Tellarites are porcine Federation founder members from Tellar Prime in Sector 007. Tellar Prime is located on the far side of the former Andorian Empire, otherwise known as the 61 Cygni system.

Tellarites are renowned for arguing; arguments are taken as sport in the Tellarite culture and many become politicians. They are generally shorter than human average and have a higher body temperature.

They are known as stubborn, impatient people and expect the same in others. Interactions often begin with complaints which can then lead to arguments. If there is a lack of topics to complaint about, an insult would be made simply to start an argument.

Historically there were clashes with the Andorians, just as with the Vulcans. Other interactions include with the Klingons and they had a good relationship with the Vulcans. They formed the Coalition of Planets in 2155 and the United Federation of Planets on 2161.

Tellarites have an aptitude with engineering systems, this being reflected with the vast spacedock facility and engineering corporations that are found on Tellar Prime.

Grotev Health Spa

Some of the most famous health spas in the Federation can be found on Tellar Prime; amongst them is the Grotev Health Spa, which includes vast mud baths that are said to have therapeutic properties.

The spa employs many treatment specialists including Deltans, Betazoids and Vulcans. The treatments available cover both physical and mental wellbeing and cater for the full variety of Federation lifeforms.

Grok Jaan Tek Mining Corporation

GJT Mining is one of the principal mining corporations of the Federation. Their specialist techniques include deep core mining and asteroids. Mineral ores previously considered inaccessible or not viable were suddenly plausible.

The company runs a fleet of mining ships that are renowned throughout the Federation, along with their hoof-and-pickaxe logo. The corporation has had several high-profile run-ins with Jindarian caravans, with casualties on more than one occasion. This has provoked high-level conversations within the Federation Council on the matter of territory and possession in a matter where one side cares for neither of those aspects.

Craag Nok Rek Engineering

One of the biggest and most successful engineering conglomerates of recent years is CNR Engineering. Formed from several large companies in the early 2300s, CNR aimed to be the biggest and most successful engineering company in the Federation simply by the vastness of its resources and its ever-present facilities.

The company boasts a number of high profile Federation Senators amongst those supporting their operations. The centralisation of some of their facilities at Tellar Prime caused upset amongst some of the smaller outer colonies in the Federation; those colonies later being offered ‘sweetener’ deals from CNR to build and maintain smaller technical aspects, being seen as good public relations.

Recent high-profile projects at CNR include various systems for the Ambassador class project, the successor to the Excelsior class; upgrade systems for the Miranda and Constellation class starships, improved warp and impulse drive systems with longer time between maintenance.

Competitive responses from other large engineering companies such as Tyrell Corporation, Massive Dynamic, Dharma Initiative and Tagruato Corporation means that CNR has to keep maintaining the high quality of its products in a competitive manner.

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