RigeliansRigelians as seen in Star Trek Online

A 4 or 5 gender species from Rigel V that has a reputation for gene therapy knowledge and techniques. During the 22nd Century, many of the diseases of Earth were cured with knowledge gained from the Rigelians. Blood accelerated-replacement therapy was pioneered from the Rigelians in the 2260s.

The medical knowledge came from the need to have procreation between groups of Rigelians in order to have offspring. The fertility treatments of the Rigelians are amongst the best in the known universe. To ensure that the levels of each gender were maintained, gene-selection and other medical procedures were mastered.

The Rigelians have the main laboratories for ExtenzaLife are based on Rigel V and have annexes out on Cait, Delta IV and Vulcan. New plant, fungal and microbial discoveries are shipped to these laboratories for examination for possible medicinal uses. New advances in the RealMe range of products are made at the Rigel V facilities. Medical scanner technology and biobeds are all pioneered here.

Rigelians share a common physiology and neurology with Vulcans and Romulans. They have a limited telepathic ability. Rigelians wear elaborate beaded necklaces that symbolise their family and self. Rigelians have been known to go on Aboriginal-style spirit walks for enlightenment. They believe that they are on the path to enlightenment through their lives. By channelling this spirit walk they can accelerate their healing and pain tolerance. They are an industrious race that conducts business ventures both within the Federation and privately with external nations too.

Prior to the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the Rigelians worked for other nations such as the Klingon Empire. The Rigelians were victims of racist abuse following the Xindi attack on Earth. This culminated in the Rigelians being cowed into backing out of the Coalition of Planets talks due to threats from Terra Prime.

This display of xenophobia left an impression on a proportion of Rigelians, feeling that after the medical knowledge passed on to Earth that this was repaid with alienation. The later dominance of the United Federation of Planets by Earth was a factor rejected by a minority of Rigelians. Most saw that Terra Prime did not represent humanity and accepted Earth brought the other races together.

Rigelian commercial trading is controlled by the Rigelian Trade Commission.

Male names include: Caekodi, Chouzyo, Dushaen, Gashida, Preimoop, Schouwar, Wochiiwip, Wuyaxtir,Zocheav.

Female names include: Bygriia, Foway, Hechiae, Helna, Joiysud, Khashwoy, Revegga, Shuwowri, Wuyaxtir, Zeestou.

Racial quotes: "The spirits whisper on the wind. It is up to us to listen.", "Hope grows in every blossom and on the tip of every branch." "The spirits of the stones are quiet, but they have great wisdom to share with those who choose to listen." "We walk among the stars searching for gods ... what if there is someone out here searching for us?" "Trust your heart and you will know what is right." "The three most important words in any language are "Let me help."

President Sojetsullah Wollixiwull

(2300 – 2304, 2304-2308)

One of the things to do is about the Presidents, Senators and Federation Council. We have Aowr Sh’ghee as our current second term president (2308 – 2312, 2312 - ) and we know we have Ra’Ghoratreii in three terms up to 2300 (Cast No Shadow novel - 2288 – 2292, 2292 – 2296, 2296 – 2300) and I have written an unnamed Rigelian in as the two term missing President from 2300 – 2304, 2304 – 2308. So we have a new President to write, leaning to Rigelian tendencies, so I feel a more left-wing pacifistic President coming on. One who has done an Aboriginal-style walk to discover his true path – one as senator to his people and President to his nation. Off the back of Khitomer and the Treaty of Nimbus, this is the president who goes for reducing Tacfleet, for disarmament and the ‘end of a chapter of conflict and new chapter of peace’. This is our Neville Chamberlain, our Tony Blair. The emphasis is on exploration and not conflict. This is also the President who finally gets Hikaru Sulu to depart his centre chair as Captain of the Excelsior to become a flag officer (Commodore – C-in-C by 2311). The emphasis on exploration may be the incentive.

This President will push for the revival of the Federation ideal – as mentioned by Tony Todd in Axanar – and the attainment of higher values held back for decades by the ‘chains of conflict’. This is the revival of the core worlds to act as an example for the outer colonies; this in itself will create the circumstances Sh’ghee will exploit in 2308 to get in on the vote of the outer colonies upset by the central worlds taking all the revival effort.

Our Rigelian President, working with Starfleet Command, will be working on strengthening the non-intervention policy. The Ferasan DMZ is one area discussed behind closed doors, as is the Romulan Neutral Zone. The idea behind this is to look at where Starfleet has been conducting long-term military operations and where these could be wound down or ceased.

This interim President will rely on engagement and conferences to buy peace. The co-operation with Chancellor Azetbur results in the agreement for the Nirophian Corridor, but at the cost of the Federation backing off on such issues as Terajun and Ch’ramak. More emphasis is placed on Okinawa class and T’lani class scouts, backed up with Oberth class. Dreadnought and carrier projects are questioned in a review of Starfleet that looks at whether such colossal vessels are warranted in the 24th Century.

Initially his C-in-C would be chosen to match his policies, so we are looking at a more pacifist Starfleet Commander. A Vulcan would be the logical choice, but the path is there for an Admiral who is Betazoid, Deltan or Tellarite. All of this would take place whilst Sulu was working his way up the ranks from Chief of Starfleet Science as a Rear Admiral all the way to the top job.

We also have, from Star Trek: Axanar, the Federation Council chambers and Archer Arena (as seen in Enterprise finale). This gives us more to play with than the small arena seen in ST:IV. More fleshing out of the core worlds is needed: Earth, Axanar (the planet in the centre of the Federation), the Rigel colonies...

More on our interim Rigelian President of 2300 – 2304, 2304 - 2308.

Early on in his first term, this Rigelian President would have been praised for the beginning of anti-piracy operations in earnest against the Orion Syndicate. Both the core worlds and outer colonies welcomed this action. The expansion programme with the starbases would bring the Federation closer, providing security and a sense of wholeness.

He will have been behind the humanitarian support to the Klingon Empire after their skirmish with the Sha’kurians. To help keep them on-side, medical aid and ships would have been loaned to assist.

When the Tholians take advantage of the situation, the President continues the aid to the Klingons, despite protests by the Tholian ambassador. The president cites that it is the Tholians that are on the offensive and that the Federation has been asked for humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, Ferasan diplomats negotiate with the President and Federation Council for a slackening of the Treaty of Sirius, citing that their government feels no malice towards the Federation and that their de-fanged military poses no threat.

This Rigelian President would have had to navigate through the ISC building up satellites and resources on their border. Calls for action will have been played down by the President, emphasising the years of peace since the end of the war. When the border goes blank, this is where our President is caught short; Senator Sh’Ghee emphasised the same calm but tempered with engagement on the situation. With the Rigelian President shown to be TOO laid back on this issue, the writing was on the wall. The concerns of the outer colonies outweighed the uber-calm of the central core worlds.

Modern history:

  • 2300 – Sojetsullah Wollixiwull becomes the President of the United Federation of Planets.
  • 2304 – Sojetsullah Wollixiwull wins a second term as Federation President.
  • 2305 – Rigelian representative on the Federation Security Council

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