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August 2020.

The Starfleet Academy page has Cadet Hawkins' personalised course on social sciences is fleshed out in detail. The influence on humanity of First Contact is also explored.

Click here for 45699 Galatea as 45562 Alberta on first Scarborough Spa Express of the year, 30 July 2020.

Click here for Scarborough class 68s: 68034, 68031 Felix and 68028 Lord President, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2020.

The UFP Page is updated with information on the Tholian border and the fascinating Station Psi 3.

Look for even more new developments on this website in the next few weeks!

The foreword section has a massive addition, just under the photo of William Shatner, regarding the ethos of Star Trek and why the Original Series is a BAD example of Star Trek, IMHO. My Top Ten episodes of Star Trek for the values of the show has been updated.


New things on the website:-

Click here for Garforth and East Garforth under COVID-19, 4th and 6th May 2020.

Click here for Class 68 convoy Splendid, Brutus and Resolution at East Garforth 1617hrs 19 May 2020.

Click here for Class 68s Destroyer and Enterprise at East Garforth Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

Click here for DRS 68034 and York under COVID-19, Thursday 25th June 2020.

The foreword page gains more information on the nature of the Interim Years.

Magee class joins the Starfleet science fleet, with Cardenas, Hoover, Malachowski, Archer and Shepard to follow.

The Klingon Fleet page has been updated with the Raptor and Bird of Prey MK1.

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, visit Thursday 8th October 2015.

Imperial War Museum, London, visit 14th November 2018.

After Kzinti are mentioned in ST: Picard episode 'Nepenthe', the term is used on this site as canon.

The ECS Bessemer 517, a Y class freighter like the Fortunate, is added to the Kzinti page.

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