U.S.S. Albion fires her phasers and photon torpedoes.

Albion has two sets of photon torpedoes - the Forward Torpedo Launchers on Deck 15 (Rooms 15 061 and 15 332) and the Aft Torpedo Launchers on Deck 25 (Rooms 25 3907 and 25 3993). Each Array has access to a quarter of Albion's torpedo compliment of 200 (50 torpedoes per launcher). The photon torpedoes used on Albion are Mark VII torpedoes with a variable warhead from Level 1 (firework display) to Level 10 (Maximum destructive capability). The standard setting is Level 5. Photon torpedoes are used as the final option when diplomacy and phaser exchanges have failed. Unlike phasers, photon torpedo firepower is less controllable and their use increases the chance of loss of life. The photon torpedo operation is automatically run from the Tactical station on the Main Bridge, but can be operated from the Battle Bridge or manually from the launcher room in an emergency.

Photon torpedoes can also be outfitted to be sensor probes, indeed, the photon torpedo launchers double as probe launchers for Albion. Albion possesses 9 classes of probe:
  • Class 1 probe: Short range, widest range of instruments.
  • Class 2 probe: Greater range, large range of instruments.
  • Class 3 probe: Can go into atmospheres and soft-land.
  • Class 4 probe: Close-range study of stars and atmospheres.
  • Class 5 probe: Tactical reconnaisance.
  • Class 6 probe: Communications relays.
  • Class 7 probe: Remote cultural studies.
  • Class 8 probe: Extended warp capable, based on photon torpedo frame.
  • Class 9 probe: Extended warp capable, based on photon torpedo frame.