Jenshahn class Landing Platform Dock (LPD)

  • Length: 304.6 Metres
  • Beam: 141.7 Metres
  • Height: 72.1 Metres
  • Crew: 465

    Introduced from 2278, this class of ship was originally a light carrier class of 10 vessels designed as a response to the Klingon hostilities of the Seventies. Starfleet wanted a vessel that could both hold fighters and shuttlecraft; a vessel that could act as a light carrier and light assault ship all in one. Ten of the ships were built between 2278 and 2285.

    With the success of the Youngblood class CVL+ design, all members of the Jenshahn class CVL have undergone a refit programme to bring them up to Youngblood specifications.


  • USS Jenshahn NCC 2213
  • USS Elohim NCC 2219
  • USS Dubhe NCC 2254
  • USS Makin Island
  • USS Thane

    Youngblood class Landing Platform Dock (LPD)

  • Length: 304.6 Metres
  • Beam: 141.7 Metres
  • Height: 72.1 Metres
  • Crew: 520

    Youngblood class was the CVL that Starfleet always wanted, but politics and finances resulted in the stripped back Jenshahn class. Originally conceived as a light carrier with fighters and shuttles. The result of the cutbacks was a light carrier with limited range and sensors, from the secondary hull having shuttlebays instead of cargo bays and Tikopai-style reductions.

    After the shortcomings were exposed in the early 2280s, an enhanced CVL+ Youngblood NX 2263 was launched. The Starfleet Admiralty immediately recognised the full potential of the Youngblood, not only ordering 10 more hulls but the upgrading of the remaining Jenshahn members. The extra shuttlebay space allowed a limited fighter capacity along with the shuttlecraft; Ark Royal class fleet carriers took the fighter role away but the size of the Youngblood design made them perfect as escort carriers with an option for the assault carrier role.

    Starfleet Security Operations saw the potential of the fully realised Youngblood class and each Admiral in charge of the division has pressed for more members of the class. The Tabula Rasa campaign justified the faith in the Youngblood class.


  • USS Youngblood NCC 2263
  • USS Timocuan NCC 2264
  • USS Kuznetsov NCC 2266
  • USS St Lo
  • USS Campania

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