U.S.S. Sheppey - sister ship to U.S.S. Interceptor.

The Okinawa class starship has 8 decks, summarised as follows:

  • Deck 1: Main Bridge, Antimatter tanks
  • Deck 2: Officers lounge, briefing room
  • Deck 3: Officer quarters, Crew quarters
  • Deck 4: Sickbay
  • Deck 5: Transporter room
  • Deck 6:
  • Deck 7:
  • Deck 8: Torpedo bay

    Sheppey info: Specialist Thorirsson had studied the Klingons in some detail on his last assignment on the Sheppey. The small Okinawa class patrol ship had given him plenty of opportunities to see the Klingons up close. Asmund now looked through the details of the Khitomer Accords as it flashed up on his screen, truth was that he could have recited much of it from memory- he just liked to do a visual check to be sure he got his facts right.

    The far end of the Klingon Star Empire had grown comprehensively under the leadership of Chancellor Azetbur. Klingon scout vessels explored the virgin space beyond their borders. This allowed the Klingons to make use of the better Klingon sensor systems for mineralogy as well as making profit from the trade. For the Klingons this was a source of valuable minerals after the destruction of Praxis.

    Sheppey NCC 9741 – Also operating from Starbase 52 along the Federation/Klingon border region. The Sheppey has been dealing with refugee ships coming into Federation space and requesting immigration status. The Sheppey has herded this influx to the Gateway Colonies for application for a visa. In addition the Sheppey has been addressing the recent actions of piracy and trafficking along the Federation border. Despite the Federation having clear laws on medical technology, people trafficking and ownership of people, there are still freighters that can be found engaging in these trades.

    The Sheppey has to ascertain, via her Chief Engineer, if these vessels are safe to proceed under their own power of whether some of these refugees and immigrants need to be off-loaded onto the Sheppey for safe transit to Gateway. As Admiral Sulu’s policy to close the porous borders from illegal trade was forged, the Okinawa and Apollo classes were firmly in his mind to be mass-produced to provide a rapid response to any vessel or object entering into Federation space.

    Author notes: Proper corvette/frigate role here dealing with space ‘boat people’ drifting into Federation space and wanting a life in the promised land. An opportunity to deal with the issues of immigration from a 24th Century perspective.

    U.S.S. Sheppey

    The Sheppey has two shuttles:

  • 01 Sheerness
  • 02 Queenborough

    Author's Notes:

    U.S.S. Interceptor is named both for the excellent, but short-lived game show on Channel 4 in 1989 starring Sean O'Kane in the titular role and it is also named for the ship of the same name in the film "Pirates of the Carribbean". Sean O'Kane is the source of the motto catchphrase for the ship, it being the one he used in the show, along with an eagle screech.

    U.S.S. Sheppey at Starbase 52

    U.S.S. Sheppey at Starbase 52

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