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June 2018.

Star Trek: The Interim Years has been online for twenty years this year.

A LOT of planning is still on in the background to make this site and contents more accurate to the spirit of Star Trek. This has meant the removal of some aspects and currently a deep investigation into what remains. Much of what was on TV and movies as Star Trek simply isn't so. Lots of what is on there are space battles, lithe ladies in skimpy uniforms and action to draw in the big audiences and big bucks.

What I want to do is go back to the spirit of Star Trek; hope, optimism, exploration, discovery and so much more.

As a social scientist by education, my take is: "Understanding new cultures, new languages and new ideas. Gaining new answers and asking new questions."

Starfleet Primary Mission to seek new life, cultures and civilisations: How each starship has specialist teams for this:
Specialist Starship Team Role Description
Team 1: Habitation Seekers Planetary Scientists, Astronomers, Statisticians, Biologists, Environmental Science - the roles to locate planets, comets, asteroids or other phenomena that might hold the potential for life.
Team 2: Life Seekers Biologists, Botanists, Oceanographers, - the specialists for finding life on planets or other media. Everything from single-celled organisms up to complex animals, plants etc.
Team 3: Proto-Intelligence Biologists, Linguists, Evolutionary and Comparative Psychologists. Once life is found, these assess the potential intellectual capacity of that life for intelligence.
Team 4: Intelligence, Culture and Civilisation Psychologists, Sociologists, Political Sciences and Linguists. This team looks at intelligent life with civililisation, cultures, their relationships with each other and life around them. An assessment is made of their relationship with their neighbours, especially when they achieve space-travel.
Team 5: First Contact Impact Team Medical Doctors, Environmental Sciences, Psychologists, Sociologists. This team looks at the possible and probable effects of first contact with the other species. The emphasis is on avoiding contamination, both in a disease sense and cultural sense. A starship needs to go into first contact with eyes wide open; all the numbers run on probabilities and options.

Click Midland Railway - Butterley Diesel Gala. Sunday 17th June 2018.

The Starfleet page and Starfleet Command page have been altered to be more in keeping with this spirit of Star Trek.

My photos from the America's Cup 2001 added to the Inspiration page.

RFA Fort Victoria and Wave Knight added to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary page.

HMS Somerset, Smiter and Ranger pictures added to the Navy page from the Liverpool Tall Ships day 28th May 2018.

Liverpool and Manchester Railway Lion joins the pioneer page.

  • Click here for the Doncaster Works anniversary July 26th 2003.

    York railfest 2004 page is up.


    New things on the website:-

  • Click here for the Class 45 haulage and railtours 1987 - 88.

    Royal Navy fleet page gets HMS Magpie added, whilst Gleaner and Ocean are sadly removed.

    Click here for the Class 40 60th Anniversary Gala. Sunday 15th April 2018.

    8F 48151 on the Scarborough Spa Express added to this website.

    See the revised foreword.

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