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August 2017.

The Excelsior page gets dusted off with new material from the ST: Excelsior Writer's Guide (2001) and material from the never-written ST: Excelsior TV series of the late 1990s from non-existent scripts.

  • Click here for the Yorkshire day out and Freightliner at Midland Road. Tuesday July 25th 2017.

    Click here for the Direct Rail Services Open Day at Carlisle Kingmoor. Saturday July 22nd 2017.

    The Great Central Railway (Nottingham) photos from Sunday July 2nd 2017 are online.

    Canon: I'm progressing with my amendments, removing the use of Starfleet Battles races and chronological events. I'll keep amendments updated on here.

    Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to be a series based on hope. Having been in World War II, he didn't want to have wars in Star Trek. I believe that sometimes wars are unavoidable, but the Federation has got a hell of a lot better at resolving them with diplomacy and not conflict. That's what planets like Nimbus III, Pacifica and Parliament are for. I cannot have a Starfleet Battles history that is at odds with Gene Roddenberry's philosophy for Star Trek.

    I'm still working on a canonised version of Star Trek events in keeping with Gene's philosophy for the tv series and movies, especially in light of San Diego Comicon and the vast amount of information on Star Trek: Discovery they released.

    On the Klingon Page there are details on the prestigious weaponsmith House of Kihreg and more on the mighty House of T'bok.

    President Ra-Ghoratreii's 'Freedom Agenda' post-Terajun comes to the Klingon History and Chronology pages.

    The Klingon Culture page has a list of bladed weapons, ceremonies and a list of the Great Houses in the High Council in 2293, 2294, 2310 and 2312.
    Question: What happens with the average Klingon, of a minor House no one has heard of, with no lands, no combat who works say in a foundry? Or a shop? Maybe makes the B'rel door mechanism?

    I'm continuing to add to the Klingon page and Klingon History page with General Choroth and the Vengeance Incident of 2294, the foundry world of KorbeQ, the food and blood wine mass-factories of Glomm, Klingon working class and Klingon subject races.

    Watch out for new story material and character development.

    U.S.S. Roebuck, Okinawa class NCC-9130 due to join the fleet.


    New things on the website:-

    The Starfleet Academy page gets more material added.

    Building on the Argus, the Endurance, the Montrose - all early missions for Ensign Nathaniel Hawkins and addressing the effects of the Khitomer Accords. The Neutral Zone may have been abolished in 2293 after the Accords were ratified, but removing the legacy of the Cold War will take around 5 years. With the Terajuni Incident ending the honeymoon period with the Klingons, the timescale may be in flux.

    Click here for the Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala. Friday May 19th 2017.

    Bulleid page is updated with images of Sidmouth, Taw Valley and Sir Keith Park from the Severn Valley Railway.

    The Klingon characters page adds more information on Waurg.

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