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May 2024.

Click here for the Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Gala. 59206 and 70005. Fri May 17 & Sat May 18 2024.

Click here for Locomotion, Shildon New Hall Opening, LEV-1, HSFV-1 and 88005 Minerva, Saturday 25th May 2024.

The Klingon Culture page has gained more notes on the 24 great Houses of the Klingon Empire.

The Klingon page has new paragraphs on modern history, the sociology and cultural make-up of the Empire, Ronin mercenary Klingons and author notes on the diplomatic efforts between the Klingon and Federation as mentioned in Star Trek III and V.

Click here for Peak Rail Twin Peaks Gala: Ixion, Triple 50s, Penyghent, Saturday 13th April 2024.

Adrian page gets Star Trek Convention and cosplay photos.

Vienna page created.

Photographs added to the Sheffield page.

Click here for KWVR Spring Steam Gala. Scotsman's Nemesis: 4079 Pendennis Castle, Saturday 23rd March 2024.

Photos uploaded for: Australia and Hervey Bay humpback whales 2007, Silver End 2008, Lincoln 2010 and Chatsworth House 2014.

Photos from Mount Teide National Park from 20 Jan 2024 added to the Vulcan page.

  • Click here for GCR Winter Steam Gala. Double Standard 2s! 78018 and 78019, Saturday 27th January 2024.

    ngej page A new alien threat faces the Klingons.

    References section started for the Vulcan and Betazoid pages.

    Trill page gets lots of psychologial details on joining and what it is like.

    Deltan page gets images.

    Klingon Culture page lists all 24 Klingon great Houses for the Interim Era.

    Major updates in this website continue. Eventually, Klingons, Romulans, Venturi, Kzinti, Caitians, Betazoids, Deltans and Vulcan pages will all be updated. The U.S.S. Interceptor and Investigator pages are to be greatly expanded with their stories.

    I met the prototype for my Star Trek alter-ego: Marianna Hill AKA Dr Helen Noel from TOS: Dagger of the Mind.

    New material is being written, ready for typing up here.


    New things on the website:-

    Kzinti page gains photos of Buckingham Palace. Gives the imperial feel of Kzin.

    Greek holiday to Athens uploaded.

    Gorn page gains images of Gorn from Strange New Worlds.

    Starfleet Security page gets updated with images of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Radar at RAF Fylingdales, North Yorkshire.

    Trill page gains the two actresses who've played Dax: Terry Farrell and Nicole De Boer.

    Radiant class joins the Fleet. The legacy longe-range cruisers.

    Shangri-la class joins the Fleet.

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    Ady - May 29th 2024.

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