The Captain's Ready Room is located on Deck One (Room 01 002), along with the Main Bridge. Captain Stephen Ward uses the Ready Room when he wishes to work privately, yet within easy reach of the Bridge should she be required. The Ready Room makes for a retreat for Captain Ward during his shift on the bridge and allows her to have private discussions with one or more of her senior staff whenever he requires. At the back of the Ready Room there are three paintings, one being of the current U.S.S. Albion, the other two being the H.M.S. Albion of 1944 - 1973 ("The Old Grey Ghost") and H.M.S. Albion the famous L.P.D. of the 21st Century.

H.M.S. Albion, L.P.D. of the Royal Navy during the 21st Century.U.S.S. Albion, N.C.C. 6212, Excelsior class [variant].

Dominating the room is the Captain's desk, made from oak with duotronic computer panels seamlessly intergrated into it. A holographic projector allows the captain to see three-dimensional images. Captain Ward has access to all communication channels from here, should he require it. An oak bookcase and shelves with ornaments from a thousand worlds make up the remainder of the Ready Room furniture, along with a comfy sofa for guests for when needed. Behind the desk that dominates the Ready Room, behind the imposing chair that Captain Ward sits in, hangs proudly a replica of the Ship's Insignia for H.M.S. Albion and the painting of the Old Grey Ghost of 1944-1973.

The Ready room of the Albion is a mix of memorabilia for the previous vessels named Albion and the personal effects of Captain Ward. Ward keeps his possessions down to a photograph of his wife, his son and daughter and his dog. There is also a picture of his father in dress uniform ranked rear admiral onboard the old USS Potemkin. There are other practical aspects in the Ready Room such as a display of the ISC Armistice Line region of space, with worlds plotted behind the line, detailed with the information the Federation gained at the end of the ISC Pacification War. Other objects in the room are connected to previous missions of this Albion and her predecessors. Previous Captain ‘Achilles’ Stirling achieved great heights and fought battles with this Albion. Holographs commemorate successful negotiations on the ship.

The Ship's badge for H.M.S. Albion

Painting of the Old Grey Ghost  in antipodean waters during her 1958/59 world cruise, by New Zealand artist Brian Conroy. Image copyright © Brian Conroy.