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October 2019.

Destination: Star Trek in Birmingham is now days away. Good times ahead!

Star Trek: The Interim Years has the 'present day date' moved from 2312 to 2322. The reason for this is to better reflect Nathaniel Hawkins as a social sciences officer and not just another Starfleet character itching to get into the Captain's Chair. Far from it. He'll make captain aged 50, not 40. I want Hawkins to relish each promotion from ensign, to lieutenant etc. With most Star Trek characters making captain around 37 - 40 (e.g. Pike, Sisko and Janeway), I didn't want Hawkins to be as good a commander as these famous characters. Instead, I want Hawkins to be a good psychologist, examining the cultures of many of the races we're familiar with, and ones we're not.

2322 is a very different year to 2312. The Klingon Empire is fractured and factional; Chancellor Kaarg is said to be ill and about to be succeeded, likely by the ambitious Ditagh. The Romulans have been absent from the public scene since Tomed, but don't count them out yet. They're still very much active along the border with the Klingons and there's evidence they left operatives in Federation space too. The Federation itself has changed. The Pacifist Bloc in the Federation Council has finally come to power. Dreadnoughts are now going the same way the original ocean-going battleships did in the 1950s on Earth: to the scrapyard. Discovery, diplomacy, compromise and flexibility are the buzzwords now. The new prototype U.S.S. Ambassador is due to launch this year, leading the fleet of over 40 Excelsior class and the Constellation, Renaissance, Apollo, Miranda and Oberth classes in exploring the Final Frontier.

Hawkins' first assignment, Oberth class U.S.S. Daniel Goleman NCC 5548, has a page at last.

The steam locomotive pioneers page has more photos of the Stirling Single, Agenoria and Rocket added 10th October.

Click here for DRS Transpennine 68026 Enterprise haulage Leeds - Huddersfield, Saturday 21st September 2019.

Click here for 34046 Braunton at York and Ant Middleton at Sheffield, Saturday 14th September 2019.

Click here for last seasonal Scarborough Spa Express Thursday 5th September 2019. Lots of DRS 68 Splendid as well.


New things on the website:-

The Bulleid page is updated with photos of 35018 British India Line and 34046 Braunton.

Click here for Scarborough, DRS Class 68 Nova 3 launch and NRM York Bank Holiday August 2019.

The United Federation of Planets page has been dusted down and Star Trek: Merchantman material added.

The U.S.S. Sheffield gets a new, diverse crew.

Hawkins ceases to be just the 'Klingon guy' as I flesh out his skills with exotic life. The Tholian page has been updated with details of Tholian psychology. Starfleet Academy page is to be expanded, the Montrose page is to be detailed.

The Star Trek Story Index page has the growing list of subseries for the Interim Years anthology.

First information on the Star Trek: The Six Pillars of Romulus on the Romulan page.

First information on the Star Trek: Praxis element of the Interim Years added to the Klingon page.

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