Lexington class - Command Cruiser

  • Length: 214 Metres
  • Decks: 18
  • Crew: 350
  • Defences: 10 Phaser banks (4 fore, 2 aft, 2 each port/starboard) 3 Photon tubes (2 fore, 1 aft) Quantum carrier-wave beam.

    NameRegistry Notes Author's Notes
    Lexington 3092 Destroyed. Lost so that Excelsior class 14427 enter service.
    Dvorak From Klingon Academy.
    Hakiki From Klingon Academy.
    Lor'vela Named for influential Andorian leader. From Klingon Academy.
    McLafferty From Klingon Academy.
    Ural Named for the Soviet command ship.
    Coronado Previous named Republic. Renamed for cancelled through-deck cruiser Name not used as Constitution class still in service.

    The need for a command cruiser came from Starfleet's desire to lead the growing fleet sizes with in-the-field command ships. These command ships were an improved Constitution (refit) design using Excelsior class technology. The emphasis was to be on command and control for a Fleet Admiral and their staff, with other tactical assets providing the firepower for the fleet. Previous command ships were conversions from retired Federation class dreadnoughts. These ships provided the large hull, but were conversions rather than purpose-built command ships. Lexington class was to be the solution.

    The design incorporated the option for transwarp drive, but the testing of NX-2000 Excelsior meant that this option was not pursued and an enhanced conventional warp drive system was adopted, matching the other Excelsior class. Built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, U.S.S. Lexington was launched in 2288 and commissioned in 2289. The first ship was named Lexington, NX-3092, as the successor to the famous Constitution class ship of the name. Lexington was formally added to the fleet in 2290.

    Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards was running at full capacity in the late 2280s/early 2290s with a pair of Lexington class command cruisers being constructed at the same time. By 2291 there were four members of the class including Dvorak, Hakiki and Lor'vela. The Lexington was allocated to the Second Fleet as the forward command ship for Rear Admiral Thomas Wainwright.

    The Lexington class command cruiser possessed superior communication facilities and Flag Officer staff quarters with diplomatic facilities suitable for full First Contact and top-level diplomatic events. Whilst Starfleet possessed smaller Hermes class-derived command ships the Lexington class was deemed more appropriate for higher rank flag officers. The command cruiser was designed to be the command and co-ordination facilities for remote fleet operations away from the existing Starbase support network. The coreward edge of the Third Fleet and rimward edge of the Sixth Fleet were naturally selected for their remoteness, the Ninth Fleet and Eighth Fleet also joining the selection for the same reason.

    The original plan was for a dozen command ships, rotated through refit and upgrades to support the fleets. After the Khitomer Accords were signed, the original list was scaled back. McLafferty, Ural, Coronado, Blue Ridge, Ural and Chukotka joined the class in the 2290s to bolster the numbers. The Lexington was involved in the follow-up to the Khitomer Accords, meeting with Klingon Generals to discuss the form of the aid from the Federation and how it would be handed over to Klingon forces. As details emerged of a new threat from the driftward nation of the Interstellar Concordium, Lexington and her Jupp class escort destroyers were forward-deployed to assess the danger and co-ordinate the response from Starfleet. The resulting ISC Pacification War was a wake-up call for Starfleet when the ISC echelon forces were able to overrun and destroy the Lexington and her escorts. Whilst this was a crushing blow to Starfleet, the name was immediately selected to be transferred to Excelsior class hull NCC-14427 to honour the fallen namesake.

    * * * * *

    NCC-10019 Blue Ridge – 6th Fleet command ship

    Accompanied by the Jupp class escort destroyers T’han and Chododaisai, along with the Belknap class B’ringa, the Blue Ridge is the forward-deployed command cruiser of the Sixth Fleet. The ‘Southern’ Fleet traditionally operates far from the Starbase network and a command cruiser is the only option for coordinating fluid exploration operations like this. Blue Ridge is the latest in an illustrious line of command vessels, the flagship of the Sixth Fleet and Fleet Admiral Mirya Thorrsekka of Rigel VI.

    The Sixth Fleet operates far removed from the regular neighboring nations of the Klingons and Tholians. The fleet consists of a high number of scout and cruiser classes, including Constellation and Renaissance classes. The fleet is currently on a starbase survey and construction mission; to extend the communications lines rimward towards the galactic barrier. Etna class U.S.S. Paricutin NCC-10213 also operates with the Sixth Fleet and provides an alternative command ship capability when required.

    Starbase 44 is the most rimward operational starbase currently in operation and acts as the forward re-supply and refitting facility of Starfleet. The armada containing the Blue Ridge is looking to expand the network and lengthen the supply lines rimward. The command cruiser also has a contingent of intelligence personnel and cultural experts for addressing the new nations and cultures that the Sixth Fleet encounters within its operating parameters.

  • NCC-10412 Ural – named for the Soviet command ship converted from Kirov class
  • NCC-11781 Chukotka – 2nd Fleet command ship

    Author's notes:

    Command ships have been very rare in real life: USS Mount Whitney and Blue Ridge are currently the only two in service, along with special forces command ship USS Ponce. Former ships in the role include USS Coronado, Northampton, Wright and La Salle. The Soviet Navy had SSV-33 Ural (a converted Kirov class) and the Danish Navy has the Absalon design.

    In Star Trek there have been few command cruiser designs, the main ones being derived from Federation class dreadnoughts with two nacelles instead of three. This has been honoured in the back story.

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