Jupp class: Escort (E-5587)

  • Length: 235 metres
  • Width: 142 metres
  • Decks: 11
  • Crew: 80 (20 Officers, 60 Enlisted)
  • Starfleet Marines: 30

    USS Jupp model as used and seen in DS9.The Jupp class was created during the 2280s as a derivative of the Saladin class. The Taal Tan Offensive had shown the vulnerability of convoys to attacks by Klingon Birds of Prey; the available escorts of the time: Saladin and Akula Flight I were not up to the job. Saladin class did not have the speed to make a fast convoy and the Akula Flight I escorts of 2275 did not have the endurance. The Jupp class was derived from the testbed of U.S.S. Pompey NX-506. The Jupp class was a long-range Escort. This was a designation that this was a heavier, more capable convoy escort than the Destroyer-Escort/frigate. The twin-nacelle configuration allowed for higher speed than the Akula and Saladin classes.

    This class was designed to keep up with Dolland, Doppler and Ragnok class transports and their cargoes, escorting them near or through hostile regions. Frontier worlds and colonies quickly realised the value of these escorts, even going so far as to 'adopt' their local Escort Wings. The Jupp class is produced in many of the yards that produce the tug-transport (TT) classes that the Jupp escorts, this makes for a complimentary relationship between bth vessel types and their crews. The latest variants of Jupp class, Flight IIIf and IVa, have aft torpedo capacity to slow down pursuing threat vessels.

    U.S.S. Electra is one of the offshoot starship classes from the successful Saladin class escorts of the 2260s: Jupp class. This variant of Electra was built in the late 2280s, soon finding herself in the Tabula Rasa campaign, escorting fast convoys to the region and increased in numbers when the Klingon and Romulan threat to Starfleet ships was realised. Electra fought in high profile battles in the region; later she was used in the Interstellar Concordium Pacification War. Her final battle was against the main ISC echelon that was pressing into Federation space, the Electra sacrificing herself to open a gap in the echelon.

    Jupp class consists of eleven decks and 115 officers and crew [DS9 Tech Manual].

    Under the review of Starfleet initiated in Stardate 10000, the Akula and Jupp classes were to be the next principle starship classes up in size from the Oberth class. Her roles included patrol, exploration and convoy escort. Very much in the vein of a frigate/escort designation starship.

    Author's Notes:

    Saladin class and Hermes class are designations from the old Franz Joseph Star Trek Technical Manual. DS9 featured this Saladin-style design in the background; this was USS Jupp. The Jupp was incorporated into the DS9 Technical Manual. Erick's Models website features a kit-bashed model, named U.S.S. Tepren. Fandom has named this refit design Jupp class.

    The Jupp and Akula class starships were inspired by the Saladin/Hermes class design of Franz Joseph. The USS Jupp was a'kit-bashed' model made for Deep Space Nine, featuring in the background shots for a handful of the episodes and fleet scenes. The Jupp was created by Adam Buckner, who still retains this model and the USS Centaur, the original NCC 42043- actually USS Buckner. The Jupp never had a name or registry number on the model. given this ship is in service in the 2370s, one must surmise that the Saladin offshoots continue in service up until that point, or just beforehand.

    Images taken from Doug Drexler. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Saladin class and Hermes class designations are Copyright ©Franz Joseph. All Rights Reserved.

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