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February 2021.

My 50th year continues. Looking to make lots of life improvements before I turn 50...

Scarborough 31 October 2020 with Centaur.

New material is being written, ready for typing up here.

The Betazoid empathic abilites are finally explained. Betazoid and Starfleet Academy pages updated.

Betazoid empathic abilities explained: Betazoid DNA has developed for eons since they lived in the caves. A hyper tuned ability to accurately read all facial micro expressions and body language with a high EQ (emotional intelligence) to interprete what they see. Added to this an innate ability ability to detect and interpret pheromones and sweat, knowing what emotional state these signs show. Betazoids have a moist, sensitive inner nose like a dog: able to sense scents and sweat one hundred times better than a human. Betazoids have a keen sense of smell. This keen sense of smell aids in familial bonding and these empathic senses are an evolutionary survival and reproductive strategy.

Bulleid page gets new photos from 35005 Canadian Pacific in the summer of 1994.

The Starfleet Academy page has Cadet Hawkins' personalised course on social sciences is increased to 6 years. Like with a medical course being more like a veterinarian, the same for Hawkins' social sciences training. With over one hundred Federation species and over double that for non-Federation species, there's so much variation to learn about that a four-year course is just not long enough. I'm therefore redesigning his course for six years. He now graduates in 2295.


New things on the website:-

Okinawa and Interceptor pages to be massively expanded upon.

The Vulcan page is updated with psychology.

The Royal Navy page is updated.

Klingon T'kuvma - Kahlessian philosophy and the Imperial Klingon Empire (Imperial Japan meets Soviet Union) to be drafted.

The Klingon Navy page gets new material and alterations.

The Kzinti page is to be rewritten. The rift with the Caitians.

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Ady - February 14th 2021.

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