aspects:

  • Gather Intelligence.
  • Diplomacy and dialogue.
  • Deterrence.
  • Defence by degrading and subduing the aggressor.
  • Don't kill or destroy the other side; prevent them from fighting so they may resume talking.
  • Escort the aggressor out of Federation space.
  • Resume dialogue. Establish Neutral Zone or Demilitarised Zone to give both sides a pause.

  • Sun Tzu teaches about actual fighting. The goal here is to talk and not need to fight at all. Less like Kung Fu, Aikido, Krav Maga and KFM, more like Judo; use aggressor's tactics against them and subdue them. Don't kill or destroy them. STOP thinking like 20th and 21st Century people and START thinking like enlightened 23rd and 24th Century ones. LEARN from the mistakes made in the past and present to be BETTER in the future. Be compassionate, wise and restrained.

  • Not about offence in other territories or slaughter. This is about defending our borders and our territory only. Degrading the enemy's ability to fight, until they want to negotiate or withdraw.

  • Attack supply lines and degrade the vanguard of an invasion to encapsulate and capture the enemy. All about DEFENCE and getting the enemy to withdraw. Not about surrender or humiliation. No 'winners', 'losers', 'victors' or 'defeated'. Never about retribution against civilians. Abide by Rules of Engagement, including proportional response, or face criminal procedure. No matter Starfleet crewman, captain or admiral.

  • Phasers are preferred defensive weapons. Stun. Precision weapons on starships to degrade threat vessel ability to fight. Photon torpedoes only used to smash down the shields first, then phasers for precision.

  • This isn't about wrecking the aggressor's fleet and killing thm all. The military tactics of a nation should reflect the ethics, laws and doctrines of that nation. In the case of the United Federation of Planets it is to degrade and subdue an aggressor with minimal force, contain them and escort them back out of Federation space with minimal harm to either side; brains over brawn. Let diplomacy, negotiation and compromise win over conflict. Where a compromise isn't possible or would conflict with the values of the Federation, a deadlock is declared and both sides either agree to disagree, or a Neutral Zone will give pause to both sides peacefully.

  • EVOLVED HUMANE SENSIBILITIES: all about getting the enemy to withdraw peacefully with zero or minimal loss of life on both sides. This isn't about a modern Trafalgar with thousands dead as a bloody nose deterrant, or scorched Earth policy subjugating the defeated nation. This has been shown historically to breed hatred and repeat the cycle.

  • The fear in war is that if you show mercy and let an enemy walk away with their soldiers and ships, you'll look weak to both thm and your own people. And the enemy will be emboldened to return tomorrow. Through Starfleet, the Federation aims to LEARN about their neighbours, and those who would disagree with Federation values, to the point of aggression. TALKING is the chosen next move. If negotiation and diplomacy look like they might fail, deterrence is the next stage with monitoring stations and defensive starships. We never invade or act aggressively, only defensively, using our technology to shield us from harm and to disarm the aggressor.

  • Militaristic terms used for aggressive purposes are shunned: The term 'defenders' is used instead of destroyers, 'dreadnought' instead of battleship. Terms like 'assault ship', 'battlecruiser', 'battleship' or 'destroyer' are not used at all. The very language suggests a willingness to kill, harm and destruction even if the starship was peacefully in spacedock. LANGUAGE has to be as deeply considered as any other action. SOFT POWER such as aid and trade can also help to diffuse tension between the Federation and rival nations.

  • Starfleet is like the POLICE, not the military. We aim to talk the other person down from aggression. If that fails, we have the taser or pepper spray to degrade their ability to fight. We then have retraint techniques to peacefully subdue them. Justice needs to rule the day, not the force of arms and body count.

  • Even the medals and awards given for bravery etc. in combat have to be in keeping with modern Federation values of restraint, selflessness and helping others, not about how many people on the other side you killed. The awards and medals need to encourage the RIGHT behaviours.


  • Honesty.
  • Curiosity.
  • Openmindedness.
  • Creativity.
  • Selflessness.
  • Restraint.
  • Patience.
  • Compassion.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Duty. These are the values taught by parents and schools in the Federation.

    More details are being worked up for psychology in Star Trek. Expect more on the Academy page soon.


    New things on the website:-

    The Betazoid empathic abilites are finally explained. Betazoid and Starfleet Academy pages updated.

    Romulan page updated with notes from Star Trek: Picard season one showrunner Michael Chabon.

    Bulleid page gets new photos from 35005 Canadian Pacific in the summer of 1994.

    The Starfleet Academy page has Cadet Hawkins' personalised course on social sciences is increased to 6 years. Like with a medical course being more like a veterinarian, the same for Hawkins' social sciences training. With over one hundred Federation species and over double that for non-Federation species, there's so much variation to learn about that a four-year course is just not long enough. I'm therefore redesigning his course for six years. He now graduates in 2295.

    Scarborough 31 October 2020 with Centaur.

    Klingon T'kuvma - Kahlessian philosophy and the Imperial Klingon Empire (Imperial Japan meets Soviet Union) to be drafted.

    The Klingon Navy page gets new material and alterations.

    The Kzinti page is to be rewritten. The rift with the Caitians.

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    Ady - May 2nd 2021.

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